Those who are highly motivated and keen to make an impression are often interested in becoming a call centre agent.

In order to make an excellent first impression, it is critical to offer only the most relevant information regarding your skills. Please examine the call centre agent CV sample below. This example will provide you with an excellent guideline to polish your final presentation.

Alongside implementing the following tips, we suggest flicking through our expert CV examples for some more inspiration. You’ll find plenty of content and design ideas that’ll set you apart from the competition. Ready to write a persuasive CV? Keep reading as we run through:


    Sample call centre agent CV


    Owen Glen

    35 Clipton Close
    Birmingham B2 9TG

    Professional summary

    Reliable call centre professional with experience in handling high call volumes with accuracy for optimum productivity. Offers outstanding problem-solving and rapport-building skills to seek timely solutions to customer problems. Dependable team player committed to improving call metric standards.

    Work history

    March 2021 – Current

    Business Calls United – Birmingham

    Call Centre Agent

    • Used strategic promotional strategies to retain customers considering service cancellations.
    • Used outstanding problem-solving and communication skills to appease dissatisfied customers.
    • Trained junior agents on customer service excellence, boosting customer satisfaction rates.
    • Attended regular product training to enhance customer advice.

    January 2017 – February 2021

    Birmingham Customer Service Agency – Birmingham

    Call centre agent

    • Logged call details and customer information in secure systems, improving data collection measures.
    • Handled high call volumes with accuracy and efficiency for optimum productivity.
    • Processed complaints professionally, seeking effective, timely solutions for continued customer satisfaction.
    • Used outstanding problem-solving and communication skills to appease dissatisfied customers.


    • Customer communications
    • Inbound call handling
    • GDPR compliance knowledge
    • Customer rapport building
    • Resolving issues
    • Personable telephone manner


    Birmingham College Birmingham
    A-Levels Marketing (A), English (A), Business Studies (B), Maths (C)

    Call centre agent CV template

    Call centre agent CV writing shouldn’t be a headache. Instead, please take advantage of our online resources, insider knowledge, and pre-made CV templates. Combined, you’ll have everything you need to convince the employer that you’re the right person for the job!

    What is the best format for your call centre agent CV?

    Even the most impressive candidates can’t escape poor presentation, which is where professional CV formats can help. These clear layouts use headings, sections, and bullet points to break up large chunks of text. On top of this, they organise your information so it’s logical to read, starting from your contact details and ending with your references. If you don’t spend time polishing your CV, employers are unlikely to take your application further.

    There are two widely accepted structures in the UK – the reverse-chronological CV and the skills-based CV. The former focuses on your career background, whereas the latter spotlights transferable skills, such as “communication”, “administration”, and “problem-solving”.

    Which is best for a call centre agent? It varies. You don’t necessarily need experience for an entry-level job – just a cheerful, can-do attitude. In these cases, you could use a skills-based CV. However, it’s a good idea to use a reverse-chronological layout if possible because employers prefer candidates with tangible knowledge. You can talk about part-time positions, temporary contracts, internships, and volunteering alongside full-time employment.

    Now you’ve chosen a format, here are some other top tips to keep in mind:

    • Your CV should be one to two pages long maximum
    • Type in a professional font like Times New Roman or Helvetica
    • Write different CVs for different jobs and industries – tailor the information to the position you’re applying for
    • Keep everything tidy – avoid bright colours, images, and fancy typefaces
    • Send your CV as a Word or PDF file unless asked otherwise

    How to write a CV for a call centre agent

    If you want to know how to write a CV for a call centre agent, you’re in the right place. The following guidance will break the process down step by step, offering plenty of helpful pointers along the way. What’s more, we’ll answer some of your most common CV writing questions. Got your thinking cap on? It’s time to explore:

    What contact details should I include in my call centre agent CV

    Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make or break your application. Adding your most up-to-date contact details at the top of your CV might sound non-essential, but it’s the only way to secure an invite to the interview stage. We recommend emphasising this information in a slightly larger or bolder font for maximum readability. Remember to include:

    • Your full name – first name and surname
    • Your current address – including your postcode
    • Your phone number – the most accessible one
    • Your email – keep it work-appropriate

    Example of contact section for a call centre agent CV

    Elena Flock
    28 Cliffside Way
    Brighton, BH28 4NS,

    Start your call centre agent CV with a personal statement

    You only have a few seconds to catch the hiring manager’s attention, which is why a compelling personal statement is crucial. This opening paragraph summarises your most valuable experience, skills, and achievements, encouraging the reader to learn more. However, you don’t have finite words – you must get your point across in three to four short sentences. If this sounds tricky, don’t worry. We have a handy formula that works every time.

    The first sentence explains who you are, including years of experience and career focus. The second sentence offers the recruiter a window into your capabilities by spotlighting a jaw-dropping statistic. For instance, you might have “won call centre agent of the month 20 times” or “achieved a 94% customer satisfaction score”. Ultimately, facts and figures make you sound more believable. Finally, note a couple of your most sought-after skills and specialisms, such as “financial services advice” or “active listening”.

    Most importantly, think about what makes you truly special – you don’t want to sound like everyone else! Other helpful advice includes:

    • Write in the third person to sound more professional
    • Tailor your statement to the job advertisement – relevancy is key
    • Don’t exceed four sentences – the ideal length is 50 to 100 words
    • Keep the tone formal – avoid jokes (they don’t always land well)
    • Don’t tell the recruiter what you’re looking for – save that for the cover letter

    Example of personal statement for a call centre agent CV

    An extremely motivated individual who can adapt well to high-pressure work environments. Confident in inbound call centres and eager to join a team of equally trained professionals. Possess the most relevant skills to successfully market a product to the masses, coupled with a university degree.


    A friendly call centre agent with over six years of experience in fast-paced organisations. Regularly answers over 40 calls per day, providing expert feedback and guidance to customers. A communicative team player who is happy to take on challenging tasks. Experience in the retail, marketing, and hospitality sectors.

    How to present your work history on a call centre agent CV

    The work history section is fascinating for employers, revealing more about your responsibilities, values, and accomplishments. Alongside gaining a better understanding of your strengths, they can also identify your weaknesses via what you don’t mention. Plus, they can see how long you typically stay with a company – a key consideration for organisations that value retention rates.

    Start from your current or most recent role and note between three to six duties for each. Include extra detail for more relevant positions that align with the one you’re applying for. Note the following information:

    • Job title
    • Employment start and end dates
    • Company name
    • Company location
    • Brief list of responsibilities
    • Workplace accomplishments

    Above all else, qualify as many duties as possible with evidence. Like the personal statement, this will give weight to your claims and reassure the employer that you have the tools to succeed. Let’s say you “met call centre quotas” – can you expand on this? You might have “answered over 20 calls per day” or “successfully resolved over 100 customer queries per week”. The more specific you can be, the more skilled you’ll sound.

    Next, cover different responsibilities to present a well-rounded view of your capabilities. For example, if you’ve discussed “training new employees” underneath one position, talk about “monitoring incoming calls” in another. Hiring managers prioritise multi-talented candidates – the most successful call centre agents can spin several plates at once!

    Lastly, don’t bore the reader. The best CVs feature positive adjectives and action verbs that inspire curiosity. The former speak to your personality – you might be “creative”, “flexible”, and “solution-focused”. The latter are exciting alternatives to “responsible for”. Some of our favourites for call centre agents include “guided”, “resolved”, and “negotiated”.

    Example of work experience for a call centre agent CV

    Call Centre Manager | Inbound Calls United, Sussex | August 2020 – Present

    Duties presently include:

    • Monitoring for quality control purposes.
    • Inbound sales and client engagement.
    • Customer compliance services.
    • Training brand-new employees.
    • Resolving complex customer queries.

    Junior Sales Representative | Brighton Customer Service Agency, Sussex | January 2017 – June 2020

    Responsibilities revolved around:

    • Worked cohesively within a team environment.
    • Met monthly and quarterly sales quotas.
    • Addressed a broad spectrum of client needs.
    • Marketed numerous different products.

    Skills worth having on your call centre agent CV

    CV skills are a collection of your most irresistible talents and traits. They allow hiring managers to quickly assess your suitability for the role. Plus, they make it easier for CV reading software to pick out and pass on your best qualities. An attention-grabbing skills section should include up to 12 abilities in total, showcasing your technical and transferable knowledge.

    So, what’s the difference? Hard skills are specific and often learnt on the job, through training, or via education – think “operating customer service software”, “inbound telesales”, and “processing phone orders”. In contrast, soft skills are personality-based. For instance, you might be “detail-oriented”, “confident”, and “organised”.

    Both are essential if you want to make a good impression. While it’s tempting to only focus on hard skills, employers want to know whether you have the right character to mesh with the team. Sometimes, being a team player trumps experience!

    Stuck for ideas? Use the following lists to guide you:

    Essential skills for a call centre agent

    • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
    • Superb customer service skills and a positive attitude
    • More than eight years of experience within the inbound and outbound telemarketing industry
    • Computer literate with a working knowledge of software including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
    • Experience with team training and leadership

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Expertise in the “SPIN” technique of sales (Huthwaite International)
    • Able to work well under pressure in fast-paced environments
    • Problem-solving abilities
    • Sensitivity and understanding
    • Can confidently meet targets and call quotas

    How to add education to your call centre agent CV

    Education is the foundation for experience, helping you to shine in highly competitive fields. You can discuss school, college, and university courses, training programmes, and adult learning certificates. While qualifications aren’t necessarily essential for call centre agents, they strengthen your application and improve your chances of receiving a call back.

    How do you become a call centre agent? There are several routes into this career, the most popular being a college course. Search for a “Level 1 Certificate for Introduction to Customer Service” or “Level 2 Certificate in Contact Centre Operations” to boost your prospects. Alternatively, many people prefer to learn via an apprenticeship. To be accepted, companies prefer at least five GCSEs, with English and Maths being a priority.

    Furthermore, it helps to have some background in the industry you’re applying for. Let’s say you’re hoping to work as a call centre agent for a tech company – a degree or similar in IT would be beneficial.

    When outlining your education, cover the following:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Qualification level – e.g. A level or Level 1 Certificate
    • Qualification result

    Example of education for a call centre agent CV

    The Chartered Institute of Marketing, London | July 2015 – July 2017
    Foundation Certificate in Marketing
    Diploma in Professional Marketing

    London College | June 2013 – June 2015
    A levels: Marketing (A), English (A), Business Studies (B), Maths (C)

    Top dos and don’ts for call centre agent CV writing


    • DO attach a cover letter

      A flawless cover letter breaks the ice and warms the employer up before they open your call centre agent CV. It’s a short one-page document that explains who you are, summarises your talents, and expresses enthusiasm for the position. Our top advice? Match the keywords in your cover letter to the job advertisement to get your application through the door.

    • DO mention your industry

      Call centre agents work in many industries, so it’s worth noting yours in your cover letter and personal statement. Not only will this demonstrate your unique skills, but it’ll help recruiters guide your CV to the right people.


    • DON’T forget soft skills

      The most successful call centre agents possess a wealth of soft skills. In fact, employers usually prioritise candidates with the right personality over bundles of technical knowledge. Don’t be afraid to shout about your fantastic communication skills, compassionate approach, and ability to work well as part of a team.

    • DON’T send your CV without double-checking

      Spelling mistakes don’t fill the employer with confidence, so we always suggest running your CV through a free spell-checker. Alongside using online resources, ask a friend to give you some feedback – other people can usually pick up errors you might have missed.


    Your call centre agent CV questions answered

    What is the career summary of a call centre agent?

    Every call centre agent has different roles and responsibilities, depending on the industry. However, they spend most of their day ensuring a top-notch customer experience. Without friendly call centre agents, companies wouldn’t stand a chance. Key duties include:

    • Managing a large number of inbound calls and queries
    • Resolving customer problems and complaints
    • Seizing opportunities to upsell if appropriate
    • Providing information about products and services
    • Making payments over the phone

    What are good skills for a call centre job?

    Call centre agents need a mixture of hard and soft skills to thrive. Alongside a confident telephone manner, they must know how to follow scripts and use customer service software. Some of the top talents employers search for include:

    • Ability to remain calm under pressure
    • Perseverance and patience
    • Active listening skills
    • Experience with CRM programmes
    • Can consistently meet targets

    What will I get asked in the interview?

    It’s always a good idea to think ahead to the interview because preparation is the key to success. Some of the most common interview questions cover:

    • How would you deal with an angry customer?
    • Can you give an example of a time you solved a problem?
    • Can you give an example of teamwork?
    • Where do you see yourself in five years?
    • Why are you leaving your current position?

    How do I write a CV with no experience or skills?

    You might think you have no experience or skills, but it’s rarely the case. Remember, you can talk about internships, apprenticeships, summer work, and volunteering alongside traditional full-time employment. If you have minimal or no career background, consider a skills-based CV instead.

    Create a call centre agent CV using our online resources

    This call centre agent CV sample clearly illustrates some of the core competencies that should always be mentioned. Still, never forget that this is only one of the wide array of other tools that we provide to you through this website, including expert CV examples and pre-made CV templates. Please have a further look or contact us to learn more!


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