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Account director roles are critical to the success and growth of a business. They take responsibility for potential leads and existing client accounts, aiming to secure new business and repeat sales. With that comes a multitude of duties and responsibilities, requiring a unique set of personal qualities and technical skills.

To tick every box on the account director job description, your CV needs to read well and look the part. Using our account director CV example alongside CV writing tips and simple FAQ answers, you’ll have no problem building a CV that gets recruiters calling. That’s topped off with an easy-to-use CV builder to make things even easier.


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    Account director CV templates

    Top tips for your account director CV

    While account director roles vary from business to business, there are a few things that every recruiter is looking for…

    • Start with the account director job description

      Starting your CV is the first challenge and often the hardest part altogether. So where do you begin? While the personal statement comes first on the page, it’s easier to leave it until last. Instead, we recommend starting with the job description or ad. Here, recruiters will outline what exactly they’re looking for in a candidate – from their qualifications and years of experience to specific skills and responsibilities. Go through the account director job description and pick out all the criteria that applies to you. This will give you a simple starting point for your work history, qualification, and skills section – before coming back to your personal statement.
    • Add some direction to your career

      Account director roles are a senior position within many businesses. On your account director CV, it’s important to show how you’ve worked your way up to that level. Even if your responsibilities have been broadly similar in different jobs, try to pick out a few distinct duties that set each on one apart. For example, mention business development and staff management in the most recent position, but focus on rapport building and lead generation during your time as an account executive or representative.
    • Back it up with some figures

      You’re an account director, not an accountant – but that doesn’t mean numbers aren’t important. One of the best ways to show recruiters what you’re capable of is including specific facts and figures from your previous roles. Whether it’s managing a team of 8 employees or achieving a 20% increase in regional sales, it will back up everything else you say and make your account director CV shine.
    • Don’t forget the appearance

      While the content of your account director CV will clinch the sale, so to speak, the appearance of the document also has a part to play. With tens or even hundreds of CVs to get through for account director roles, recruiters won’t search long for something that puts them off. If your CV looks too busy, dull, or just unprofessional, you could fall at the first hurdle. Use a professional CV template to make sure your CV looks the part, then download as a PDF to keep it that way. If a Word document is requested, go with that, but a PDF will avoid any changes to the formatting if your CV is opened on a different version of Microsoft Office.

    Account director skills to include in your CV

    A great skills section is the beating heart of your account director CV. Here’s what recruiters are looking for:

    Essential skills for your CV

    • Negotiation
    • Business development
    • Staff management
    • KPI monitoring
    • Strong communicator
    • Industry/product knowledge

    Good add-ons for account directors

    • Leadership
    • Time management
    • Problem solving
    • Service-oriented
    • Sales skills
    • Report writing

    Opening your account with a great personal statement

    Also known as a professional summary, the personal statement is vital to give your account director CV the right direction from the start. While it might seem logical to write it first, it’s easier to leave the personal statement until the end, so you can pick out the best bits from your skills section and work history, before summarising them in 3-4 sentences.

    Some other things to include are your years of experience and a couple of personal qualities that set you apart, such as “hardworking” or “goal-oriented”.

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    Top FAQs about your account director CV

    What is an account director?

    An account director takes responsibility for a large client account, or several accounts – such as an entire region – on behalf of a business. Their overriding aim is to sustain or even increase sales for their accounts, and in some cases to obtain and develop new accounts.

    What does an account director do?

    Account director roles are focussed on management and sales. When dealing with larger clients, the account direct might engage in selling, negotiations, and rapport building themselves. In other instances, account director job descriptions are all about strategy, guidance, and performance management for a team of account executives or representatives.

    What makes a good account director?

    A good account director is influential, both to their clients and staff team. They’re a natural leader with great interpersonal skills and the ability to delegate. Account directors should also be well organised, keeping track of sales targets and KPIs for their team. That’s all topped off with a solid understanding of the industry they work in and the products they sell.

    What is the average account director salary?

    The average salary for an account director is between £45,000 to £60,000. Account director salary figures can vary quite a bit depending on the number and size of accounts they’re responsible for, the industry they work within, and whether or not their earn commission on top of their base salary.

    How to become an account director

    There are a number of qualifications relevant to account director roles and responsibilities, from a diploma in business or management to a degree in marketing. That said, most recruiters are looking for time-served applicants who have worked their way up as an account executive, representative, or sales rep. Your account director CV should put an emphasis on experience, reliability, and relevant work achievements to date.

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