Assistant managers have an important role in so many hotels, making sure everything runs smoothly from front of house to behind the scenes. They combine managerial duties, leadership, and delegation with customer service, hospitality, and administration.

A great CV is essential to show recruiters that you’re ready for hotel assistant manager duties. If you’re unsure where to start, our hotel assistant manager CV sample can guide the way. We’ve paired that with expert advice and tips to help you tailor your CV to the hotel assistant manager job description.


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    Front of house for your CV

    If your CV is a hotel, the personal statement is your front of house. It greets recruiters with a concise introduction to your CV, outlining key skills, personal qualities, experiences, and achievements that set you apart.

    To make sure recruiters want to venture further into your hotel assistant manager CV, focus on the positive outcomes of your work like your experience “increasing guest satisfaction” or “keeping things running smoothly”.

    Top tips for your hotel assistant manager CV

    When recruiters check in to your CV, there’s a few things they’ll be looking for. Take a look at these top tips to make your CV every bit as good as our hotel assistant manager CV sample…

    • The customer is always right!

      Hotel assistant manager duties can vary from managerial and administrative tasks to assisting customers. Whatever the case, everything you do has the ultimate goal of pleasing hotel guests. Make sure your hotel assistant manager CV has a strong focus on customer service, from the personal statement through to your work history and key skills.

    • Keep it relevant and transferable

      On a similar note, you should make sure your hotel assistant manager CV is relevant to the job at hand. While some applicants will already work as a hotel assistant manager, others might be an assistant manager in a different industry or hold a junior role at a hotel. Whatever the case, make sure the skills, duties, and responsibilities are as relevant as possible to hospitality hotel assistant manager duties.

    • Keeping up appearances

      Working in a hotel, you’ll be well aware of how important aesthetics are. The same is true for your hotel assistant manager CV, which needs the right layout and design. As well as giving a good first impression on your behalf, it should allow recruiters to skim-read with clear sections and subheadings. Take a look at a few CV templates to see how it’s done.

    • Tick off the essentials

      There are a few basics modern consumers expect at any hotel – from tea making facilities to Wi-Fi. Your hotel assistant manager CV isn’t a million miles away. Recruiters will start by skim-reading to check for essential criteria, and may even use ATS software to scan your CV for keywords. With that in mind, check the hotel assistant manager job description for must-haves and try to include them in your CV.

    • Back it up with some figures

      From high-end boutiques to budget accommodation, numbers are vital for hotels of all shapes and sizes. That’s exactly why you should include some facts and figures in your CV. Whether it’s having 50 rooms under your control, a 10% increase in bookings, or a 25% reduction in expenditure, it will show what you’re capable of when it comes to hotel assistant manager duties.

    Hotel assistant manager skills to include in your CV

    As you can see from our hotel assistant manager CV sample, a simple bullet-pointed list of key skills can add so much to your application. Here’s what recruiters are looking for:

    Must-haves for hotel assistant managers

    • Leadership and delegation
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Commercial awareness
    • Budgeting
    • Customer service
    • Marketing

    Complementary skills to add to your CV

    • Computer literate
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Highly adaptable
    • Good under pressure
    • Attention to detail
    • Time management

    Top FAQs about your hotel assistant manager CV

    What is the role of an assistant manager in a hotel?

    Broadly speaking, the role of an assistant manager in a hotel is to assist in the running of the hotel. That can include assisting with the manager’s duties, taking on duties of their own, and delegating to the hotel’s staff team where necessary. You may also be required to take on the manager’s role in their absence.

    What are hotel assistant manager duties?

    In terms of specific duties, hotel assistant managers may be required to take on a wide range of responsibilities. Supervision, staff management, and visual inspections are all common duties, as are marketing, budgeting, and procurement. You may also be asked to take care of a specific hotel department, such as the restaurant or front of house.

    How to write a hotel assistant manager CV?

    The best way to write a hotel assistant manager CV is to break it down into sections. Start with any qualifications that are relevant to the job. Work through your experience from the most recent role, listing a few key responsibilities for each position. Use that to build a list of core skills you’ve developed. Then write a personal statement to open your CV, which sums up the key points about your background, skills, and experience.

    Which skills do you need in a hotel assistant manager CV?

    To master your hotel assistant manager duties, you’ll need to be a good leader and clear communicator, capable of delegating as well as getting hands on when needed. Problem-solving skills are a must, with budgeting, scheduling, and marketing know-how also desirable.

    What are the best CV templates for a hotel assistant manager CV?

    As a position of authority, hotel assistant manager calls for a professional CV. Choose a template that uses formal colours like navy or grey. Information should be split into sections with clear headings, such as “personal statement”, “skills”, “experience”, and “qualifications”. The layout should be simple and straightforward, though you may want to use a margin to separate some sections.

    Make recruiters feel at home with your hotel assistant manager CV

    Time to make a top-rate hotel assistant manager CV sample of your own. It couldn’t be easier thanks to our quick and easy online builder. Complete with pre-made templates and expertly written content, it has everything you need to build a great CV, in one place. Simply enter your job title, choose skills and responsibilities that fit the bill, then customise with a few finishing touches.


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