Whether they’re working with milling machines, grinders, or printers, machine operators are responsible for setting up and managing machines which are critical for manufacturing, assembly, and production. That includes a range of responsibilities including analysis of the machine’s performance and adjustments for different machine functions.

Taking on these duties successfully requires a variety of skills, experience and training, which is where your CV comes into play. Our UK machine operator CV examples will show you how to display all your attributes and qualities to recruiters to secure your next machine operator role, along with some CV writing tips and professional templates to help you build your own CV.


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    Machine operator CV templates

    Make your CV a well-oiled machine

    Like any machine, an effective machine operator CV is made up of various components, which come together to impress recruiters. Get a better idea with our top tips…

    • Start with a professional machine operator CV template

      It’s easy to think that your CV is all about your hands-on experience. However, appearance is still an important box to tick, so recruiters don’t just put your CV to the bottom of the pile. Choose a CV template that is clear and easy to read, with dedicated sections for your skills, experience and qualifications as well as a professional summary and contact details.

    • Take notes from the machine operator job description

      Job descriptions are packed full of essential and desirable qualities for machine operators. But they’re not just for your own convenience. Recruiters will often use these to cross-reference CVs, with ATS software also used to scan CVs for key terms. To make sure your CV is up to the task, note down any key phrases from the job description, including specific qualifications or capabilities, and include them in your CV.

    • Crunch the numbers

      Machines come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re all used to perform tasks quicker than humans can themselves. Your machine operator CV should quantify that with specific examples of your work volumes, whether it’s overseeing the manufacture of 500 products per day or cutting production time by 20%.

    • Highlight your specialism

      From manufacturing to food production, there are a vast array of machines that need to be operated efficiently. Whatever the case, recruiters will be looking for someone with specific knowledge and experience. Make sure your CV is tailored to your specialism, from a focused professional summary to a machine-specific skills section and any machine operator certifications.

    • Show your machine-like accuracy

      When you’re operating a machine, the smallest mistake can lead to huge production faults, long delays, and significant financial losses. Make sure your CV showcases your meticulous attention to detail by proofreading every last sentence and removing any errors.

    What skills should you include in your machine operator CV?

    Make sure your CV passes the machine operator skills test. Take a look at our hard and soft skills to include in your machine operator CV.

    Must-have skills for your machine operator CV

    • Concentration
    • Attention to detail
    • Clear communication
    • Fast problem solving
    • Working to production schedules
    • Knowledge of specific industry standards

    Added extras to set you apart

    • Teamwork
    • Machine maintenance
    • Physical strength
    • Ability to multitask
    • Independent working
    • Health and safety

    Start off on the right foot with a machine operator personal statement.

    Your personal statement or ‘professional summary’ is a short paragraph which opens your CV following your contact details. It should be kept within 2-3 lines, concisely introducing your professional background and skills.

    For your machine operator personal statement, you should outline your current role, background and experience, and the key capabilities or qualities you can offer to an employer. Make sure you highlight the specific type of machinery you specialise in, with any key qualifications, training, or certifications to back it up.

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    Frequently asked questions about machine operator CVs

    What is a machine operator?

    A machine operator is someone who oversees the operation of a specific machine or several pieces of machinery. The role is present in a range of sectors, from the food industry to toy production and technology.

    What are the duties and responsibilities of a machine operator?

    Machine operator job descriptions call for a number of responsibilities, including setting up the machine for production, loading materials, making adjustments for different functions, checking the machine’s performance, performing essential maintenance, and undertaking quality checks for the finished product.

    What skills does a machine operator need?

    Machine operators need to be highly focused when working on their own with unwavering attention to detail. You’ll need a comprehensive understanding of machines in your specialism, how they work, and what they produce. Machine operators also need to be fast thinkers, who can solve problems under pressure, and communicate clearly with other departments or members of their team.

    What do machine operators get paid?

    Machine operator salaries can vary quite a bit given the diverse nature of the machines they’re operating. According to Totaljobs, the average salary is just over £20,500, but generally ranges between £16,000 and £24,000 depending on location and industry.

    How do I become a machine operator?

    Machine operators are generally trained on the job for the specific machine they’re using, meaning there aren’t any specific machine operator education requirements per se. However, college courses and apprenticeships in subjects like IT and engineering do lend themselves to the technical side of machine operation.

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