Customer service managers play a critical role for their employer, leading a team of staff to provide the best service to new, existing, or potential customers. They require a comprehensive knowledge of their company’s products, services, and policies, which then needs to be communicated to staff and effectively put into action.

Whether you’ve got a wealth of experience or a wide-range of customer service manager qualities, our UK customer service manager CV samples demonstrate precisely how to showcase your best selling points to recruiters. We’ve paired our samples with tips and a professional customer service manager template, so you have everything you need to get started.


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    Much like the training given to your team, a good customer service manager CV template provides the right structure to help your CV get results. Take a look at our polished templates that will keep your experience, skills, and qualifications well organised and easy to read.

    Customer service manager tips for a CV that sells

    The saying goes, the customer is always right. For your CV, that customer is the recruiter. By sticking to our recruiter tips, you can make sure your CV is tailored to the key points recruiters are looking for, so they are always happy customers.

    • Combine teamwork and individual qualities

      A customer service manager job role requires a unique combination of individual work and teamwork. As a manager, you’ll need to make key decisions, recruit the right people, and keep track of employee performance. But you’re also a key member of the team, so your CV will need to highlight skills like communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

    • Build up to your current position

      Understanding your staff’s challenges is key to customer service management. The best way to convey this on your CV is by showing how you’ve worked in similar positions. Remember to highlight your own experience of customer service roles and the responsibilities to go with them. Creating a journey from the start of your career to the position you’re in now will demonstrate more empathy towards the team you will be managing.

    • Hit those KPIs

      Almost every customer service team has key performance indicators (KPIs) to hit. As well as being vital for your current role, they’re a great way to display your ability for a potential new job. Whether it’s reducing call duration by 15%, achieving 90% positive customer feedback, or cutting staffing costs by 20% while maintaining the same service levels, it could set you apart from other customer service managers.

    • Include relevant qualifications

      Some qualifications are a big boost for customer service manager CVs. A degree or diploma in business studies can add more weight to your application, for example. So too can management courses or IT training. It’s essential to include these relevant certifications, but avoid listing basics like GCSEs and A-Levels, making your CV longer without adding much.

    • Create a positive tone

      Customer service managers are ultimately responsible for creating positive outcomes with customers. Make sure your CV reflects this by including upbeat words like ‘improved’, ‘promoted’, and ‘increased’.

    What skills should you include on your customer service manager CV?

    Customer service manager job descriptions include a wide range of responsibilities, from managing a team to maintaining and improving customer service standard. These skills will show that you tick every box.

    Essential skills for your customer service manager CV

    • Customer service
    • Communication
    • Relationship building
    • Problem-solving
    • Product and policy knowledge
    • Organisation and timekeeping
    • Analytical ability

    More customer service manager skills for your CV

    • Staff training
    • Sales background
    • Report writing
    • Recruitment experience
    • Calm under pressure

    Top-rated questions about customer service manager CVs

    What does a customer service manager do?

    Customer service managers lead a team of customer service assistants to help customers find what they’re looking for or resolve complaints. This includes supervising employees, monitoring performance, training staff, ensuring company policy is upheld, and taking care of more complex or serious cases.

    What are the skills of a customer service manager?

    As a customer service manager, you will need to lead by example with a natural aptitude for customer service. Managing your team calls for excellent communication, organisation, and attention to detail. You will also need good problem-solving and decision-making skills to ensure customers are ultimately kept satisfied.

    What does a customer service manager make?

    Customer service manager salaries vary depending on the level of experience and company size. Trainee managers can expect to make around £20,000 to £25,000 per year, while more experienced customer service manager roles offer a salary upwards of £30,000. At larger companies, this can even increase to more than £60,000.

    How do you become a customer service manager?

    Most customer service managers come from a customer service background, working their way up from customer service representative or assistant to team leader and finally manager. However, you can also apply for specialist apprenticeships or graduate schemes that train you specifically to become a customer service manager. Relevant educational background in business or management studies will help in either case.

    Is a customer service manager the same as a customer service supervisor?

    Generally speaking, customer service supervisors have a narrower scope than customer service managers. As the name suggests, supervisors tend to focus solely on supervising staff – ensuring they’re doing their job correctly. On the other hand, customer service manager role descriptions include other responsibilities such as training, recruitment, and even budgeting within their team.

    Provide the best service for recruiters with an impressive CV

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