Travel and tourism is a popular and resilient industry with many diverse career choices. From travel consultants to hoteliers - see how you can apply your experience in the sector with our CV examples. Learn how to draw attention to your airline knowledge, or your immaculate hospitality skills. myPerfectCV will show you how to assemble the perfect CV for your new career to truly take flight!


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industry tips:

Learn how to create an instagrammable, 5-star CV for your next role in travel and tourism. Find out what to include and how to best present your skills and experience - whether you’re a flight attendant, a hotel manager or a pilot.

  • Give recruiters the VIP treatment

    Help recruiters find the information they need by using keywords. Whether recruiters are using scanning software or not, you’ll be fast-tracking your way to an interview by making their job as easy as possible!
  • Be as clear as a pilot

    Just like the safety demonstration cards on a plane - make sure your CV is easy to read at a glance. Use subheadings to give a clear structure and reflect the clear communication needed in the travel and tourism industry.
  • Highlight both hard and soft skills

    As a hotel concierge or travel agent, you’ll need to demonstrate the right combination of hard and soft skills. Alongside your qualifications, mention the qualities which make you great at your job, such as empathy, understanding, and patience while you help customers.
  • Lead with your personality

    Pique the interest of a future employer by letting your unique personality shine through. Our formatting choices allow you to decide the colours, and fonts, as well as the layout for your ideal role in travel and tourism.

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myPerfectCV’s CV builder is an easy way to help you build your CV quickly and respond to job adverts ahead of other candidates. Design your ideal CV using our travel and tourism CV examples. Show off your customer service and communication skills like they deserve to be.


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