As a train driver, it can be difficult to sum up your experience on a CV. Whether you’re operating a train, minimising timetable delays, or carrying out routine maintenance, it’s crucial to convey the full range of your skills when writing an application. But with only one or two sides of A4 to do it in, it can be challenging to stay on track.

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    Train drivers understand the importance of a clear structure – and with the right CV, you can reflect this. Our train driver CV templates show you how to present your skills, experience, and education.

    Get on track with our top tips for writing your train driver CV

    Like a good train timetable, your CV should convey the necessary information at a glance. Discover what your recruiter wants to see with our list of top tips.

    • Always proofread your CV

      Train drivers can be required to work long shifts – and whether you’ve been driving for 30 minutes or 8 hours and 30 minutes, it’s crucial to have razor-sharp concentration. Even the smallest typo on your CV could suggest you don’t have the necessary attention to detail. That means it’s vital to proofread your CV before you hit ‘send’.
    • Include your relevant qualifications

      Although you don’t need a degree to become a train driver, there are plenty of tests you’ll need to pass to make the cut. On your CV for train driver jobs, make sure you mention any outstanding train driver job qualifications that are relevant to the role. These could include a clean UK driver’s licence, as well as any recent medical exams that you’ve passed (train drivers are required to have regular health checks).
    • Highlight your teamwork and leadership skills

      Train companies are made up of a network of workers, from drivers and conductors to caterers and technicians. As a result, it’s crucial to show that you can work as part of a team to promote the timetable’s smooth running. Whether you’re applying for your first train driver role or are already a senior operator, include examples of teamwork that will show you will fit seamlessly into the company.
    • Show off your personal qualities

      As a train driver, hundreds of people will put their trust in your every day. To show recruiters you’re up to the task, include positive words to describe your work ethic in the personal summary section of your CV. These could consist of ‘resilient’, ‘reliable’, ‘diligent’, or ‘meticulous’.
    • Demonstrate your technical abilities

      Train driver requirements include far more than getting passengers from A to B. Train maintenance is also a vital part of the role, so make sure to demonstrate the relevant technical and mechanical skills on your CV. If you carried out ad-hoc maintenance tasks in a previous job, don’t forget to include this when outlining your responsibilities.

    What are the core skills of a train driver?

    The role of a train driver calls for a wide range of skills. Stop at every station by including all the train driver skills and qualities your recruiter wants to see.

    Essential skills for your train driver CV

    • Train driver licence
    • Safety knowledge
    • Attention to detail
    • Adaptable
    • Customer service
    • Mechanical skills

    Bonus skills that could help you stand out

    • Problem-solving
    • Teamwork
    • Traction knowledge
    • Area route knowledge
    • Fit and healthy

    Top FAQs about your train driver CV

    What qualifications do you need to be a train driver?

    As a train driver, you don’t need any relevant academic qualifications but will need to pass a range of tests. As well as your UK and European train driver qualification, you may also need to hold a Personal Track Safety Certificate or equivalent safety accreditation.

    What skills do you need to be a train driver?

    A good train driver will have a diverse range of physical and personal skills. As well as being a highly experienced driver, they also need to have excellent time management, attention to detail, and adaptability. These skills will enable them to react to stressful situations and make decisions quickly if required as part of the roles and responsibilities of a train driver. They must also have the ability to work efficiently for long periods and work as part of a wider team.

    How do I apply to be a train driver?

    If you’re keen to become a train driver, you must meet the necessary application requirements (you should be at least 21 to drive national trains and 18 to drive on the London underground, with a valid UK driver’s licence and proven good health). You will apply directly to your chosen rail network and, if you don’t have experience, will need to complete the training program. This includes gaining a Personal Track Safety certificate, completing hundreds of driving hours, and sitting exams on the mechanical, route, and regulatory information.

    How much does a train driver earn?

    In the UK, a trainee train driver will usually make between £20,000 and £30,000 a year. Once they are fully qualified, a train driver could earn anything up to £60,000, particularly if they work for a major national rail company.

    How many hours can a train driver work?

    In general, a train driver will work a 35-hour week – although they need a high level of flexibility as shifts don’t usually fall within the standard 9-5 working hours. Some train driver shifts can last as long as 10 hours and require you to work during the weekends or overnight.

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