Plasterers are specialist tradespeople who apply plaster to walls and ceilings. Whether they’re resurfacing damaged walls or adding decorative texture, their work is crucial to keep homes looking (and functioning) at their best. But if you’re writing a CV for a plasterer role, it can be difficult to sum up your success in words – especially if your work normally speaks for itself.

Thankfully, myPerfectCV can help. We have all the information you need to write your perfect plasterer CV, from a professional plasterer CV example to our quick and easy CV builder. Simply choose your template, tailor your content, and you’ll be recruiter-ready!


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    Skilled plasterer CV example

    Support your skills with a personal statement for your plasterer CV

    Your personal statement is a brief paragraph that sits at the top of your CV. This section should consist of 2-3 lines and is designed to give a quick, but impactful, outline of your professional background. Remember – the aim of your personal statement is to grab your recruiter’s attention and make them want to read more.

    When writing your personal statement, make sure to include your current employment, key attributes, and short-term career goals. It’s also a good idea to include any relevant certifications, such as a CSCS card. That’s particularly important if the plasterer job description specifies one in the requirements.

    How to build your plasterer CV

    Writing a CV shouldn’t feel like hitting a brick wall. With our top tips from UK recruiters, you can put together a great plasterer CV that helps you stand out from the crowd.

    • Choose the right plasterer template

      As a plasterer, you know the importance of a strong structure. By using a professional template for your CV, you can catch your recruiter’s attention for all the right reasons. Bullet points, columns, and subheadings will make your information more readable and ensure that your CV stays on one page.

    • Don’t forget the numbers

      In your work experience section, don’t just list your everyday duties. Make sure to include key facts and figures to quantify your success. It could be the average number of hours you need per job, your customer satisfaction rating, or an achievement such as cutting overheads by 10%.

    • Use keywords from the job description

      Some recruiters use an ATS (applicant tracking software) to filter out the most relevant CVs for a role. To ensure yours makes the cut, always include keywords and phrases from the job description – whether it’s a particular plastering technique or additional duties such as installing insulation systems.

    • Include your hard and soft skills

      The skills section of your plasterer CV should include eight of your most valuable skills. Make sure to list soft skills such as punctuality and teamwork alongside your technical expertise.

    • Show some personality

      Plasterers will often work closely with others, whether they’re discussing design techniques with a homeowner or preparing walls for painters. Show your recruiter you have the right personality for the role by including your key attributes in your personal statement.

    What skills should you include in your plasterer CV?

    Plasterers need a unique combination of skills, from applying stucco to assessing damaged walls. Discover the skills that will set you apart by reading our checklist below.

    Essential skills for your plasterer CV

    • Customer service
    • Dry lining
    • Ornamental plastering
    • Health and safety
    • Knowledge of building regulations
    • Cost analysis

    Extra skills that will help you stand out

    • Teamwork
    • Budgeting
    • Agility and fitnessx
    • Time management
    • Computer skills
    • Creativity

    FAQs about your plasterer CV

    What is the role of a plasterer?

    The role of a plasterer is to apply plaster to walls and ceilings, usually to repair damaged structures or add decorative features. Many plasterers will also resurface external walls using materials such as sand and cement. Their role can sometimes include extra duties such as installing insulation systems and renovating existing decoration.

    What does a plasterer do?

    Depending on the size of each job, a plasterer may work on a number of different properties each day. That includes travelling between houses, mixing plaster to the right consistency, applying it to walls and ceilings using a palette or hawk, and sometimes creating decorative features (known as fibrous plastering). When writing your UK plasterer duties on your CV, remember to include any administrative tasks such as invoicing and estimating costs, too.

    What skills do you need to be a plasterer?

    To be a successful plasterer, you will need a strong mix of practical and personal skills. Plastering can be a very physical job, so strength and fitness are important qualities. You will also need to be precise and analytical, with the ability to quality-check your own work (and potentially that of other plasterers if you work as part of a team).

    How do you become a plasterer?

    In the UK, you won’t need a particular qualification to become a plasterer – however, you will need to gain a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card if you want to work and train on a construction site. You can become a plasterer by completing a plastering apprenticeship or college course, but it’s also possible to train on the job. Many plasterers choose to gain work experience directly instead of sitting a particular qualification.

    How much does a plasterer earn in the UK?

    According to the National Careers Service, a plasterer can earn between £19,000 and £34,000 a year, depending on their experience level. Your salary could also vary according to your location and the type of plaster you specialise in.

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