‘People’ people often find they are best suited to working in customer-focused environments. These environments rate excellent communication, helpfulness, and professionalism as the most in-demand skills. If this sounds like you – you may be the perfect candidate for a customer service advisor role. The ideal customer service advisor CV sets out your experience of working in a range of environments, delivering sales and managing accounts using various methods. It outlines your work history, giving brief details of your duties and concrete examples of what you achieved in every job.


    Customer service advisor CV sample

    Example CV for a professional customer service advisor

    Customer service advisor CV templates

    What do recruiters expect from customer service advisor CVs?

    Our customer service advisor CV example shows just what you could achieve with our CV builder. Here’s what to pay particular attention to:

    • Creating immediate impact: Your personal statement is your first chance to impress the recruiter – ensure you mention core skills for this role such as presentation, communication, problem-solving, and account management.
    • Concrete experience examples: Don’t just list out your duties and responsibilities, make sure you give context for each role and include achievements like generating telephone sales, illustrated with concrete numbers.
    • Transferable skills: Throughout your customer service advisor CV, show your versatility by mentioning transferable skills and experience. This sends a message to the recruiter that you’ll make a great customer service advisor for any company.

    Key skills for your customer service advisor CV

    Your CV should mix highly specific customer service skills with a more general knack for one-to-one communication.

    Essential skills for a customer service advisor

    • Strong customer service
    • Outstanding communication
    • Adaptive team player
    • Target motivated
    • Telephone skills
    • Cash handling

    Additional skills to help your customer service advisor CV stand out from the crowd

    • Store maintenance
    • Friendly personality
    • Problem solver
    • Sales negotiating
    • Written and verbal communication skills

    Frequently asked questions about customer service advisor CVs

    How do you write a personal statement for customer service?

    • Mention environments you’ve worked in like sales and account management.
    • List specific, transferable skills like communication and problem solving.
    • Emphasise the fact that you’ve used your skills to deliver solutions for customers.
    • Mention your extensive track record – which the rest of the CV outlines.
    • Check out our CV builder for help building a perfect personal statement.

    What's an example of good customer service?

    Examples of good customer service include:

    • Dealing with returns in a prompt and polite manner.
    • Handling multiple phone calls to answer customer enquiries.
    • Explaining products to customers in a manner that drives higher sales or customer satisfaction ratings.

    What do you write in a CV for customer service advisors?

    To create the perfect CV for customer services, focus on the following:

    • A personal statement, summing up your experience and skillset in a single paragraph.
    • Employment history, giving the names of each company, the dates you worked there, and details of your responsibilities in each job, illustrated with concrete facts and figures.
    • A list of skills, combining hard skills like inventory control with softer skills like being a team player.
    • Our CV builder makes it quick and easy to build a perfect customer service advisor CV in minutes. Start now!

    Build your perfect customer service advisor CV

    Applying for customer service advisor roles doesn’t need to be stressful with myPerfectCV’s tools to build the perfect CV. Choose one of our CV templates, get to work with the CV builder and you’ll have the CV you need in just minutes.

    Check out our CV examples to see just how effective your customer service advisor CV could be, then start writing your own perfect CV.


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