Showcase your ability to manage staff and delight customers in any environment with a professional assistant manager CV. As a manager in training, you’ll need to be an excellent problem solver, quick on your feet, and highly personable. Dealing with customers and enquiries will be your area of expertise, and you’ll relish the fast pace.

Ready to get started? Whether you’re looking to learn more about assistant manager duties, required skills, personal statements, or salary options, you’ll find everything you need right here. Once you have all your information together, choose a fantastic assistant manager CV template to exhibit your achievements.


Assistant manager CV templates

Top tips for your assistant manager CV

From formatting to utilising CV templates, take charge of your application with these top tips for your assistant manager CV.

  • Stay organised

    To fulfil their job role, assistant managers need to ensure they organise their time and tasks carefully. Your CV also needs to be similarly well organised, so it’s easy for recruiters to read. There are several key elements you’ll need to include – contact details, personal statement, work history, academic history, and skills. The CV format for an assistant manager will generally be a reverse chronological CV, which will feature your work history listed in order of date, with your most recent job role first.

  • Lead by example

    When writing your work history, it won’t be enough to just list out your duties from previous roles. Assistant managers need to show they can lead – and have plenty of experience under their belts too. To show you can meet the job duties and responsibilities of an assistant manager, include specific examples of your key achievements. For example, briefly describe a complex project you coordinated successfully or how you helped your team’s work performance to drastically improve.

  • Focus on the job description

    Before writing your CV, your first step should be to take another look at the assistant manager job description. This will give you vital insight into the employer’s ideal candidate. Look for key achievements and skills that match with your own experience – using their own language, if possible. Even if you don’t have the exact skills, many are transferable. For example, if you haven’t worked in a retail environment before, you might have gained customer service skills through working at a call centre.

  • Keep it professional

    Your assistant manager CV also needs to look the part. If your CV features run-on sentences and lengthy paragraphs, recruiters won’t know where to look for key information. Instead, use an assistant manager CV template to display your details clearly and professionally. Ensure you’ve also double checked for spelling errors before sending to recruiters.

  • Highlight your skills

    It’s an absolute must to include your key skills in an assistant manager CV. You should include a diverse range of skills, including leadership, organisation, customer service, IT, finances, and administration skills. Make sure you can back these skills up with evidence during your interview. Review some assistant manager CV samples to discover which important skills candidates should be focusing on.

Key skills to include in your assistant manager CV

Having the right skills under your belt to manage a team and listen to customers is vital to succeeding in the duties of an assistant manager. Here are some key assistant manager skills for your CV.

Lead the way with these technical skills:

  • Team management
  • Customer service
  • MS Office Suite
  • Finances
  • Sales monitoring
  • Administration

Additional skills to impress savvy employers:

  • Leadership
  • Great listener
  • Problem resolution
  • Well organised
  • Communication
  • Decision making

Top FAQs about your assistant manager CV

What is an assistant manager?

The job duties and responsibilities of an assistant manager generally involve supporting the general manager in their role. This will include managing staff, both hiring and training, arranging staff timetables, and evaluating employee performance. It will also involve resolving customer issues and complaints, along with managing company projects and budgets.

How to become an assistant manager?

There are several pathways to becoming an assistant manager. There are no required qualifications, but you will usually be expected to have several A-Levels at a good grade. To bolster your chances of succeeding in your application, a degree in business management or a diploma in strategic management and leadership can be useful qualifications to have. For more ideas of the kinds of qualifications candidates require, take a look at an assistant manager CV example for UK jobs in your field.

How to get an assistant manager job?

There are many ways to find assistant manager jobs. You could look on job boards online or in the local newspaper to discover opportunities. Or if you have a set company in mind, why not reach out to them and float your CV? Depending on the area you’d like to work in, a company representative may even be attending your local jobs fair. Wherever you apply, knowing how to write a CV for an assistant manager role, along with a strong covering letter, is vital.

What is the salary of an assistant manager?

The average assistant manager salary in the UK is £25,000 per year. This can vary depending on the skills and experience of the candidate, with entry-level positions offering £23,000 per year. The highest-paying positions can reach up to £27,000 per year.

How to prepare for an assistant manager interview?

Once you’ve had success with your assistant manager CV, it’s time to start thinking about the interview process. Look back at your personal statement and work history – what are some key achievements and skills you can draw on to impress interviewers? Practice the interview process with friends and family to calm your nerves before the big day.

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Give your assistant manager CV a professional personal statement

Your personal statement shows recruiters why you’re the perfect candidate they’ve been waiting for. Keep it to 3-4 sentences and pack it with the most important details of your career so far. Don’t be tempted to repeat your work history word for word. For more inspiration, take a look at how the personal statement has been written in our sample CV for an assistant manager.

Sell recruiters on your unique problem-solving abilities or show them how much staff performance and satisfaction has increased through your work. Don’t be tempted to sell yourself short – include all of your relevant skills and specialisms. Your assistant manager CV profile is a great opportunity to spell out to employers exactly what makes you stand out.

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Make a great first impression with an inspiring assistant manager CV

Writing an assistant manager CV for UK jobs doesn’t have to be difficult. You know your achievements better than anyone else, and once you’ve them written down – it’s time to get started on that job-winning CV. With our online CV builder, you’ll find creating an impressive CV is firmly within your grasp.

There are plenty of stylish and professional design options to choose from to get your CV looking as good as our assistant manager CV sample. Simply choose a CV template and get started on crafting your perfect CV!

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