Forklift drivers may work behind the scenes, but they play a critical role in the company’s smooth running. Whether they’re unpacking deliveries in a warehouse, checking goods, or transporting parts from A to B, they help businesses fulfil vital orders. This requires a delicate balance of skills and qualities in an easy-to-read format.

Whether you’re looking for an entry-level role or a senior driver position, myPerfectCV has the ideal forklift driver CV samples for you. We have all the templates, how to write a CV guide, and content you need – as well as a proven CV builder that makes it quick and easy to create your forklift driver CV today.


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    Unpack our selection of forklift driver CV templates

    As a forklift driver, you’ll know how to maintain order in a stockroom or warehouse. Transfer those organisational skills to your CV with a well-structured application. Browse our selection of forklift driver CV templates to find your perfect fit.

    Drive home your credentials with our top recruiter tips for your forklift driver CV

    For a CV that delivers the goods, you’ll need to show your recruiters what they want to see. By following our top tips, you can create a forklift driver CV that ticks every box.

    • Mention your qualifications

      A qualified forklift truck driver needs a valid licence and the necessary safety training certificates. Most positions will specify that successful applicants should already hold these – so always make sure to list your relevant forklift driver qualifications on your CV. Recruiters can receive hundreds of applications, so you won’t bother double-checking whether you have the necessary certificates if you haven’t mentioned them on your application.

    • Include your most impressive metrics

      Driving the forklift truck is often only the start of your role – you’ll also play a pivotal role when it comes to inventory management. Help your recruiter quantify your achievements by mentioning key metrics from past positions, whether you unpacked an average of £5,000-worth of products a week or boosted your warehouse’s efficiency by 10%.

    • Use keywords from the forklift driver job description

      Packing products, recording data, performing quality checks – the role of a forklift driver can be broad. Tailor your CV to the role. Always include keywords and phrases from the job description. This will increase the chance of your application passing an ATS and making it into the hands of a real recruiter.

    • Demonstrate teamwork and individual skills

      When you’re working in a warehouse or packing facility, it’s essential to work as part of a team. Whether you’re coordinating with colleagues to unpack deliveries or following instructions from a supervisor, don’t forget to include examples of teamwork on your CV. This will show that you have the necessary skills to collaborate with others and work unsupervised.

    • Show some personality

      Your CV isn’t just a summary of your skills and experience – it should also give your recruiter a brief insight into your work ethic and personality. As a forklift driver, you’ll need to be resourceful, energetic, and incredibly well-organised. In the personal summary of your CV, include positive language to describe yourself to show that you have the right unique qualities for the job.

    What skills should you include on your forklift driver CV?

    Forklift driver job description duties can cover a wide range of tasks, all requiring a different combination of skills. Show recruiters you have the full set by including these must-have forklift driver skills on your CV.

    Top-rated skills for your forklift driver CV

    • Valid UK forklift driver training
    • Multi-tasking
    • Packing and unpacking
    • Inventory management
    • Physical fitness
    • Teamwork

    Extra skills that will help you stand out

    • Organisation
    • Mechanical skill
    • Product inspection
    • Record keeping
    • Warehouse safety

    Common questions about your forklift driver CV

    What are the duties of a forklift driver?

    As the name suggests, a forklift driver is primarily responsible for transporting products or packaging materials via a forklift truck. They can also be responsible for a wide range of warehouse and inventory management duties, from packing and unpacking deliveries to carrying out quality checks to inspect stock for damage.

    What qualifications do you need to be a forklift driver?

    To become a forklift driver, you won’t need any particular academic qualifications, but you will need to complete a training course to work. Many positions include ‘on the job’ training, which means you won’t need any experience or qualifications to apply. That said, the exact training you’ll need is likely to depend on the industry and type of machine you’ll be using.

    How do I write a forklift driver CV?

    When writing your forklift driver CV, you’ll need to include the following:

    • Personal contact information, such as your email and phone number, so that recruiters can easily reach you.
    • A personal summary explaining who you are, your most incredible talents, and the value you can add to a company.
    • An experience section outlining your work history, with approximately 5-6 bullet points per work experience.
    • A skills section listing 8 of your most relevant skills (both hard and soft).
    • An education section describing your highest level of academic education or formal training.

    How much does a forklift driver earn?

    According to the jobs board Total Jobs, the average UK salary for a forklift driver is £20,000. Some forklift drivers are paid by the hour, while others are paid per annum. At the lower end of the scale, professionals with no experience may start on £17,000 a year, while those with more experience under their belt could be on £23,000.

    Are forklift drivers in demand?

    Requirements for forklift drivers are increasing, thanks to the growth of the e-commerce sector. Because more products are shipped directly from warehouses instead of sold in stores, the industry needs more warehouse workers and drivers to meet the booming demand.

    Is being a forklift driver a skilled job?

    In short, yes. Forklift driver duties and responsibilities require a unique combination of skills and personal qualities, backed by training in forklift driving specifically.

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