A care manager’s job is a demanding role, and you’ll need to show off your skills, qualifications, and experience in a professional manner. This can be taxing and difficult to achieve without the help of our online care home manager CV sample at your fingertips.

Read through our CV examples for content ideas and implement the following advice. With the help of the professional language and format contained within the sample, your application will make a strong impression on the manager shortlisting candidates for interview, giving you the best chances of being in with the select few.

Alongside working through the below guidance, we suggest using a pre-made CV template to present your most unique skills and proudest achievements. Choose a design that best suits your preferences, flesh out the sections, and save the final document as a Word or PDF file.

Template to hand, it’s time to run through:


    Sample care home manager CV


    Kevin Knight

    99 Cunnery Rd

    Manchester M3 7GJ



    Professional summary

    Ambitious Care Home Manager offering 10+ years of expertise in providing exceptional client care. Running tight-ship of well-trained staff keeping residents happy and safe, whilst improving company reputation and growing profits.

    Work history

    March 2020 – Current

    Wenders Home – Manchester

    Care Home Manager

    • Ran community programmes to limit further client intervention and follow-up care.
    • Highlighted additional support provisions to maximise clients’ growth opportunities.
    • Liaised with external and internal professionals to provide holistic support.

    March 2016 – February 2020

    Brook Homes – Manchester

    Care Home Manager

    • Oversaw staff recruitment, training and development to ensure residents remained in consistently safe hands.
    • Effectively managed company budgets and staff rota for optimum productivity and profitability.
    • Focused all operations on maintaining a clean, safe and compliant provision, regularly aiming to exceed expected standards.


    • Outstanding leadership abilities
    • Community engagement
    • Documentation management
    • Social services
    • Federal regulations
    • Relationship building and retention
    • Training and mentoring
    • Hiring and recruitment



    Manchester University Manchester

    Bachelor of Arts Social Work

    Care home manager CV template

    Writing a CV with the right resources can be quick and easy. Check out these and other CV templates and build a CV that will help you get a head start on landing a new job!

    Choosing the right format for your care home manager CV

    The secret to creating an exceptional care home manager CV is a well organised structure. Recognised CV formats ensure your skills, accomplishments, employment background, and qualifications are illustrated in the best possible light. Above all else, a tidy and coherent presentation delights recruiters and CV reading software, making information easier to scan through and digest.

    There are two widely accepted blueprints to choose from – the reverse-chronological CV and the skills-based CV. The former is self-explanatory, outlining your career history starting from your current or most recent role. The latter speaks to your personality and highlights transferable talents like “administration”, “communication”, and “computer literacy”.

    Which is best for a care home manager? Without a doubt, the reverse-chronological CV. To be considered for any managerial position, you must demonstrate tangible experience, preferably in a similar industry. Employers rarely consider inexperienced candidates unless they have a keen understanding of the sector or additional qualifications.

    How else can you make an impact? Other top tips include:

    • Your CV should only be one to two pages long maximum
    • Improve readability with headings, sections and bullet point lists
    • Use a professional font like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman
    • Send your CV as a Word or PDF file unless asked otherwise
    • Avoid colours and images – they clutter the page

    How to write a CV for a care home manager

    If you’re wondering how to write a CV for a care home manager, you’re in the right place. Use the following tips to complete each section and secure an invitation to the interview stage. On top of this, we’ll answer some of your most pressing questions, giving you the information you need to succeed. Keep reading to explore:

    How to add education to your IT Support Technician CV

    Education is often the decider when you’re up against equally experienced candidates. It’s a chance to show off your academic prowess and extracurricular qualifications in a bid to impress the hiring manager. Plus, studying at school, college, or university confirms you have the right industry skills and knowledge.

    So, what does it take to become an IT Support Technician professional? You don’t need to go to university, but most employers prefer applicants who are college educated. You could take a computing or IT Support Technician course, such as a “Level 2 Certificate in ICT Systems Support”, “Level 3 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence”, or “T level in Digital Support Services”.

    Remember to check the entry requirements before applying. Most courses require four or five GCSEs at grades A* to D – preferably including IT, Maths, and English. Alternatively, use your GCSEs to secure an apprenticeship, where you’ll pick up valuable tools on the job.

    When listing your qualifications, run through:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Level of qualification
    • Qualification result

    Example of education for an IT Support Technician CV

    Herefordshire and Ludlow College | July 2015

    ICT Systems Support, PC Maintenance Level 1

    Ludlow Church of England School | 2008 – 2013

    GCSE passes in Maths (B), ICT (A), Technology (A), Combined Science (B), and English Language (C)

    Adding contact details to your care home manager CV

    To give yourself a chance of a callback, you must add your most up-to-date contact details at the top of your care home manager CV. We know it sounds obvious, but many candidates forget – it’s all too easy to skip over the little things! Additionally, we recommend using a slightly larger or bolder font for readability.

    When listing your information, include:

    • Full name
    • Location
    • Phone number – the best one to contact you on
    • Email address – keep it professional

    Example of contact section for a care home manager CV

    Rebecca Holt,

    1 High Street,


    Anycounty, SE15 6TQ,

    07777 666 555


    Start your care home manager CV with a personal statement

    You only have a few seconds to capture the employer’s attention, which is where a persuasive personal statement can help. It’s the first thing the hiring manager will read when opening your care home manager CV. As such, every carefully placed word counts!

    Resist the temptation to stuff your personal statement with dozens of skills and achievements – you should only pick out your most valuable qualities. We suggest summarising your top bits in three to four punchy sentences so you don’t overwhelm or bore the reader. Luckily, we have a simple formula you can follow that works every time.

    Use the first sentence to explain who you are, including years of experience. Next, blow the recruiter away with a spectacular statistic. For instance, you might have “streamlined care home operations, leading to a 93% boost in productivity” or “researched and changed suppliers, saving the business over £300,000 annually”. The third and fourth sentences should recap your most sought-after talents and areas of expertise.

    Now you understand the format, here are several other tips to keep in mind:

    • Write in the third person to sound more professional
    • Keep the tone upbeat with plenty of positive adjects like “passionate” and “supportive”
    • Be authentic, and don’t regurgitate the statements you see online – think about what makes you unique
    • Don’t exceed the word count – stick between 50 and 150 words
    • Use short sentences that get straight to the point

    Example of personal statement for a care home manager CV

    A dedicated and talented professional with suitable qualifications, skills, and experience as the registered manager for a care home. Has a far-reaching knowledge of care standards and health and safety legislation. Can effectively lead, train, supervise, and motivate a team, as well as carry out placement and risk assessments for individual service users. Currently looking to develop my career working for a major employer in the care sector.


    A passionate and hardworking care home manager with over 15 years of experience. Able to prepare the home for care inspection visits and audits. Has an authoritative yet friendly management style and can maintain effective working relationships with staff, service users, and their families. Extensive experience working with vulnerable adults and people with special needs, including mental and physical disabilities.

    Adding experience section to your care home manager CV

    Now it’s time for the fun stuff – the work history section. Here, you’ll dazzle hiring managers with your key strengths and proudest career achievements. Underneath each position, outline between three to six responsibilities to show the reader the breadth of your capabilities. What’s more, recruiters can also assess how long you usually stay with a company – a crucial consideration for organisations that value excellent retention rates.

    As a note, you can talk about all kinds of jobs alongside full-time employment, including temporary contracts, volunteering and internships. Cover the following information:

    • Job title
    • Employment start and end dates
    • Company name
    • Company location
    • Brief list of duties
    • Noteworthy accomplishments

    Like the personal statement, our top advice is to provide tangible results that support your unique skills and strengths. For example, you might have “implemented a patient wellbeing programme that increased fitness levels by 83%” or “hired and trained over 100 care home employees”. The more specific and factual you can be, the more you’ll impress the employer!

    There’s nothing worse than reading a boring CV that sends you to sleep, which is why you should uplift the tone with plenty of positive adjectives and action verbs. Explain how “patient”, “understanding”, and “empathetic” you are to prove you have the right personality for the role. Action verbs are fantastic alternatives to “responsible for” – our favourites include “coordinated”, “founded”, and “initiated”.

    Finally, cover as many different duties as possible. If you’ve mentioned “ordering supplies” underneath one position, talk about “creating patient care plans” in another. Hitting several areas of expertise reassures the employer that you’re well-rounded and multi-talented.

    Example of work experience for a care home manager CV

    Care Manager | Beech Home | 2019 – present

    • Registered manager for the home and the first point of contact for care authorities.
    • Managing a large team of care, cleaning, kitchen, and maintenance staff, all working on a rota basis.
    • Chairing various committees such as the Health and Safety Committee.
    • Preparing comprehensive weekly reports on patient progress.
    • Hiring and training new healthcare staff.

    Care Manager | Brook Homes | 2014 – 2019

    • Oversaw the health, safety, and welfare of service users.
    • Day-to-day running of the staff team.
    • Managed stock and re-ordered supplies.
    • Created monthly budgets.
    • Developed individual patient care plans.

    Top skills for your care home manager CV

    How can you stand out from the competition? Include collection of CV skills that spotlight your technical know-how and personality-based traits. We suggest listing up to 12, split equally between hard and soft skills.

    You can learn hard skills on the job or via formal education – anyone can pick them up with enough time and training. Think “creating financial spreadsheets”, “carrying out basic healthcare procedures, like measuring temperature and heart rate”, and “consolidating healthcare data”. In contrast, soft skills are harder to learn because they reflect your character – you might be “detail-oriented”, “adaptable”, and “organised”.

    The biggest mistake people make is focusing too much on hard skills. While they’re essential, employers also want to know that you have the right qualities to seamlessly blend in with the team. Need some more inspiration? Read through the following lists:

    Essential skills for a care home manager

    • St. John Ambulance first aid at work certificate
    • Excellent knowledge of health and safety regulations and how these apply to service users and the home
    • Competent trainer and risk assessor
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Patient and able to work well under pressure

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • NVQ 4 in Care and the Registered Manager’s Award
    • IOSH Managing Safely
    • Full driving licence
    • Multi-skilled as a trainer, author of policies and care plans, and a mediator with families and external professional bodies
    • Experience in budgeting and stock control

    How to add education to your care home manager CV

    A solid education underpins your work history, helping you to shine against equally experienced candidates. It’s a chance to show off your most valuable qualifications, whether from school, college, university, or another awarding body. Don’t be shy – recruiters want to know you have the fundamental knowledge to get off to a fast start!

    What does it take to become a care home manager? The role is multifaceted, so you’ll need to take a diverse approach. Firstly, you must have a background in social care, healthcare, or something similar – a university or college course is preferred. Then, you’ll need managerial training to confirm your understanding of running a fast-paced business.

    Alternatively, you could search for an apprenticeship. Many care homes develop their managers from entry-level positions because learning on the job is often the most effective method.

    When discussing your education, include:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Qualification level – e.g. GCSE or A level
    • Qualification result

    Example of education for a care home manager CV

    University of Salford | 2010 – 2013

    BA (Hons) in Social Work: 2:1

    Salford College | 2008 – 2010

    A Levels: English (B), Maths (B), and Chemistry (C)

    Salford High School | 2003 – 2008

    10 GCSEs at grades A-C

    Top dos and don’ts for care home manager CV writing


    • DO attach a cover letter

      Most organisations prefer candidates who attach an introductory cover letter to their applications. This one-page document summarises why you’re the best person for the role and gives the reader an insight into your career focus and ambitions. It’s also a good opportunity to note your interview availability and notice period if applicable.

    • DO mention your areas of expertise

      There are countless specialisms within care, so it’s worth mentioning your unique areas of expertise. You might support adults with special needs or elderly patients with limited mobility. Perhaps, you have experience within a specific sector, like palliative or cancer care. We advise outlining your niche at the top of your CV or in your cover letter to point recruiters in the right direction.


    • DON’T forget your soft skills

      The most successful care home professionals boast desirable soft skills, such as “kindness”, “flexibility”, and “attention to detail”. Employers will prioritise applicants with the right qualities because everything else can be learnt in time. Our top advice? Be as authentic as possible – you could even ask your friends and family to chip in if you feel awkward describing yourself.

    • DON’T send your CV without spell-checking

      There’s nothing more off-putting than a care home manager CV riddled with mistakes. We recommend using a spell-checker to eliminate spelling and grammar errors. Plus, re-read your application several times on different days to catch any repetitiveness – fresh eyes make all the difference!


    Your care home manager CV questions answered

    What are the roles and responsibilities of a care home manager?

    Every day is different for a care home manager, but one thing’s guaranteed – you’ll always be busy! While you still might get involved in the day-to-day delivery of patient care, you’ll spend most of your time overseeing the business operations, including financial budgeting and monitoring performance. Some of the key responsibilities include:

    • Enforce the best health and safety practices
    • Recruit and train new staff members
    • Oversee all patient care to ensure quality
    • Liaise with families and other healthcare professionals
    • Develop programmes to help patients live as independently as possible

    What are the skills of a care home manager?

    Understandably, care home managers must be patient and empathetic, especially when supporting vulnerable people with complex needs. They also need to work well under pressure – there can be emergencies at care homes, so thinking on your feet is imperative. Recruiters search for people who are:

    • Natural problem solvers and fast thinkers
    • Calm under pressure
    • Fantastic communicators
    • Inspiring leaders
    • Passionate about delivering exceptional care

    Is a care home manager a stressful job?

    It can be stressful to manage a care home, but all jobs have their highs and lows. Most importantly, you’ll always be surrounded by a wonderful and knowledgeable team with diverse backgrounds. You’ll also have several nurses who work on-site in case you need assistance beyond your experience.

    How much do care home managers earn in the UK?

    It’s tricky to say exactly how much care home managers earn because it depends on multiple factors, including experience, location, and the organisation’s size. However, most make around £32,000. Discuss your salary expectations with the recruiter beforehand because there’s often a little wiggle room!

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