You can kick start your new dream career today by getting a little help with that first step – your CV. Use our producer CV template as a framework to get you started, with a sample layout and inspiration for your personal summary. Tailor this to your needs, and then you can focus on selling yourself and starting your new role.

But that’s not all. Our step-by-step guide takes you through important stages to convert your experience, skills, and education into a recruiter-ready application. Read on for:


    Sample television producer CV


    James Brown

    6 Victory Way, Edinburgh EH2 09UH


    Professional summary

    Talented production leader with record of success in technical and creative leadership. Collaborative with personnel and talent to bring visions to life. Polished communicator and organised project manager.

    Work history

    February 2020 – Current

    CBS TV – Edinburgh


    • Organised schedules for smooth production and on-time delivery of creatives.
    • Oversaw version management and film archives.
    • Acquired top talent to fill empty production roles.

    February 2017 – January 2020

    Morning TV – Edinburgh

    Assistant Producer

    • Identified and tracked resource requirements and expectations, monitoring actual spending to update projections.
    • Expertly utilised project management tools including Confluence and JIRA within production environment.
    • Worked with team of 20+ to create audio and visual content to deliver broadcast-ready stories for digital and social clients.


    • Interview management
    • Cast and crew supervision
    • Writer commissioning
    • Video production oversight
    • New programme development
    • Screenwriting expertise


    Edinburgh University Edinburgh- 2015

    Bachelor of Arts Television Production

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    What is the best format for your television producer CV?

    If you’re unsure of the best CV format, you’re in luck, as it’s quite straightforward. There are a variety of examples online. But sticking to reverse-chronological order is the best and most preferred format for recruiters. This means sections such as education and work history start with your most recent position and qualification.

    The overall format of your CV will start with contact details and a personal statement before moving onto work history, which makes up the main body of the CV, followed by education and skills.

    In some other roles, a skills-based CV can be used to focus on competencies rather than experience. However, this is seldom suited to TV producer roles, given that experience is so critical.

    Choose your format now

    How to write a CV for a television producer

    CVs need to include a range of relevant information to tell the recruiter that you can do the job well. But, it not just what you write in your CV, it’s the way that’s written that makes a difference. Understanding how to write a CV and the best way to format it is vital.

    Below we share tips and advice on what to write in each section and cover everything, including:

    What contact details should I include in my television producer CV?

    The contact details section sits at the top of your CV, and it’s the easiest to get right. However, the information you include needs to be correct, especially phone numbers and email addresses. Getting these wrong could mean a missed call or opportunity.

    So, don’t forget to include the following:

    • Name – Save the nicknames for a later date
    • Address – Include your full address and postcode
    • Phone number – Include a mobile number or home phone with an answering facility, so you don’t miss anything important
    • Email address – Double-check this for typos

    Example of contact section for a television producer

    Shirley Watson
    112 Anywhere Road
    Example Town
    JU80 3RF
    01234 5553444

    Television producer CV personal statement

    The personal statement section is an opportunity to make a good impression on a recruiter. This is a short paragraph that gives an overview of your skills, background, and attributes relevant to the role.

    Our advice on writing a personal statement is as follows:

    • Write what you can offer, so use third person
    • Keep it short and sweet, 3-4 sentences are fine
    • Use positive words such as “resourceful”, “organised”, and “confident.”
    • Include production awards and achievements if necessary
    • Highlight expertise if relevant such as “produced for Sky TV”.

    Example of personal statement for a television producer CV

    An experienced and keen television producer with extensive history and a show reel of successful programming. Knowledge of production, ranging from the basics of planning and concept to execution and project feedback. Has worked at lower levels of television and understand the needs of production staff.


    Ambitious television producer with 4 years of industry experience. Great staff rapport and ability to lead, from technical staff to screen stars. Thrive under pressure and have no fear of deadlines. Looking for a new stage of career development.

    Adding experience section to your television producer CV

    Detailing your work history is vital in showing employers how well you can fit into a TV producer role. Include relevant details and add everything in reverse-chronological order.

    Your work history section should include the following:

    • Start and end date
    • Job title, employer and location
    • Include 3-6 duties for each job

    As this section will include a lot of detail, it’s essential not to overlap duties or repeat tasks to ensure you give a broader insight. For example, if you produced a kid’s show for one network, explain your experience of planning and conceptualisation in another.

    Example of work experience for a television producer CV

    Producer at Anybiz October 2012 – Present, Edinburgh

    • Liaised between director, studio and financial backers
    • Built training program and managed hiring for staff
    • Complete project control for daytime TV show, including reformatting and rebranding
    • Achieved boosts in ratings for two station time slots

    Assistant Producer at Anybiz October 2010 | September 2012, Edinburgh

    • Assisted with planning and ideas phase for several projects
    • Created and balanced show budgets from inception to completion
    • Organised and vetted casting for all extras

    Assistant Set Manager at Anybiz June 2006 | August 2010, Edinburgh

    • Helped with setup of show set, technical arrangements and lighting
    • Oversaw all aspects of staff attendance and organisation

    Skills worth having on your television producer CV

    The job of a television producer is varied, so you could wear numerous hats in your role. To handle the diverse nature of this position, candidates need to possess skills that fit well with the duties and responsibilities. There are numerous essential and desirable CV skills to include, such as…

    Essential skills for a television producer

    • Excellent communication skills
    • Film-making and production skills
    • Multimedia skills
    • Creative ability
    • Time management

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Team player
    • Planning skills
    • Good management skills
    • Commercially aware
    • Motivated

    Outlining education on a television producer CV

    Employers typically seek individuals with experience and qualifications in television production for this role. Some preferred subjects are degree-level or higher-level certifications in communication, film studies, and media production.

    To showcase your qualifications, use reverse-chronological order and include the following:

    • School, college, university or training provider
    • Year of qualification
    • Level of qualification, for example, BA (Hons), HND
    • Subject or course title – you don’t need this for high school courses

    Example education section for an television producer CV

    Example University | 2008 -2011 BA Hons Television Production

    Example College | 2006-2008 BTEC Diploma in Film Production

    Anytown College | 2002-2006 A levels: Maths (B) History (B) IT (A) Drama (B)

    Television producer CV tips

    • Complete a cover letter

      Think of a cover letter like a trailer for your CV. It draws recruiters in, highlighting your best bits and explaining why you’re a great fit for a role. You can include a range of things here, such as personal achievements and skills. Plus, using real-work examples can give recruiters a better idea of how you’ll slot into the role.

    • Include awards and achievements if necessary

      Working in TV has numerous rewarding moments, so if you’ve ever been nominated for an award or worked with a star-studded lineup, now’s the time to mention it. These elements help showcase your passion and determination to succeed in a competitive industry. It also shows employers that you’re prepared and able to go further to achieve your ambition.

    • Keep your CV concise

      Recruiters looking for a great television producer don’t have time to sit and read pages of CVs. So, your CV needs to stand out! Keep it to one or two pages long. This provides ample information for an overview of your education, skills and experience, and employers can expand on this at the interview stage. The work history section is naturally the largest element in the CV. So, stick to structured sentences and use bullet points if needed to keep it concise.

    • Check spelling and grammar

      When writing your CV, it’s essential to proofread before hitting send. Employers hunting for the television producer want to see the attention to detail, and even a minor mistake could mean your application is discarded before the selection stage. Check spelling and grammar to ensure it all makes sense and reads well.


    Your television producer questions answered

    What are the roles and responsibilities of a TV producer?

    Day to day life of a television producer varies greatly. But, there are a number of key roles that they play in this sector. Some primary aspects include the following:

    • Researching new ideas
    • Commissioning writers, staff and contractors for production
    • Analysing and managing financial elements of the project
    • Troubleshooting issues
    • Liaising with staff
    • Organising shoot schedules
    • Managing projects from pre-production through to completion

    What skills does a television producer need?

    The diversity of this role means a candidate must have the right skills for the job. With the variety of work and environments a television producer works in, there are many qualities and skills that resonate with this position. These include:

    • Confidence
    • Presenting and pitching skills
    • Time management skills
    • Organisation skills
    • Creative abilities
    • Leadership and motivational attributes
    • Ability to handle different situations and work well under pressure
    • Team player

    How much experience does a television producer need?

    Work experience forms a large part of a CV, and many employers are looking for TV producers with vast amounts of experience. Even an entry-level junior producer requires extensive work experience, such as a record of screenwriting, running, research, or TV marketing. Competition for these roles is high, so it’s vital to showcase all your experience, even at an internship and volunteer level.

    Where do television producers work?

    The TV production world is vast, and there are opportunities for budding producers and experienced candidates. Within TV, you could work for local or national companies such as the BBC, Sky, or Netflix. Online TV stations have risen in popularity over the past few years, so this is another avenue to explore. Alongside TV, producers also work in film production for independent and larger production houses.

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