The role of warehouse supervisor is distinct from management because it typically doesn’t deal with staffing and recruitment and is less involved in budgeting or financial matters. Instead, warehouse supervisor duties and responsibilities focus on overseeing and organising the work of the warehouse team.

Warehouse supervisor essential duties cover a range of critical functions for the business, from receiving deliveries and managing inventory to shipping products and maintaining a safe working environment. As you’ll see in our warehouse supervisor CV samples, the best UK candidates have a good balance of experience and know-how, not to mention personal qualities like organisation, leadership, and clear communication.


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    As a warehouse supervisor, you’ll undoubtedly have many duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and personal qualities to cover in your CV. A well-made warehouse supervisor CV template can make that a lot easier, with clear sections for work history, skills, qualifications, and a professional summary – all wrapped up in a neat, polished format.

    Stay in control with our warehouse supervisor CV tips

    To control and regulate a team of workers, warehouse supervisors need to know their stuff. Our CV tips can make sure you know your stuff when it comes to CV writing too, from structuring your experience to the use of KPIs to fulfil a warehouse supervisor duties and responsibilities list.

    • Show your warehouse background

      Experience in a warehouse environment is crucial for warehouse supervisor roles. Ideally, you will know all about the duties of the team you’re supervising from previous positions. Listing these various responsibilities in your work history section will demonstrate a solid foundation for your supervisory role. By including more senior responsibilities in recent roles, you can show how you have worked your way up from a warehouse worker or assistant to your current position.

    • Cover all bases with concise bullet points

      As our CV examples show, warehouse supervisor skills and duties are wide-ranging. Staff supervision, inventory management, productivity monitoring, and health and safety compliance are just a handful of responsibilities. By using bullet points for your work history, essential skills, and qualifications, you’ll be able to pack in more and show your aptitude for the role.

    • Use warehouse supervisor metrics

      The performance of your team is an important factor for any warehouse supervisor. Overseeing an impressive rise in efficiency or productivity can be a big selling point for recruiters. Wherever possible, try to include metrics or statistics that show your achievements as a warehouse supervisor. Whether it’s a 20% rise in output or a 50% reduction in waste, it will give a bit more weight to the experience and skills in the rest of your CV.

    • List supervisor training and qualifications

      While your warehouse experience and skills are hugely important, you’ll need specific training to fit the bill for some recruiters. Many of them will head straight to your qualifications before reading through the rest of your CV. With that in mind, you should include an exact list of any training, certifications, or qualifications that are relevant to your warehouse supervisor role, including health and safety certifications, software training, or a diploma or degree in management or logistics.

    • Demonstrate strong leadership

      As a warehouse supervisor, you’re not judged solely on individual merit. Your CV needs to demonstrate how you can control and lead a successful warehouse team. Make sure you use plenty of examples where you have led and delegated within a warehouse environment, so recruiters can see that you will be able to hit the ground running.

    What skills are needed for a warehouse supervisor CV?

    Make sure your CV ticks every box for recruiters with these warehouse supervisor key skills, including both essentials and complementary soft skills.

    Essential skills for warehouse supervisor CVs

    • Organisation and time management
    • Full working knowledge of health and safety
    • Logistics and warehouse operations knowledge
    • Face-to-face communication
    • Leadership and delegation
    • Tracking team and individual productivity

    Soft skills that set you apart from other applicants

    • Degree or diploma in business, management, or logistics
    • Report writing
    • Experience with warehouse management software
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Equipment maintenance

    Frequently asked questions for warehouse supervisor CVs

    What are the roles and responsibilities of a warehouse supervisor?

    Warehouse supervisors are primarily responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a warehouse or a specific team or department. Duties include monitoring and reporting on productivity, checking work quality and safety, managing inventory levels, checking ingoing and outgoing orders, and handling documentation. You may also be responsible for inspecting warehouse grounds and securing the premises.

    What are the skills required for warehouse supervisors?

    As a warehouse supervisor, you’ll need a full working knowledge of warehouse operations and the safety regulations or best practices that go with them. You will also need to be a strong leader with clear communication and the ability to motivate workers. Organisation and delegation are also must-haves; complemented by the capability to track a team’s performance or individual staff.

    How much does a warehouse supervisor earn?

    According to Glassdoor, the average warehouse supervisor salary in the UK is just over £24,000. However, salaries typically range from £19,000 up to £31,000 depending on the size of the company, number of employees being supervised, experience of specific expertise required, or just the location of the role. Your salary may also be affected by the hours you work, with longer hours or night shifts, usually attracting a higher rate of pay.

    How do I write a CV for a warehouse supervisor role?

    Warehouse supervisor CVs should comprise a professional summary briefly describing your experience and relevant qualifications, followed by dedicated sections for work history, skills, and qualifications. For work history, you should list your previous roles with the most recent first, detailing the key duties, responsibilities, and any stand-out successes.

    How do you become a warehouse supervisor?

    Most warehouse supervisors have a background in warehouse operations, as a warehouse worker or warehouse assistant, for example. A degree or diploma in a relevant field of study like logistics, management, or business is a good way to complement your experience and move you further up the ladder.

    Put the super in warehouse supervisor with a top-notch CV

    A great warehouse supervisor CV is the key to your next role. At myPerfectCV, we provide everything you need in one place. Browse the best warehouse supervisor CV examples, get prepared with top tips, then use our CV builder to get started on your CV. Once you’ve chosen an impressive template and selected the best content, you can download your warehouse supervisor CV in word format or as a PDF, then start applying.


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