The warehouse team leader role is crucial to the UK’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. But with so many different skills and responsibilities, it can feel tricky to sum them all up on your CV.
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With a professionally written CV example to hand, you can go through your own CV step by step with confidence. Check the example for inspiration or compare your own CV to our sample to make sure the tone is perfect for a warehouse team leader CV.

Below, we’ll provide even more assistance with everything from templates to CV writing dos and don’ts.

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    Sample warehouse team leader CV

    Warehouse team leader CV Sample

    Paul Piper

    4 Queensway
    Sheffield S1 9TH

    Professional summary

    Dependable Warehouse Team Leader with 6+ years of experience. Expertly manages and mentors teams to achieve efficient operations. Leads by example with a positive, dedicated work ethic. Holds NEBOSH and forklift licence.

    Work history

    February 2023 – Current
    Sheffield Logistics Ltd. – Sheffield
    Warehouse Team Leader

    • Briefed team on productivity targets and process changes.
    • Delegated tasks and coordinated warehouse workflow to support continuous productivity.
    • Planned work rotas to optimise team performance and target achievement.
    • Maintained high levels of customer satisfaction, collaborating with customer service to assist in resolving customer issues relating to shipping issues.

    January 2019 – January 2023
    Sheffield Distribution Centre – Sheffield
    Senior Warehouse Associate

    • Used critical thinking to break down problems, evaluate solutions and make decisions.
    • Received and processed stock using inventory management system.
    • Carried out day-to-day duties accurately and efficiently.
    • Conducted testing to diagnose system faults.


    Cross-training strategy
    Distribution and warehouse procedures
    Forklift safety standards
    Site management
    Warehouse layout optimisation
    Shipping and receiving
    Stock discrepancy resolution
    Warehouse Management System (WMS) proficiency


    Sheffield High School
    High School Diploma

    Discover our warehouse team leader CV templates

    Your warehouse team leader CV needs to be a well-oiled machine: straightforward, easy to read, and perfectly designed. Get it right the first time by choosing a professional warehouse team leader CV template from the range below – and get ready to show off your skills like never before!

    Choosing the right format for your warehouse team leader CV

    Your CV format refers to the way information is included and laid out on your warehouse team leader CV. It prevents your CV becoming messy or irrelevant, by giving you a tried and tested structure or ‘skeleton’ for your application.

    For the role of warehouse team leader, there really is only one answer – the reverse-chronological CV. This focuses on work history, which is essential to recruiters in this industry. After a short personal statement, you’ll dive into your experience for the main part of your CV. That’s followed by short summaries of your skills and education.

    For some roles, a skills-based CV can be used to focus more on your skills than your experience. However, employers usually want a warehouse team leader that can hit the ground running. Given that you’ll be in charge of other people, experience is vital.

    Here are some other points that are relevant to the format (or formatting) of your CV:

    • Use subheadings so recruiters can skip to the section they’re interested in.
    • Swap long blocks of text for bullet points so your CV is easy to read.
    • Choose a professional font like Arial or Calibri.
    • Make your CV one or two pages in length rather than somewhere in-between.
    • Save and send as a PDF or Word document, unless another file type is specified.

    How to write a CV for a warehouse team leader

    Time to get our hands dirty. Below, we’ll run through how to write a CV for warehouse team leader jobs. Our expert advice covers each section, from your personal statement down to education.

    That includes what to write, how to write it, and some examples so it all makes sense:

    How to add contact details to your warehouse team leader CV

    Whether you’re on the job in the warehouse or unwinding after a busy shift, recruiters need to be able to get in touch with you. Most will call or email to arrange an interview, and they won’t take kindly to extra legwork.

    With that in mind, it’s vital that your CV includes the right details so recruiters can get in touch with you. It’s not enough to include details when you send your CV or hope that they already have your address from previous emails.

    At the top of your CV, list the following:

    • Your name, so they know who they’re dealing with.
    • Your mobile number, so they can reach you at all times.
    • Your email address – ideally one that’s professional without any slang or nicknames.
    • Your address – just to round things off and show how locally you live.

    Example of contact section for a warehouse team leader CV

    Ben Worthington
    14B Crown Way,
    London, W5 0FR

    Start your warehouse team leader CV with a personal statement

    With formalities out of the way, it’s time to really introduce yourself as a warehouse team leader candidate. Your personal statement is a short paragraph that summarises what you can offer in this position. It’s usually around 2-3 sentences, which list your level of experience, key qualities, and even a bit of work history to make recruiters want to find out more.

    Start by describing yourself with a positive adjective like “experienced”, “hard-working”, or “adaptable”. You can also include your specific level of experience in the first sentence if it’s impressive, such as “15 years of experience in a warehouse environment”.

    Next, highlight what you’re capable of. This could be specialist responsibilities like record-keeping, shipping management, or staff management. Alternatively, you could include a specific success story like how you have improved the same-day fulfilment rate by 50% for your current employer.

    Here are some quickfire tips to ensure your personal statement keeps potential employers keen:

    • Use the third person, rather than “I” or “me”. It will put the focus on your qualities.
    • Check the job description so you can tailor your personal statement to the qualities a recruiter is looking for.
    • Keep your personal statement within 100 words.

    Example of personal statement for a warehouse team leader CV

    Talented warehouse team lead offering 10 years of leadership and expertise in overseeing the training and performance of 50 employees. Accomplished in maintaining smooth warehouse operations through accurate record-keeping, logistics management, planning and interdepartmental communications.


    Talented warehouse team lead offering 10 years of leadership and expertise in overseeing the training and performance of 50 employees. Accomplished in maintaining smooth warehouse operations through accurate record-keeping, logistics management, planning and interdepartmental communications.

    How to present your work history on a warehouse team leader

    As we’ve mentioned, work experience is vital for the role of warehouse team leader. While you might touch upon your experience in your personal statement, the work history section is where you can really sing about your current and previous jobs.

    You should list the job title, dates, location, and employer for your current role and previous jobs too. You can list several jobs on your CV, but you might want to limit it to the last 5 or the past 10 years, depending on how long your career has been. Using the reverse-chronological format, you’ll work backwards from your most recent job.

    If you’ve worked your way up to the warehouse team leader’s role, make sure your career progression is clear from your CV. Your work experience section is one of the most important parts of your application. Show how each experience has equipped you with the skills required for your next warehouse team leader role.

    An example of this would be listing your previous job as a warehouse operative or assistant, even though you’re applying for a team leader role. That brings us onto another vital point for your work experience – variety. Rather than listing the same responsibilities for each job, try to mix things up to show a broader skillset.

    Our final tip for your work history section is to create a dynamic tone with lots of verbs. Starting each responsibility with a different verb can paint you as an energetic, high-performing team leader. Examples include “handled”, “improved”, and “eliminated”.

    Example of work experience for a warehouse team leader CV

    Warehouse Team Leader
    CMI Logistics Ltd – London
    06/2023 – Current

    • Set long-term goals and monitored day-to-day warehouse operations.
    • Oversaw and motivated a team of 10 employees in the warehouse to increase efficiency by 25%.
    • Trained new employees on company and safety standards.
    • Led warehouse improvement initiatives to advance operational efficiencies and increase revenue.

    Warehouse Operative
    Marcus Transport – London
    01/2019 – 05/2023

    • Divided and categories cargo received and redirected shipments in response to customer requests.
    • Checked orders and documentation for accuracy.
    • Printed labels, packaged boxes and loaded into outbound containers.
    • Handled day-to-day shipping and receiving, typically overseeing more than 1,500 packages per day.

    Warehouse team leader CV skills

    Whether you’re inspiring your team or checking off an inventory, you’ll need a particular combination of skills to be an effective warehouse team leader. These can be included in your CV skills section, which is a concise summary of 6-12 capabilities and qualities which set you apart.

    Start with technical skills that are specific to your duties in the warehouse. These include inventory monitoring, staff management, and warehouse software expertise. They’re known as hard skills.

    Don’t forget to include a few soft skills too though. More personal and transferable, these qualities are highly important for a warehouse team leader – and recruiters will no doubt have a few in mind. Examples include “leadership”, “interpersonal skills”, and “time management”.

    For both hard and soft skills, you can get some clues as to what they’re looking for by checking the job description. Or discover the must-have warehouse team leader skills for your CV today with our lists below.

    Top-rated skills for your warehouse team leader CV

    • Communication (written and verbal)
    • Leadership
    • Recruitment
    • Record keeping
    • KPIs
    • Computer software

    Additional skills to make your CV stand out

    • Sales experience
    • Machinery operation
    • Knowledge of a second language
    • Forklift driver licence
    • Cost reduction

    Get education right on your warehouse team leader CV

    If you’ve got lots of experience in warehousing, you might think education is unimportant on your CV. In truth, recruiters will usually put more weight on skills and experience. However, there are still certain things they’ll want to see from your educational section.

    One example is GCSE English and Maths, which demonstrates a basic level of understanding in these subjects. A pass grade from high school will reassure employers that you have fundamental skills to read, write, and make simple calculations when needed.

    You may also have specific qualifications that are relevant to a team leader role. These include an NVQ, BTEC or even degree in business admin, logistics operations or warehousing and storage.

    As with your work history, educational achievements should be listed with the most recent at the top. You can then work backwards to less relevant qualifications that still add something more to your CV.

    The further back you go, the less detail is required. For each qualification, you should list:

    • Qualification level
    • Course title
    • Educational establishment
    • Qualification date

    However, if you are going to include high school education, there’s no need to list every subject and grade.

     Example of education for a warehouse team leader CV

    Online CPD Certification: Operations & Organisational Management
    London School Of Business & Finance – London

    NVQ Level 2: Warehousing and Storage
    City & Guilds – London


    Common questions about your warehouse team leader CV

    What are the roles and duties of a warehouse team leader?

    The warehouse team leader duties and responsibilities include a range of roles that ensure a warehouse facility’s smooth running. These include inventory management, ordering stock levels, monitoring their team’s performance, hiring new staff members, reducing lost stock, and improving overall efficiency.

    How do I write a CV for a warehouse team leader?

    To write a successful warehouse team leader CV, you’ll need to include the following information:

    • A personal summary that outlines your current role, your professional traits, and what you’re hoping to achieve.
    • A work experience section that lists your previous jobs and your key responsibilities at each. Include 5-6 bullet points per role, making sure to include quantifiable achievements such as metrics and KPIs.
    • An education section that shares your most recent academic qualifications.
    • A skills section that contains a bullet-point list of your most valuable hard and soft skills.

    What are the top skills of a warehouse team leader?

    To thrive in a warehouse team leader role, it’s important to have the right skills. The top skills of a warehouse team leader include communication, leadership, problem-solving, and negotiation. It’s also crucial to have a range of hard skills, such as machinery operation, forklift driving, inventory software, and record-keeping.

    How much do warehouse team leaders get paid?

    According to the online data, an average warehouse team leader salary in the UK is around £23,000 a year. At the lower end of the scale, you could earn approximately £20,000, while professionals with more experience could earn nearer £25,000.

    How to be a good warehouse team leader?

    To become a good warehouse team leader, you’ll need to be a motivational employee who is excellent at delegating tasks to others. You will need to be comfortable with the prospect of hiring (and potentially firing) your team members, with a positive ‘can do’ attitude that sets the tone of your group.

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