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Travel consultants are responsible for helping people plan their dream holidays. From suggesting destinations to booking flights, these professionals use their in-depth knowledge of the tourism sector to create travel plans that fit their clients’ needs perfectly. But if you’re planning to jet off to a new travel consultant role, how can you make sure your CV is the perfect ticket?

At myPerfectCV, we know what it takes to write the ideal travel consultant CV. Discover professional travel consultant CV sample PDFs, CV writing advice from UK recruiters, and our tried & tested CV builder tool today.


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    Travel consultant CV format and template

    Follow our top tips for a travel consultant CV that could take you anywhere

    If only changing jobs was as simple as booking a plane ticket. Thankfully, with our top tips, it can be! Discover what UK recruiters want to see from your travel consultant CV.

    • Include the numbers

      Travel consultants will fight hard to get their customers the best deals, particularly in busy periods. Show your recruiter that you have a head for numbers by including key metrics from your previous roles – whether you assisted an average of 20 clients a week or helped secure rates that were 10% lower than average.

    • Show off your organizational skills

      Whether you’re coordinating train timetables, check-in days, or plane seats, travel consultants can thrive on multitasking. That means that strong organizational skills are a must. By using a logical travel consultant CV template, you can create a well-structured CV that looks clear, concise, and organized.

    • Use keywords from the travel consultant job role

      Many recruiters now use applicant tracking software (ATS) to find the most relevant CVs. To make sure your CV gets flagged for relevancy, always include keywords and phrases from the job description – whether it’s a particular destination, branch of tourism, or certain travel consultant skills and qualities.

    • Highlight your special skills

      Competition for travel consultant roles can be fierce, so if you’ve got a particular skill that helps you stand out, make sure to highlight this in your personal statement. It could be your knowledge of a second language, an ethical tourism certificate, or a diploma in travel and tourism.

    • Share your personality

      Travel consultants work closely with clients, which means your personality is one of your most important professional traits! To show recruiters you have the right mindset for the role, use positive language to describe your work ethic, character, or communication style when writing your CV.

    What skills should you include in your travel consultant CV?

    The ideal travel consultant skills range from excellent communication to a keen eye for a bargain! Make sure you have the full skill set by exploring our checklist below.

    Key skills for your travel consultant CV

    • Communication
    • Customer service
    • Attention to detail
    • Sales and marketing knowledge
    • Administration
    • Tourism

    Special skills that will set you apart

    • Bilingual or multilingual
    • Multitasking
    • Active listening
    • Knowledge of travel regulations
    • Persuasion

    Whisk away your recruiter with your travel consultant personal statement

    As a travel consultant, you’re no stranger to persuasion. By writing the perfect travel consultant personal statement, you can catch your recruiter’s eye and convince them you’re the best candidate for the role.

    Your personal statement (or personal summary) sits at the top of your CV. In 2-3 lines, you should outline your current employment, career goals, and key professional attributes – whether it’s a second language or a relevant tourism qualification.

    If you present your most compelling information at the start, you can create a great first impression and encourage your recruiter to find out more about you.

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    Top-rated questions about your travel consultant CV

    What are the duties and responsibilities of a travel consultant?

    A travel consultant is responsible for providing relevant travel information to clients. The travel consultant duties and responsibilities can include recommending destinations, securing package deals, and handling travel documentation. They may also create personalised travel experiences for customers with particular requirements. Often, they will act as the middleman between clients and third-party companies such as hoteliers, tour guides, or sightseeing experiences.

    What is a travel consultant job description?

    The day-to-day duties you might find on a travel consultant job description include making bookings, meeting with clients to discuss their requirements, handling travel documentation such as passports and insurance, reserving experiences, and securing discounts. They will also handle administrative duties such as answering phones, creating bespoke travel routes, and advising clients on the best destination for their trip.

    How to be a travel consultant

    If you want to be a travel consultant, there are various places to start. The travel consultant job requirements won’t necessarily include a degree or apprenticeship – however, some companies may prefer applicants who have a diploma or a relevant BA (for example, in marketing, geography, or tourism management). Although it’s rarely a requirement, it’s usually assumed that you’ll have a keen personal interest in travel and have travelled widely yourself before applying for the role.

    What skills are needed to be a travel consultant?

    To become a successful travel consultant, you will need a strong mix of communication, research, and administration skills. You should be comfortable talking to clients to discover their travel preferences, negotiating with people to secure competitive deals, and keeping track of important paperwork and documentation. Solid computer skills will also be a useful asset.

    How much can you earn as a travel consultant in the UK?

    According to the National Careers Service, a travel consultant will usually earn between £18,000 and £27,000 a year. Your salary will probably depend on your experience level – a school leaver with no industry-specific qualifications is likely to start on £18,000 and work their way up as they become more senior.

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