A perfect security guard CV is written clearly and with authority, illustrating the control and power required for the role. It includes all of your relevant experience in security roles, along with the daily responsibilities involved. Qualifications like a licence to practise from SIA, and weapons training, provide extra detail that helps your application to stand out.


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    • Include your specialist training

      Whether you’re trained in CCTV operations, a licensed SIA door supervisor, or experienced in X-ray screening, always include this on your CV. Showing off your specialisms will help you stand out from the other applicants and could help your CV pass through an ATS.

    • Mention impressive metrics

      If you reduced weekly crime rates or improved the efficiency of screening tests in your last job, make sure you mention the numbers. Metrics like this will help recruiters to understand the impact you’ve had in previous roles and makes your application more memorable.

    • Share what makes you tick

      As a security guard, your role can be imposing – but don’t be afraid to share your human side in your personal summary. Using positive adjectives such as ‘diligent’ or ‘meticulous’ will show recruiters that you take pride in your work and convey your dedication to the role.

    Key skills for your security guard CV

    Not everyone has what it takes to be a security guard. Show recruiters that you do by mentioning these skills on your CV.

    Must-have skills for any security guard

    • Communication
    • Technology – operation of radios and CCTV
    • Attention to detail
    • Teamwork
    • Physical strength and fitness
    • Excellent judgement

    Nice-to-haves that will help you stand out

    • SIA door supervision
    • Negotiation
    • Leadership to instruct colleagues
    • Legal knowledge
    • Knowledge of security systems
    • Problem-solving

    Top FAQs about writing a security guard CV

    What should be included in a security guard CV?

    Your work experience is the most important section to include in your CV. For each position, include 4-5 bullet points which outline your key duties, as well as any notable achievements. This will show recruiters the sorts of businesses or events you’ve helped to keep secure in the past.

    What are the critical responsibilities of a security guard?

    A security guard is responsible for protecting an event, building, or site from hazards such as intruders. This includes deterring illegal activity as well as dealing with it occurs, from holding suspects to speaking to the police. Some security guards are also responsible for monitoring CCTV cameras to keep watch over particular sites from a distance or overnight.

    What are the top qualities of a security guard?

    Security guards must be excellent communicators to convey information accurately, both in person and over a radio. They must also be incredibly alert, with the ability to monitor sites for any unusual activity and respond with lightning-quick speed if anything occurs.

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