Constructing an attractive and accurate CV is critical for those actively seeking this role. This customer service team leader CV template highlights all the important points that need to be mentioned.

Our step-by-step guide details everything you need to include in each section of your customer service team leader CV.

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    Customer service team leader CV sample

    Anna McDonald CV 3

    Anna McDonald

    195 Crown Street, London W12 4WB


    Professional summary

    Dependable Assistant Customer Service Manager proficient in team and operational leadership. Prepared to offer expertise to support business success.

    Work history

    April 2017 – Current

    London Networks – London

    Customer Service Team Leader

    • Assumed ownership over team and managed work flow to meet or exceed quality service goals.
    • Supervised employees and assessed performances to determine training needs and define accurate plans for decreasing process lags.
    • Completed documentation and logs each day and generated weekly reports detailing activities.
    • Reduced process inconsistencies and effectively trained team members on best practices and protocols.

    January 2011 – March 2017

    London Networks – London

    Customer Service Representative

    • Answered customer telephone calls promptly and improved on-hold wait times.
    • Provided warm, positive customer care from arrival to departure, encouraging return visits and repeat spending.
    • Managed high-volume customer queries simultaneously through effective multitasking.
    • Handled phone, email and social media enquiries with consistent customer service across multiple channels.


    • Adherence to high customer service standards
    • Logistics policies and procedures
    • Skilled trainer
    • Excellent time management skills
    • Quality Assurance and Control
    • Exceptional telephone etiquette
    • Effective problem solver
    • Product knowledge
    • Effective workflow management


    University of Manchester Manchester – 2013

    Bachelor of Business Administration Management

    Customer service team leader CV template

    What is the best format for your customer service team leader CV?

    When searching on the internet, you’ll typically come across different CV formats and advice on the best ways to write one. However, it’s quite straightforward in most instances. The most common way to complete a customer service team leader CV is in reverse-chronological order. This suits most recruiters and provides a clear and concise skills and experience profile.

    Reverse-chronological order involves listing your experience with your most current role at the start. The format of your CV should follow:

    • Contact details – Name, address, email and phone number
    • Personal statement – A brief introduction of 3-4 sentences
    • Work history – Include 3-6 duties in each job role
    • Skills – List relevant skills in bullet points
    • Education – Include qualifications relevant to the role
    • Additional sections – Interests or achievements, if necessary

    A skills-based format may be used if you have limited experience for the desired role. This focuses on your experience, and the skills section comes after the personal statement. This format is typically used for entry-level customer service roles. It allows a candidate to expand on skills acquired throughout work history. However, most employers for a customer service team leader role usually require sufficient experience.

    Top tips for customer service team leader CV writing

    • Highlight your expertise

      A customer service team leader role is a diverse position within a company. This means showcasing the areas you specialise in and can support is important. For example, if you have experience managing a large team or particular projects, it’s important to highlight it. However, if your skills are more generalised, feel free to add something like ‘experience of managing teams’ as an overview.

    • Make Your CV relevant to the job role

      The requirements of leading a team of five vary a lot compared to a group of 50. So, your CV must showcase your experience and knowledge relevant to the role you’re applying for. Read through the job description and person specification and expand on relevant areas to highlight your competencies.

    • Don’t skip over education

      If possible, prioritise the education section to prove your proficiency. Employers can’t hear you play through your CV, so having the relevant qualifications will reassure them of your talent.

    • Include your personal qualities

      While your CV is a record of your qualifications and experience, employers also want to get a feel for your personal attributes. Ensuring they get the right person for the job is vital. So use your cover letter to describe your characteristics. Include words such as “supportive”, “motivated” and “dedicated” to emphasis your personality.

    • Keep it concise

      There’s a lot to include in your customer service team leader CV. However, it’s essential to keep it concise and relevant. Recruiters prefer CVs that are one or two pages long. To stay within this, use bullet points, short sentences and relevant information.

    Pair your customer service team leader CV with a cover letter

    The best way to support your customer service team leader CV is by including a strong cover letter. However, it’s essential to know how to write a cover letter and what to include to make the biggest impact on recruiters.

    The cover letter should use elements of your CV to delve deeper into your experience and qualifications. Don’t repeat or rewrite your CV. Instead, tailor this supporting statement with your capabilities and examples of experiences in previous roles. For example, if you led a team and successfully delivered a project, highlight this and give examples of the processes and challenges you overcame in the role.

    It’s also important to ensure your cover letter is relevant to the job role and is concise and well-written. One page is plenty!

    How to write a CV for a customer service team leader

    A customer service team leader’s CV clearly sets out your skills, experience, and qualifications to help you stand out from the competition. It should be kept to one or two pages to make life easier for recruiters and keep them happy. But what exactly should you include?

    Our guide will cover every base, so you know exactly how to write a CV for a customer service team leader:

    How to add education to your piano teacher CV

    Piano teaching differs from other subjects because you don’t necessarily need a qualification to teach the instrument (it’s not a regulated profession). However, formal education demonstrates a good understanding of musical theory and an aptitude for practical techniques. Most employers won’t accept candidates who haven’t gone through the traditional grading process.

    Piano teaching and teaching, in general, are similar when it comes to working in educational environments. You’ll need a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) or a postgraduate diploma of education (PGDE) if you already have a degree in music. Alternatively, you can become certified to teach without a degree through the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

    When listing education or other qualifications, include:

    • School, college, university or other awarding body
    • Study and graduation dates
    • Qualification levels, such as BTEC or PGCE
    • Subject title – not required for GCSEs

    Example education section for a piano teacher

    BSc (Hons) in Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying University of Example, 2001-2004 A Levels

    Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), 2012 – 2016 Piano Grade 8 (with distinction) Music Theory Grade 8CT BA in Music

    Milton Keynes College, 2010 – 2012 A Levels: Music A, English B, Maths B

    Milton Keynes High School, 2005 – 2010 10 GCSEs: Grades A* – C

    What contact details should I include in my customer service team leader CV

    Your contact details should appear at the top of your customer service team leader CV. This information is vital for recruiters and is simple to get right. Don’t forget to include:

    • Name – It’s surprising how many people forget to add it
    • Address – Include your full address and post code
    • Phone number – Include a number you actually use
    • Email address – Make sure its work-appropriate

    Example of contact section for customer service team leader CV

    Your Full Name
    Your Current Address
    Your Phone Number
    Your Email

    How to write a personal statement for your customer service team leader CV

    There’s a lot of competition for customer service team leader roles, so it’s important to stand out in the crowd. To help you achieve this, having a strong personal statement is vital. This section is sometimes known as a professional summary and comprises a short paragraph highlighting your background, capabilities, and personal qualities.

    Our advice for writing a personal statement is:

    • Focus on what you offer, so write in the third person to emphasise this
    • Write 3-4 sentences and keep it concise
    • Use positive adjectives such as “supportive”, “resilent”, “focused”
    • Include role-specific skills and competencies such as “allocating and managing resources”
    • Highlight any areas of expertise such as managing large teams or specific projects.

    Example of personal statement for a customer service team leader CV

    Experienced customer service team leader of over ten years, actively seeking a position equally suited to unique qualifications. Appreciates the roles and responsibilities at this level, having successfully established a working rapport with other team members. Helps to breed a sense of solidarity and cohesion within what can only be called an extremely challenging atmosphere. Interested in improving current talents and hoping to contribute to a firm’s success as a whole.

    Customer service team leader CV work experience

    Highlighting relevant customer service team leader experience is vital to your CV. Employers are looking for suitable candidates that can fit straight into the team and take charge confidently. This section is how you showcase this.

    Using reverse-chronological format, list your work history with your most recent role at the start. For each position, you need to include:

    • Start and end date
    • Job title, employer and location
    • A short list of duties

    When completing your job history, take care not to overlap duties or repeat similar things. For example, if you cover managing a large team in one role, focus on other aspects such as training staff in another. This shows a broader view of skills gained in each position, which is important for the various responsibilities required for the job.

    Example of work experience for a customer service team leader CV

    2012-Present: Customer Service Team Leader and Front Desk Supervisor, Company Name, London. Duties entail:

    • Responsible for all outbound sales calls.
    • Centralised sales management.
    • Ensuring all duties are carried out to the highest of standards.

    2008-2012: Junior Telemarketing Team Leader, Company Name, London. Responsibilities included:

    • Client compliance issues.
    • Face-to-face meetings.
    • B2B and B2C sales.

    2006-2008: Customer Service Representative, Company Name, Bristol. Roles were comprised of:

    • Inbound and outbound lead marketing.
    • Meeting monthly sales benchmarks.
    • Developing long-standing customer relationships.

    Great skills to add on your customer service team leader CV

    The skills required for a customer service team leader role are varied. To showcase your abilities, the CV skills section must combine both hard, technical competencies and soft, transferable qualities:

    Essential skills for customer service team leaders

    • Managing a team
    • Good communicator
    • Positive attitude
    • Digital skills
    • Problem solver

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Organised
    • Respectful
    • Dedication
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Decision-maker

    Get education right on your customer service team leader’s CV

    A solid educational background is a vital foundation for a career in customer service leadership roles. Ideally, you’ll have a Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service. GCSEs will also support your CV. Some higher positions may also require a degree or professional qualification in Business or Retail.

    Your education can be backed by strong in-house training. In some cases, this may be adequate for the role. However, recruiters will generally look at experienced candidates first.

    In this section, include all your qualifications and key information about each such as:

    • School, college, university or training centre
    • Year of qualification
    • Level of qualification, for example, BA (Hons), BTEC, NVQ
    • Subject or course title – you don’t need to include this for high school qualifications

    Example education section for a customer service team leader

    ILX Training Group, London, 2014 Qualified within the PRINCE2 framework.

    Guildford College of Further & Higher Education, 2012 City & Guilds: Diploma in Sales Level 3 (6801). City & Guilds Sales and Telesales Apprenticeships Level 3 (9866). City & Guilds: Customer Service Level 3 (8992).

    Edinburgh Napier University 2002-2006: Festival, Event and Hospitality Management BA (Hons.)


    Your customer service team leader CV questions answered

    What should be included on a customer service team leader CV?

    Your customer service team leader CV should include skills, qualifications, and experience relevant to the job. This will ideally highlight your competencies for the role to give you the best chance of selection. If you don’t have specific experience, mentioning transferable skills can support your CV, such as digital skills, communication, and problem-solving.

    How do you show team leadership on your CV?

    The best way to show your team leadership ability on a customer service team leader CV is to highlight specific responsibilities and achievements in your work history, such as:

    • “Managed a team of 12 customer service representatives”
    • “Increased customer service by 15% over two years”
    • “Created and implemented month-by-month customer service strategy”

    What is the job description of a customer service team leader?

    The role of a customer service team leader varies between organisations. However, generally the job covers:

    • Leading a team
    • Providing support and motivation
    • Ensuring customers receive a top-quality, professional service
    • Record keeping and project management
    • Training staff

    What skills should I include on my customer service team leader CV?

    Customer service team leaders should possess a number of skills to be successful in the role. Examples of common skills to include on your CV are:

    • Computer and software proficiency
    • Leadership experience
    • Organisational skills
    • Problem-solving abilities
    • Oral and written communication skills

    Build your own customer service team leader CV

    Creating a customer service team leader CV is a simple process, and with our CV examples, you can put it into practice. Our online CV builder offers a choice of CV templates – pre-made and ready to insert your information. There’s also tailored content to match your competencies and attributes that help you complete your CV for job success.


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