It’s one thing combining local knowledge and charisma. But showing that to recruiters is another challenge entirely. That’s where myPerfectCV can help, with tour guide CV samples, how to write a CV guide from recruiters, and even a selection of CV templates that give your application the right layout and structure.

Our professional CV example shows you how the best tour guides get work with sample content for each section of your CV based on the jobs you’ll be applying for.

Below, we’ll break that down further and fill in the blanks with structural advice, dos and don’ts, and even answers to frequently asked questions:


    Sample tour guide CV

    Tour guide CV Sample

    Anna McDonald

    195 Crown Street
    London B45 8GWA

    Professional summary

    Expert Tour Guide with a strong background in planning and executing successful tours. Understands area, easily adapts to changing situations, and engages guests with upbeat conversation and interesting information.

    Work history

    February 2022 – Current
    London Adventures Ltd. – London
    Tour Guide

    • Delivered engaging tours in English and Spanish.
    • Maintained guest safety by running professional, organised tours.
    • Assessed weather and traffic condition to avoid conflict with tour.
    • Took photos and videos of tourists to preserve memorable experience.

    January 2021 – March 2022
    London Explorers Company – London
    Assistant Tour Guide

    • Addressed enquiries, issues and concerns of tourists.
    • Informed tourists regarding local currency and money changers.
    • Operated motorised vehicles and equipment following health and safety standards.
    • Developed special event tours for different times of years and tour groups.


    Company branding
    Tourism development
    Training and mentoring
    Public speaking
    Creative solutions
    Oral and written communication
    Arts and culture
    Customer service
    Local history
    Tour organisation
    Outdoor activities expert
    Safety briefings
    Tourist health and safety


    Spanish, Fluent


    2017. University of London
    Bachelor of Arts in History

    Tour guide CV templates

    As a tour guide, you’ll know that presentation is everything. You can’t just give people facts in a deadpan manner. The same is true for your CV. Our CV templates show you how to present your CV in terms of design and layout, with a selection of premade documents perfect for tour guide roles.

    Which format is right on a CV for tour guide applicants?

    Tours come in different forms – from historical walking tours and sightseeing bus tours to building tours and food tours. Each comprises different information, which is delivered in a specific way. The same is true for your CV, which can take several forms.

    The two most popular CV formats for a tour guide are the reverse-chronological and skills-based CVs. Reverse-chronological CVs are the most popular option in the UK due to their focus on experience. Work history is the biggest section of this CV format, with roles listed starting from the most recent – hence the name.
    This is ideal for tour guides who have some (or lots of) experience that’s relevant to the role. This includes tour guiding, acting, or even museum work.

    On the other hand, a skills-based CV focuses on skills. As such, it’s better for applicants who are lacking in experience. That could be a graduate looking for their first role after university. Or it could be someone looking for a career change, who has the necessary skills to be a tour guide but not any relevant experience.

    Whichever you choose, remember:

    • Some people want to see everything in detail, others want a whistle-stop tour. Recruiters are no different. Make sure your CV can be easily skim-read by using clear subheadings along with bullet points to keep things concise.
    • Choose a simple font.
    • Aim for one or two full pages for your CV – rather than having almost one page or somewhere between one and two.
    • Save your CV as a PDF or Word document, unless another format is recommended by a potential employer.

    How to write a CV for a tour guide

    Time for the main event on our CV writing tour – how to write a CV. The best approach is to take it section by section, using examples to guide the way.

    Below, we’ll run through from the contact details to your education so you know what to write and how to write it:

    How to add contact details to your tour guide CV

    Whether you’re applying for an architecture tour job in Edinburgh or a wine tour gig in Cardiff, you want to make sure potential employers can get in touch with you. This vital element is missed off so many CVs despite seeming so obvious.

    The best advice is to put your contact details right at the top so they can’t be missed. Include your name and a few ways to contact you, ensuring that recruiters can use their preferred method. This includes:

    • A phone number you can be reached on, ideally your mobile number.
    • An email address that looks professional – make a new one if you’re unsure.
    • Your home address in case they want to send anything by post – and to show them where you’re based.

    Example of contact section for a tour guide CV

    Eric King
    5 Browns Road, Liverpool, L3 9RF

    Write a professional personal statement for your tour guide CV

    After you’ve listed your name, contact details and job title, your personal statement will introduce you as a candidate for recruiters. It’s typically 2-3 lines in length, outlining your current role, career goals, and any qualities, qualifications, or skills that set you apart.

    As a tour guide, your personal statement should list any specialties, areas of expertise, or languages you speak. Make sure you use some descriptive words to highlight your personality, as recruiters will always be looking for someone friendly, energetic, and engaging.

    It’s a good idea to mention any specialist experience with different kinds of tours. However, you don’t want to present yourself as a history buff if the tour is all about the best food and drink. Bear in mind that your personal statement can and should be tailored to each job you apply for.

    Make sure to use these writing tips to give off the right impression:

    • Write in the third person (avoiding “I” and “me”) to focus on your selling points rather than you alone.
    • Use action verbs like “manages” and “maintains” to put yourself in the spotlight.
    • Be upbeat and positive from the get-go with adjectives like “experienced”, “hard-working”, or “well organised”.

    Example of personal statement for a tour guide CV

    Creative hospitality industry professional who has a wealth of historical knowledge. Offers excellent customer service and public speaking skills. Looking to utilise dynamic presentation skills in the position of tour guide.


    Outgoing history graduate with two years of experience as a London tour guide. Provides detailed descriptions of historical events with storytelling flair. Brings specialist expertise in the British monarchy with a friendly, confident personality.

    How to present your work history on a tour guide CV

    Work experience is very important as a tour guide. If you can show that you know your trade, it takes the risk out of choosing you for recruiters.

    That said, everyone has to start somewhere and there are ways to show that you’re prepared for tour guide roles even if you don’t have direct experience. The key is to focus on transferable skills from previous jobs, whether that’s presenting in an office job, researching for a writing job, or any acting gigs you’ve taken on in the past.

    Whether it’s direct or transferable, your work history section should start with your most recent role then work backwards. This is known as a reverse-chronological layout.

    Each job listing should include:

    • The job title
    • Your employer
    • The location
    • Date when you started employment
    • Date when you left the job. You can put “current” or “present” for any job you’re still in.
    • 3-6 duties or achievements from your time in that role.

    The responsibilities you list for jobs should be as varied as possible to show your wide-ranging capabilities. So, no repetitive duties across different jobs. They should also be tailored to the tour guide role you’re applying for. Whether it’s essential skills or familiarity with the subject of the tours, make sure it’s reflected in your work history wherever possible.

    Language is important too. As the main body of your CV, you want to put some life into your work history. Include positive adjectives like “informative”, “entertaining”, and “engaging”. You can also show how you’ve taken charge as a tour guide with dynamic verbs like “guided”, “entertained”, and “collected”.

    Example of work experience for a tour guide CV

    Brilliant Liverpool Tours
    Tour Guide // Liverpool // April 2023 – Current

    • Ensured the safety of all members of the group by pointing out cracked pavements, bad lighting and steps, providing assistance as needed.
    • Entertained tour guests with various props and signs to ensure maximum engagement, fun and lasting memories.
    • Researched and studied topics that pertained to tour locations so that such information could be added to scripts.

    City Explorer
    Tour Guide // Liverpool // June 2019 – March 2023

    • Provided information through narratives on various sites throughout the old Georgian Quarter area, relaying little-known stories that were well-received.
    • Established lasting relationships with local partners, including restaurants, cafes, museums and concert halls so that travellers could further explore the city on their own.

    What skills should you include in your tour guide CV?

    There are a number of qualities which can complement the basic skills of a tour guide to tick every box for recruiters. These include job-specific essentials like local historical knowledge, public speaking and cash handling. However, there are also plenty of transferable capabilities such as customer care, interpersonal skills, and a friendly demeanour.

    In the recruitment world, these are known as hard and soft skills. Hard skills are technical, while soft skills are more like personal qualities. We recommend using a combination of hard and soft skills in your CV skills section to show that you have both sides to offer.

    Recruiters will be looking for someone who can conduct informative, entertaining tours. But they’ll also want somebody who is great with customers and leaves everyone with a smile on their faces.

    Take a look at the must-haves and nice-to-haves below.

    Must-have skills for your tour guide CV

    • Confidence
    • Communication
    • Relevant knowledge
    • Energy and motivation
    • Professionalism
    • Friendly and approachable

    Nice-to-have skills to help you stand out

    • Related education
    • Sense of humour
    • Acting
    • Sales ability
    • Calm under pressure
    • Multilingual

    Get education right on your tour guide CV

    The final must-have element of a tour guide CV is the education section. Needless to say, this will focus on your educational career such as university, college, and school, along with any other qualifications you’ve attained. But how do you make it fit for tour guide jobs?

    The key points are relevance and recency. Tour operators probably won’t be interested in a Psychology A level from 10+ years ago. They might, however, take interest in a history degree, no matter how long ago it was completed. Likewise, it’s always worth including qualifications from the past few years to show what you’ve been up to.

    There are a wide range of subjects that are great to include on a tour guide CV. These include history, drama, and English. Not to mention anything that’s relevant to the subject of the tours. A BTEC in Food Production is a great fit for foodie tours, for example.

    This is one section where you can keep things simple. For now, recruiters don’t need to know about the ins and outs of each course. Simply list
    the course title, university or college, and year of qualification. You can add grades too if they’re particularly impressive.

    Example of education for a tour guide CV

    NVQ Level 3 – Travel & Tourism
    City of Liverpool College // Liverpool // 2022

    A Levels – History, English & Drama
    Formby Sixth Form // Liverpool // 2020


    FAQs about your tour guide CV

    What is a tour guide’s job description?

    A tour guide’s job description is primarily to guide groups of tourists or visitors around sites, attractions, or locations and provide background information, anecdotes or stories, and helpful advice that will improve their experience. It can include taking visitors to various points on a bus or walking tour, organising excursions from a holiday resort, or simply adding insight at a fixed site or attraction.

    What are the duties and responsibilities of a tour guide?

    Aside from the obvious, tour guides have a number of duties and responsibilities that make up their role. They include background research, tour planning, leading excursions, transporting tourists, and offering advice.

    What qualities does a tour guide need?

    Tour guides need to be friendly, approachable, and energetic to make tourists feel at ease. Humour and confidence are also among the requirements to become a tour guide, in order to make tours more engaging and unique. However, one of the most basic skills of a tour guide is an in-depth knowledge of their subject matter, whether that’s a number of local attractions or a location’s history and culture.

    How do you put a tour guide role on a CV?

    When adding tour guide roles to your CV, be sure to list the location of the tour and its focal point, such as history or sightseeing. Give a general overview of the tours being given, including the average group size, tour length, and the kind of tourists being guided – such as foreign travellers, prospective students, or elderly day-trippers.

    How do you introduce yourself as a tour guide?

    Tour guides should welcome their tourists with their name, what you will be showing them, and roughly how long the tour will take. You can also touch upon your interest with the city, attraction, or subject matter, and make sure tourists feel comfortable asking questions throughout the tour.

    Build a tour guide CV recruiters won’t forget

    A great tour guide CV is like a great tour – relevant, interesting, and packed full of information. At myPerfectCV, we make it quick and easy to build yours with our professional CV examples and innovative CV builder. Acting as a CV form for tour guides, you can simply fill in your personal details and work history on a pre-made CV template, then choose from pre-written content specifically for tour guide roles. Then download your tour guide CV PDF or Word doc for recruiters.


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