Because you’re the human face (or voice) of a company, you need to create a positive impression quickly. That’s why we’ve brought together all the CV writing tips and tools you need to achieve the best CV on your first attempt. Explore our range of customer service representative CV samples before building your own with our trusted CV builder.

A good first step is to make use of our online library of resources. By checking out our list of CV examples, you’ll be able to find what has worked in the past. Writing a good customer service representative is all about finding the right words to showcase your impressive interpersonal skills. 

Are you ready to start writing? Here’s what we’re going to cover:


    Sample customer service representative CV

    Customer service representative CV sample

    Owen Glen

    35 Clipton Close
    Birmingham B2 9TG

    Professional summary

    Results-driven Customer Service Representative with 5 years of experience in providing exceptional customer service and resolving customer issues. Skilled in building rapport with customers, handling inquiries, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Strong communication and problem-solving abilities. Committed to delivering high-quality service and contributing to the success of the company.

    Work history

    January 2023 – Current
    ABC Company – London, Customer Service Representative

    • Assisted customers with product inquiries and provided accurate information.
    • Resolved customer complaints and issues in a timely and satisfactory manner.
    • Built and maintained strong relationships with customers, resulting in increased customer loyalty.
    • Collaborated with team members to improve customer service processes and procedures.

    January 2020 – December 2022
    XYZ Retail – Manchester, Sales Associate

    • Assisted customers in finding and selecting products based on their needs and preferences.
    • Processed customer transactions accurately and efficiently.
      Maintained a clean and organized sales floor, ensuring a positive shopping experience for customers.
    • Collaborated with team members to achieve sales targets and provide excellent customer service.

    January 2018 – December 2019
    123 Tech – Birmingham, Customer Support Specialist

    • Provided technical support to customers via phone, email, and chat.
    • Troubleshooted and resolved customer issues related to software and hardware.
    • Escalated complex technical issues to the appropriate department for resolution.
    • Documented customer interactions and solutions in the CRM system.


    • Customer Service
    • Problem-solving
    • Communication
    • Teamwork
    • Time Management
    • Attention to Detail
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Sales


    • 2020, University of London London
      Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration
    • 2018, London College London
      Associate’s Degree, Marketing

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    Customer service representative CV template

    As any customer service representative knows, it’s not just what you say that’s important – the way you say it can also make or break an interaction. Your CV is no different. Find out how to present your personal information by browsing our range of customer service representative CV templates for customer service representatives below. 

    Choosing the right format for your customer service representative CV

    To create a CV that wows potential employers, it’s important to use a structure they’re familiar with. Rather than going rogue, tried-and-tested CV formats will help you to highlight all of your important work history, skills, and academic achievements in the best way possible.

    There are many different formats for you to choose from, but for a customer service representative, there are two that stand out above all others. The first is the reverse-chronological CV. This is a CV format that highlights your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting from your current or most recent role. You will work backwards, stating all of your relevant experience.

    The second choice is better if you don’t have direct experience as a customer service representative. Perhaps you’ve had one job in hospitality, and decided to make the switch. In this case, you can use a skills-based CV. This will focus on your key skills and how they can be transferred to the position in question.

    So, which is better? We would say that experience is key. If you have a history of customer service representative roles in the past, then you should use this to your advantage. However, if you are starting from the bottom of the ladder, then you can always use a skills-based CV to show your worth. 

    Want some more tips on how to structure your CV? Here are some things to keep in mind:

    • Your CV should be one or two pages long.
    • Avoid large bodies of text, instead break them up with headings, bullet points, and section breaks.
    • Use a professional font such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.
    • Respond to the job advertisement by extracting keywords.

    Choose your format now

    How to write a CV for a customer service representative

    In the following sections, we’re going to break down all of the content that will make up the main body of your CV. We’ll ensure that you have each base covered without missing any integral information. Keep reading for more on how to write a CV:

    Adding contact details to your customer service representative CV

    One section many candidates miss is adding a clear set of contact details. It’s important to add these in a clear way so that the hiring manager can get hold of you quickly. Although this step might seem too obvious to miss, forgetting to write it in a clear way is a common mistake!

    So, what’s the formula for getting this section right? In short, you need to add a full set of clear contact details somewhere near the top of your document. You should choose a clear font, preferably larger or in bold for maximum visibility. 

    To get this section right, follow this formula and include:

    • Your full name – you can leave your middle name out
    • Your location – this will let your employer know where you are based
    • Your phone number – choose a mobile number if you have one
    • Your email address – select a work appropriate email address

     Example of contact section for a customer service representative CV

    Dom Webster
    46 Roman Road, Leeds, LS23ZR

    Start your customer service representative CV with a personal statement

    You should begin by making a strong first impression. One of the best ways to do this is to write a personal statement. This is a section that lets the hiring manager know who you are and your special skills and achievements. It’s your moment to catch their attention and let them know why you are the best choice for the job. 

    So, what’s the difficulty with this section? You will only have 3 to 4 short sentences to squeeze in a lot of important information. Thankfully, you can make the process simple by following a tried-and-tested formula.

    Begin with an opening sentence that lets the reader know who you are. You should introduce yourself and give an overview of you as a candidate. State your experience, your main skills, and something that makes you stand out in the field of customer service.

    Your second sentence should then state an example of something you have achieved. Make sure you use a real-world stat or figure to back this up. For example – “earned top customer service Rep for 2017 through 95% customer satisfaction rate”. This is a great way to get you noticed and give a sense of authority to your personal statement.

    Your third and fourth sentences should highlight any special skills you have obtained over the years. For example, you might be exceptional at relationship building, and should let this be known! 

    Example of personal statement for a customer service representative CV

    Reliable Customer Service Representative with extensive track record in demanding sales and account management environments. Strong presenter, communicator and problem solver, working effectively and productively with diverse customers and individual needs.


    Experienced customer service specialist with over 10 years of experience building positive relationships. Achieved a 97% customer satisfaction rate, three years in a row. Particular skills include attention to detail, conflict resolution, and strong verbal communication.

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    Customer service representative CV work experience

    In many ways, the work history section of your CV is what will determine whether or not you are hired. This is the section where you need to show that you have the experience to back up your claims. You should include a series of previous roles that highlight your suitability for the position.

    What’s the best way to format this section? You should begin with your most recent or current role and work backwards, listing up to 6 responsibilities for each. This acts as a short portfolio of what you have achieved so far in your career, highlighting any important achievements and skills from your past (or current role).

    It’s important to keep the tone of this section formal but enthusiastic. You should write with engaging, clear language that urges the hiring manager to read on. Use positive adjectives (inventive ways to describe yourself), and action verbs (words to replace “responsible for”) in order to keep the language fast and informative. 

    Example of work experience for a customer service representative CV

    Customer service representative, 01/2022 – Current
    Evergreen Energy Ltd, Leeds

    • Assisted customers with service complaints.
    • Maintained up-to-date knowledge of store policies regarding payments, returns and exchanges.
    • Performed in-depth research to answer more complex questions.
    • Earned top customer service rep for 2017 through 95% customer satisfaction rate.
    • Upheld all privacy and security requirements established by customer regulatory agencies.

    Customer Service Officer, 11/2018 – 12/2022
    LS Utility Services, Leeds

    • Established membership loyalty, executing flawless customer retail account management.
    • Managed quality communication, customer support and product representation for each client.
    • Received inbound calls from customers, providing information regarding services, products, taking new orders and cancelling accounts.

    Great skills to add on your customer service representative CV

    The CV skills section of your CV is your chance to show what makes you unique and effective within the workplace. It’s one of the first places that a hiring manager will go to see if you have the required expertise to be an effective customer service representative. 

    Customer service representatives need a fine balance of hard and soft skills, from your personal qualities to your technical ability. Hard skills are anything you have learned through education, or on the job. For example, you might have obtained fantastic verbal and written communication over the years. Soft skills, in contrast, are more like personal character traits that can be applied to the field of customer service. You might be great at teamwork or budgeting. 

    Take a look at the customer services representative skills and qualities that could help your CV stand out.

    Best skills to have as a customer service representative CV

    Bonus customer service representative skills and duties

    • roduct knowledge or sales experience
    • Good at working under pressure
    • Negotiation
    • Knowledge of a second language
    • Technical troubleshooting
    • Effective learner

    Outlining education on a customer service representative CV

    Another important thing to consider for customer service representatives is your CV education. This is your chance to show that you have the brains to go along with the experience and skills you’ve already noted. You should endeavour to include any relevant qualifications you’ve obtained over the years. This could be university, college, or school. It can also include any professional training courses you have completed over the years.

    The key here is to only include qualifications that are relevant to the role of customer service representative. You might be proud of your fine art qualification, but before you add it, ask yourself if it really adds to your CV.

    When adding qualifications to you CV, make sure to write them in the following way:

    • The name of the educational institution you attended
    • The start and end dates of your course
    • The title or field of study
    • The level of the qualification
    • The outcome or result

    Example of education for a customer service representative CV

    Leeds Vocational Learning College
    Leeds, 2020 – 2022
    NVQ Level 3: Customer Service

    Leeds Secondary School
    Leeds, 2015 – 2020
    Seven GCSEs A-C

    Dos and don’ts for your customer service representative CV

    You’re no stranger to building a quick rapport – but how can you achieve this with your CV? Follow our top recruiter tips for a customer service CV that will give a great first impression.


    • DO include your most impressive metrics

      If a large part of your customer service representative job role will involve meeting KPIs, you’ve got to show recruiters that you have a head for numbers. When writing a CV, numbers often speak louder than words – so always cherry-pick your most impressive metrics from previous positions. Perhaps you successfully resolved an average of 25 queries a week or boosted your company’s customer satisfaction rate by 15%.

    • DO show off your technical skills

      As well as answering queries by phone and email, customer service representatives often need a diverse range of technical skills – from using CRM software to helping customers solve issues with your company website. Show your recruiter you’re up to the task by outlining your technical expertise on your CV. Include examples of software you’ve used as well as any systems or troubleshooting skills you’re familiar with.


    • DON’T forget to demonstrate your ability to learn

      Although all customer service experience will furnish you with a variety of valuable transferable skills, each new role will require you to have a thorough knowledge of the company’s product or service. You won’t necessarily be familiar with this before getting the job – so make sure to demonstrate your ability to learn on your CV. Training courses, extracurricular skills, and certain hobbies will all show your recruiter that you’re keen to pick up new skills.

    • DON’T forget to proofread your application

      If you’re responding to enquiries over email or live chat, your written communication must be second to none. Issues such as spelling mistakes or a lack of clarity could seriously undermine your credibility – and by extension, the reputation of the company you represent. To show recruiters you have great attention to detail, always proofread your CV to remove any mistakes.


    Your customer service representative CV questions answered

    What are the duties of a customer service representative?

    A customer service representative is responsible for responding to customer queries or complaints. Responses are often by phone or email, but also be in person depending on the customer service representative role description. Customer service representatives may also take customer orders, which means they can sometimes bridge the customer care and sales departments. This could involve processing orders and checking in with customers to see whether they are happy with their purchase.

    How do you write customer service skills on a CV?

    To encapsulate all of the necessary customer service representative skills on your CV, you’ll need to include a skills section. This should consist of 6-8 bullet points, each one listing one of your key attributes. Make sure to include a range of hard and soft skills, such as communication and CRM software. You can also share some of your personal skills in the personal summary section of your CV, which can be a good place to mention soft skills such as conflict resolution or patience.

    What qualities should a customer service representative have?

    A customer service representative needs to have impeccable communication skills and the ability to resolve conflict, especially when dealing with angry customers. They should have an excellent memory in order to follow company procedures to the letter, knowing when (and when not) to escalate an inquiry. Technical ability is also a key quality for a customer service representative, especially if they are working for a technology company or will need to help customers solve technical issues.

    What do you do as a customer service representative?

    On a day-to-day basis, your customer service representative roles and responsibilities will mainly involve talking to clients. As well as responding to email and phone enquiries, you may also have to contact customers directly to find out whether they are experiencing any problems. Some customer service representatives will also monitor a brand’s social media accounts, replying to comments and responding to any negative reviews with tact and sensitivity.

    How much does a customer service representative earn?

    According to Glassdoor, the average UK salary for a customer service representative is £19,954 a year. Professionals at the start of their customer service representative career could expect to start by earning £17,000 a year, whereas those with a little more customer service experience could earn £25,000.

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