If you’re writing a home care assistant CV, it can be challenging to convey the impact your skills have on a side or two of A4.

That’s where this guide comes in. Here, you’ll find top recruiter tips, professional home care assistant CV examples, and our proven CV builder tool. We make it quick and easy to create your perfect CV today.

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    Home care assistant CV sample - image plus text CV

    home care assistant CV sample

    Mary James

    4 Covington Close, London WC2 4TF

    Professional Summary

    Highly skilled and compassionate Home Care Assistant with 8 years of experience providing exceptional care to elderly and disabled individuals. Proficient in personal care tasks, including bathing, grooming, and feeding. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with a strong ability to build rapport with clients and their families. Dedicated to promoting independence and enhancing the quality of life for clients.

    Work history

    November 2022 – Current, Silverdove – London
    Home Care Assistant

    • Provided compassionate care and support to elderly clients, assisting with personal hygiene, meal preparation, and medication management.
    • Ensured a safe and clean environment for clients, performing light housekeeping tasks and monitoring their overall well-being.
    • Collaborated with healthcare professionals and family members to develop and implement personalised care plans for clients.
    • Maintained accurate and detailed records of client care, including progress notes and medication administration records.

    September 2017 – November 2022, St Anthony’s Residential Home – London,
    Senior Care Assistant

    • Assisted with daily living activities, including bathing, dressing, and toileting, for elderly residents with varying levels of mobility.
    • Monitored and recorded vital signs, such as blood pressure and heart rate, and reported any changes or concerns to nursing staff.
    • Provided emotional support and companionship to residents, engaging in meaningful conversations and recreational activities.
    • Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team to develop and implement care plans based on individual resident needs and preferences.


    • Excellent communication skills
    • Compassionate and empathetic
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Ability to work well in a team
    • Social stimulation support
    • Medication administration
    • Knowledge of health and safety regulations
    • Experience with personal care tasks
    • Ability to adapt to changing situations


    2017, Hodge Hill School Birmingham, West Midlands
    GCSEs Maths, English, History and Science

    2015, Sutton Coldfield College Birmingham, West Midlands
    L2 Literacy and Numeracy

    Home care assistant CV template

    As a home care assistant, you know how important presentation can be. A professional layout is a must to give your application the best chance of success. Browse our selection of home care assistant CV templates below. 

    Choosing the right format for your home care assistant CV

    The first step is to choose the best structure for your CV, otherwise known as a CV format. Finding the right format is an important part of whether or not your CV reads as coherent and informative. There are a few different formats to choose from, but there are two that stand out above all others for a home care assistant.

    The first of these is the reverse-chronological CV. It is a CV that focuses on your previous work experience, starting with your current or most recent role and then working backwards. This is the best choice if you have an extensive history of work to draw from, as it will show a hiring manager that you have the experience to be effective in the role.

    The alternative is to opt for a skills-based CV. This is a great choice if you lack direct experience, or are transitioning from a similar role. It focuses on highlighting transferable skills, showing how these will make you a home care assistant. 

    We would recommend a reverse-chronological CV if you have the relevant experience, but if not, a skills-based CV can work just as well. Either way, here are some vital structural tips to keep in mind when selecting your format:

    • Break up long bodies of text with headings, section breaks, or bullet point lists.
    • Ensure to write your CV as either one or two pages long.
    • Respond to the job advert, making sure that your format allows you to do so.
    • Send your CV as a PDF or Word file, unless directed otherwise.
    • Use a professional, legible font such as Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman.

    How to write a CV for a home care assistant

    In the following sections, we’re going to delve deeper into the content of your CV. We’ll cover all of the important things that you should know on how to write a CV for a home care assistant. 

    Keep reading for an extensive look at the following:

    How to add contact details to your home care assistant CV

    One of the most important first steps is to add a series of clear contact details to your CV. This is an often forgotten or overlooked element of a CV that is extremely important. After all, you’ll want the hiring manager to be able to get into contact with you if they like what you see. 

    So how does a contact section work on a CV? You won’t have to use much space for this, but you should always make sure to add your contact details near the top of your document, in a bold or larger font.

    Here’s what to remember when you add your contact details:

    • Full name – you can leave your middle name out.
    • Location – so the employer understands where you’re based.
    • Phone number – choose a mobile number as it will be easier to reach you on.
    • Email address – choose a professional, work appropriate email.

    Example of contact section for a home care assistant CV

    Eric King
    5 Browns Road, Liverpool, L39RF

    Start your home care assistant CV with a personal statement

    After your contact details, the next step is to properly introduce yourself. The best way to do this is with a short, effective personal statement. In short, you’ll need to give a summary of why you’re the best candidate for the job in three to four sentences. This can be difficult, which is why we recommend following a simple formula.

    The first sentence is all about introducing you to the reader. You should give them a brief overview of who you are and your career focus. Don’t outline any larger career goals as these can be left for your cover letter. Instead, focus on explaining your experience level and what makes you an effective home care assistant.

    Moving to the second sentence, it’s time to give an example of what you have achieved. You should use a real world figure. For example, let’s say you achieved a 95% client satisfaction rate – this would be the perfect time to include it. Using a real world stat or figure is a great way to add a sense of authority to your personal statement.

    Your third and fourth sentences should highlight any specialisms or unique skills you’ve gained over the years. For example, if you’ve previously worked in end-of-life care, you should mention this. You’ll need to let the reader know what it is that holds you above other candidates. 

    Here are some additional tips for your personal statement:

    • Write in the third person as it sounds more professional.
    • Double-check your statement to make sure it’s free from errors.
    • Use action verbs and positive adjectives to capture the reader. 

    Example of personal statement for a home care assistant CV

    Compassionate and knowledgeable Home Care Assistant motivated to positively impact the lives of clients with diligent support. Well-trained in personal care and always seeking ways to enhance strategies and optimise assistance. Highly organised and hardworking with strong attention to detail.


    Experienced home care assistant with over 10 years of supporting clients with a range of personal needs. Achieved a 95% client satisfaction rate in 2022. Special skills in medication administration and building client relationships.

    Tackling work experience on a CV for a home care assistant

    You’ll find that the work experience section of your CV is the place where many employers will skip to. This is because, for the role of a home care assistant, hands-on experience is vital to ensure they provide the standard of care that clients deserve. This means that you will need to include an extensive work history that highlights how your previous experience has made you the best choice for the job.

    Before beginning this section, you need to make sure that you take a look at the job ad in question and respond to it. Extract keywords and use them within your work experience section. From here, start with your current or most recent role and work backwards, listing up to 6 key responsibilities for each role. 

    You should also keep the tone formal and upbeat. Use positive adjectives and action verbs to engage the reader. For example, an action verb would be something you can replace “responsible for” with like “cared”, “assisted”, or “helped”. A positive adjective is anything you can use to describe yourself – you might be “experienced” or “compassionate”.

    Example of work experience for a home care assistant CV

    Home Care Assistant 01/2021 to Current
    Friends In Need – Liverpool

    • Assisted in daily personal care routines, from cleaning to dressing, for improved patient hygiene and wellbeing.
    • Provided attentive, efficient home care to 6 patients in a 10-hour timeframe.
      Maintained meticulous attention to safety and hygiene standards, reducing monthly incidents and accidents by 25%.
    • Offered compassionate physical and emotional support through nursing duties, enhancing overall patient health and wellbeing.
    • Collaborated on programme operations with Home Care Leader, including offering feedback from participants and improvement recommendations.
    • Detailed programme operations and participant activities with comprehensive record-keeping.

    Trainee Home Care Assistant, 08/2018 to 12/2021
    Friends In Need – Liverpool

    • Obtained documents, clearances, certificates and approvals from local, state and federal agencies.
    • Delivered an exceptional level of service to each customer by listening to concerns and answering questions.
    • Managed the smooth operation of home care visits through time management.

    Home care assistant CV skills

    Home care assistants need a robust combination of people skills and practicality. Tick every box for your recruiter by finding out what they want to see in the skills section of your CV. This is why a skills section is an important part of your CV that should not be missed. You should try to include 12 skills in total, split between hard and soft skills. 

    What do we mean by hard and soft skills? Hard skills would be anything you’ve learned on the job or through education. So this could be patient care, or record keeping. Soft skills are more like personal character traits that will help to give the employer an idea of you as a person. For example, you might be “compassionate” or have “team leading” skills.

    Striking a balance between these two sets of skills is a good way to stand out. An employer will want someone with the hands-on skills to do the job, but will also value a rounded person who is a joy to work with.

    Must-have skills for your home care assistant CV

    • Communication (written and verbal)
    • Patient care
    • Healthy and safety
    • Record keeping
    • Time management
    • Confidentiality

    Bonus skills that could help you stand out

    • Knowledge of a second language
    • Administration
    • Household maintenance
    • Knowledge of GDPR
    • Nutrition and fitness

    Outlining education on a home care assistant CV

    Next you should include a short and effective education section at the bottom of your CV. This will let the manager know that you have the qualifications to stand out. 

    Make sure to include all relevant qualifications. This can include any higher education courses you have taken, but also extends to professional certificates or specialised training courses. We recommend that you remain brief with these qualifications, only choosing the ones that are relevant to the role of a home care assistant. 

    You should try to avoid any bad grades or unfinished courses you’ve taken part in, instead choosing qualifications that help to paint a picture of you as a great candidate. 

    Here are the main factors you’ll need to include:

    • The name of the educational institution
    • Start and end dates of your academic course
    • Official title of the field of study
    • Qualification level you achieved
    • Qualification outcome or result 

    Example of education for a home care assistant CV

    June 2023
    Bachelor of Arts Health and Social Care
    Liverpool John Moores University

    August 2020
    A-Levels English Language,
    Sociology, History
    Lockwood County High,


    Your home care assistant CV questions answered

    What do home care assistants do?

    Home care assistants work in the health and social care sector. They’re responsible for carrying out home visits to vulnerable members of the community, such as elderly people or those with disabilities, to provide practical support. 

    This usually involves personal care and household chores, for example, cooking or cleaning. Another key aspect of the role is the fact that home care assistants also provide company and conversation to people who may find it difficult to leave their home. The main duties of a care assistant in a residential home may include providing one-on-one personal assistance, like bathing residents and helping with meal times.

    What qualifications do I need to be a care assistant?

    For many entry-level home care assistant roles, you won’t need any formal training or qualifications before applying. This is because lots of companies offer on-the-job training to get you up to speed. That said, applicants who have a relevant university or college qualification – such as health and social care – may be at an advantage. Additional qualifications, for example a first aid certificate or valid DBS check can also be incredibly valuable.

    What is the typical home care assistance salary band?

    According to PayScale, the average home care assistant in the UK earns £8.21 an hour. This works out to around £15,000-21,000 a year, depending on the number of hours you work each week. Other factors that can influence your salary include your location, the type of care you’re providing, and whether you’re seeking an entry-level or more senior role.

    Is being a care assistant a hard job?

    The role of a home care assistant isn’t suitable for everyone. Successful applicants need to be incredibly patient, kind, and helpful, with the ability to work well under pressure and potentially respond to emergencies. It’s a selfless career that can be tough but is ultimately highly rewarding for people with the right set of professional skills.

    What are the duties of a home care worker?

    On a day-to-day basis, the duties of a home care worker will include travelling between clients’ homes to provide personal care. (Most roles will specify that applicants must have a valid UK driving licence). In the home, a care worker will help clients take any necessary medication, as well as preparing meals, running errands, assisting with exercise or personal care, and tidying up.

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