A sales assistant CV needs to showcase your experience of working in sales and your flair for dealing with members of the public. It needs to detail specific procedures you understand and skills you’ve acquired, such as handling money by giving real-world examples with measurable results.


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    • Always proofread your CV

      Sales assistants have to communicate with customers for a living – so submitting a sloppy CV for a sales role will give recruiters the wrong idea. Always make sure you proofread your application for spelling, grammar, and clarity before hitting ‘send’.

    • Include your key metrics

      Recruiters will be looking for professionals with impressive track records. If you smashed targets or made £10k+ of sales in a previous position, make sure that you mention this on your CV. This will help recruiters to quantify the impact you’ve had in past roles and help you stand out from other candidates.

    • Sell your personality

      Your personal summary is your chance to treat your CV as a sales pitch. Give your recruiter a 4-5 line overview of your key professional and unique qualities, making sure to use positive language to describe your work ethic and greatest achievements.

    Key skills for sales assistant CVs

    The role of a sales assistant can be highly demanding – so discover the key skills you’ll need to succeed.

    Essential skills for any sales assistant

    • Excellent telephone manner
    • Communication
    • Technology skills, such as updating a CRM
    • Negotiation
    • Cold calling
    • Teamwork

    Nice-to-haves that will help you stand out

    • Basic marketing skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Public speaking
    • PR knowledge
    • Bidding and contracts

    Most-asked questions about your sales assistant CV

    What should be included in a sales assistant CV?

    One of the most important sections to include in your sales assistant CV is your relevant qualifications. Whether it’s a degree in sales and marketing or an NVQ certificate, these will help to highlight your specialist training and show you’ve got the knowledge needed for the role.

    What are the key responsibilities of a sales assistant?

    A sales assistant is responsible for helping senior sales professionals, such as representatives and executives, sell their product or service to new clients. This can involve scouting for potential customers, making contact, and explaining the benefits of the sale either in person or over the phone.

    What are the top qualities of a sales assistant?

    Sales assistants need to be confident with excellent communication skills. They also need to be resourceful in order to identify potential clients, as well as resilient enough to overcome setbacks such as sales that fall through and straight-up business rejections.

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