As a more practical, hands-on person, you might find writing a CV a challenge, but we’re here to help you make it as simple as possible. We’ve got a selection of picker-packer CV samples, CV examples, top CV writing advice, and templates. That means you can start building your best application today. Just as a picker-packer needs a good selection of skills to be successful in their job, a good CV needs a library of resources to be effective. Stay with us as we explore the following aspects of a picker-packer CV:


    Sample picker packer CV

    Picker packer CV Sample

    Rhys French

    59 Overton Circle
    Liverpool L3 8HB

    Professional summary

    Self-motivated Warehouse Operative offering effective and efficient picking and packing to deadline. Delivering outstanding attention to detail in a fast-moving facility for continued excellent results.

    Work history

    January 2023 – Current
    Morrisons – Liverpool, Picker Packer

    • Worked effectively and efficiently to consistently achieve targets and KPIs.
    • Accurately and speedily packed and picked in a fast-paced environment.
    • Order picked using scanners and processes.
    • Moved and sorted stock, ensuring heavy lifting was carried out safely and within guidelines.

    June 2017 – December 2022
    Lalas – Liverpool, Picker Packer

    • Applied best safety practices across all picking and packing tasks, consistently verifying adherence to warehouse policies.
    • Securely transported goods across the warehouse, operating forklift.
    • Packaged products using skin wrap machines.
    • Maintained high standards of warehouse organisation, accurately reading labels to distribute and store stock according to specifications.


    • Time Management
    • Hardworking
    • Commercial Awareness
    • Team working
    • Resilience
    • Warehouse operations
    • Fast order processing
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Labelling
    • Order picking


    2020, The City of Liverpool College Bingley

    Picker packer CV template

    Picker packers are no strangers to hand-selecting the best products – so browse our range of hand-picked picker packer CV templates today. Featuring a range of fonts, colour schemes, and layouts, we’ve selected professional templates that show how the experts would structure your application.

    Picker packer CV format

    Let’s begin by choosing the perfect CV format for you as a picker-packer. There are lots of CV formats for you to choose from, each one with its own pros and cons. The goal here should be to create a CV that binds together the best of your skills, experience, and education. Squeezing all of this information into the same document can be difficult – which is why it’s vital to choose the right format!

    When selecting a format for a picker packer, there are two main skeletons you can choose from. The first is a reverse-chronological CV. This is a CV that depends on your work history, starting with your current or most recent role, then working backwards through time to highlight all of your relevant work experience.

    The other choice would be a skill-based CV. This is a CV that will draw from transferable skills that show you are ready for the job role. A skill-based CV is a good choice if you are lacking experience or transitioning from a different role.

    So, which is the best for a picker packer? We’d recommend using the reverse-chronological CV if you have a work history to take from. If you want some more tips for your CV, here are some of the most important to keep in mind:

    • Break up long pieces of text with strategic headings, bullet point lists and section breaks.
    • Keep your CV one or two pages long.
    • Use Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial as your font.
    • Send your CV as a PDF or Word file.

    How to write a CV for a picker-packer

    In the next parts of this guide we will teach you how to write a CV for a picker packer, including all of the most important content. We’ll also offer you handy formulas for you to follow that will help you begin the writing process.

    Keep reading as we explore:

    Adding contact details to your picker packer CV

    The contact details section in your picker packer CV is a crucial player – don’t let it be an afterthought. Imagine potential employers trying to locate your information, only to encounter difficulties. It’s like misplacing an important item when picking and packing – the next person who needs it will have no chance.

    Place your contact details at the forefront, positioned near the top of your CV in a clear, bold font. Just as efficiency is important in your role, make it easy for employers to find the necessary information without unnecessary delays.

    Too often, candidates overlook this critical section, resulting in missed opportunities and job prospects slipping away. Safeguard against this by making sure your contact details are easily spotted, offering a quick introduction before employers delve into the specifics of your CV.

    When composing this section, keep it concise and to the point. Here’s your checklist:

    • Full name: Skip the middle name for simplicity.
    • Location: Let employers know where you’re based.
    • Phone number: Choose a mobile number – it’s more accessible and aligns with the dynamic nature of the picker packer role.
    • Email address: Choose a professional, work-friendly email – no Hotmail accounts from high school!

    Example of contact section for a picker packer CV

    Picker packer CV personal statement

    Your personal statement is the first port of call for employers. It is your chance to quickly paint a picture of yourself – outlining your experience, current role, and professional background.

    To ensure your CV grabs the attention of your employer, infuse this section with your standout skills and qualifications. These key details will pique the interest of the reader, compelling them to read on and learn more about you.

    Crafting a compelling personal statement for your picker packer CV begins with a quick introduction in the opening sentence. Clearly explain your career focus, leaving future aspirations for later. Focus on explaining your experience in similar roles, aiming for brevity and an engaging tone to hook the reader.

    In the following sentence, spotlight a real-world accomplishment to leave a lasting impression. Prop this achievement up with a relevant statistic or figure to lend a sense of authority. For instance, you might mention the volume of items processed during peak hours to illustrate your ability to handle pressure efficiently.

    Moving onto the third and fourth sentences, emphasise your core skills and specialisations. Whether you’re talented with inventory management or know how to optimise the packing processes, highlight it here to get noticed. Align these skills with qualifications specified in the job listing for added impact.

    Crafting an effective personal statement involves considering these additional tips:

    • Choose the third-person viewpoint for a more professional tone.
    • Make sure your personal statement is free from errors and clear by reading through it a few times.
    • Create your statement with dynamic language, utilising action verbs and positive adjectives to captivate the reader.

    Example of personal statement for picker packer CV

    Diligent picker packer ensures smooth operational running of food production lines through tireless work ethic. Packing and picking at a pace to ensure targets are met and best practices are adhered to. Specialist experienced in picking items in cold storage facilities.


    Experienced picker packer with over 5 years of experience in various roles. Developed and improved picking techniques, achieving a 95% first time score. Offers perception, teambuilding, order picking and fast order processing.

    Picker packer CV work experience

    The central part of your picker packer CV lies in your work experience section – a vital area where hands-on experience takes the spotlight. Employers place high value on practical skills, making it important to use a lot of space for this section. Your CV’s core should orbit around your work history, spotlighting roles that demonstrate how you have been an effective picker packer before.

    If you’re using the reverse-chronological format, begin with your current or most recent role and outline up to six key responsibilities for each position. Always choose responsibilities that offer a clear picture of the valuable experiences you’ve gained.

    In tune with the job advertisement, tailor your CV to echo the important parts. If the emphasis is on “order fulfilment” or “inventory management”, recount instances where you showcased these skills in previous roles.

    Give insight into the particulars of the warehouse or distribution centre you worked in, offering the hiring manager a comprehensive understanding of your specific competencies and why you are prepared for the role you are applying for.

    You should aim to maintain a formal tone throughout, injecting colour through the strategic use of impactful words and action verbs. Choose dynamic expressions such as “coordinated”, “oversaw”, or “implemented” over dull terms like “responsible for”. Describe yourself using affirmative language, portraying a positive professional image with terms like “efficient”, “organised”, or “experienced”.

    Example of work experience for picker packer CV

    Picker Packer | Arkwright’s Farms | Leeds
    01/2023 – CURRENT

    • Developed improved picking techniques, achieving 95% right first time score.
    • Securely transported goods across the warehouse, operating forklift equipment.
    • Consistently verified that goods were handled carefully, correctly and in line with standard operating procedures to ensure customer satisfaction.
    • Applied best safety practice across all picking and packing tasks consistently verifying adherence to warehouse policies.
    • Employed inventory management software to check and rotate items, consistently facilitating a steady flow of stock throughout the warehouse.

    Picking & Packing Assistant | Smith’s Logistics Ltd | Leeds
    09/2020 – 01/2023

    • Improved waste reduction levels through recycling of packaging materials, consistently growing department profit margins.
    • Maintained faultless health and safety standards, reducing accident and incident numbers by 10%.
    • Loaded and unloaded 8 delivery vehicles per day, applying safe loading techniques to prevent stock damage.
    • Conducted weekly stock checks to ensure product quality compliance.
    • Maintained high standards of warehouse organisation, accurately reading labels to distribute and store stock according to specifications.

    Picker packer CV skills

    Picker packer CV skills range from inventory management to identifying defective products. In order to make your CV the best it can be, you’ll need to list a series of enticing skills that your employer will be looking for. You’ll want to split this between hard and soft skills to get the best chances of success.

    But what are hard and soft skills – and what is the difference between them? Hard skills are anything you have learned on the job or through education. For example, you might have a good understanding of product dispatching. Soft skills, in contrast, are more like personal character traits. You could have good physical strength or teamwork.

    Tick every box by including these hard and soft skills on your CV:

    Key skills for your picker packer CV

    • Packaging products safely
    • Fulfilling orders
    • Record keeping
    • Health and safety
    • Equipment operation
    • Loading and shipping products

    Extra skills to help you stand out

    • Forklift driving
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Liaising with suppliers
    • Inventory management software
    • Labelling products
    • Unpacking deliveries

    Picker packer CV education

    Now, let’s add in a section about your education – the finishing touch to your picker packer CV that gives the hiring manager a peek into your academic background. It’s important for them to know you have the brains as well as the practical skills to succeed.

    Drop in all the qualifications that matter, whether it’s from university, college, school, or some hands-on professional training courses. Sprinkle in those extra certifications or ties to important regulatory bodies for added flair. The more you can add, the better – but only as long as it is relevant to the job you are applying for.

    If you’ve been through a packing and sorting course of any kind, this is your chance to shine. While adding your qualifications is a great idea, keep in mind that most warehouses lean towards valuing hands-on experience more than what you’ve picked up in a classroom. So, toss in the qualifications for an extra kick, but not every certificate will be of use to you.

    As for writing this section, you don’t need to go into too much detail. Simply include the following details for each qualification:

    • Name of the educational institution
    • Start and end dates of your academic course
    • Official title of your field of study
    • Qualification level achieved
    • Outcome or result of the qualification

    Example of education for a picker packer CV

    Leeds College, Leeds
    08/2020 – 07/2022
    A-Levels: Design Technology, Maths, Chemistry
    A, A, B

    Leeds High School, Leeds
    08/2015 – 07/2020
    GCSEs in Maths, Science, English, Art, Drama
    A, B, B, C, C


    Your picker packer CV questions answered

    What is a picker packer?

    A picker packer is a worker who is responsible for selecting and packaging products so they can be shipped, either to stockists or direct to the end-user. They can pack a wide range of products, from clothing and homeware to food, machinery, or even medical supplies. Picker packers typically work in warehouses or shipping facilities.

    What are the duties of a picker packer?

    On a day-to-day basis, a large part of a picker packer role description is to package items securely. This can be done manually or using automatic packing machines. Typical picker packer CV duties also include carrying out quality checks on the packed products to ensure they are suitable for shipping and recording this data for warehouse reports.

    How much does a picker packer make?

    According to, the average picker packer in the UK makes £19,681 a year. The majority of positions will pay anything from £17,000 upwards, with some paying as much as £20,000 or above. If you’re looking for a temporary picker packer role, you’re more likely to be paid by the hour. The average hourly salary for a picker packer is £9.

    What does a picker packer do?

    Throughout the working day, a picker packer will receive notification of customer orders and be responsible for fulfilling them as efficiently as possible. Besides packaging orders, they may have to carry out ad-hoc tasks such as tidying the warehouse, completing stock checks, and liaising with suppliers. A large part of the role is also writing reports to monitor sales, defective products, or customer returns.

    What qualifications do you need to be a picker packer?

    Picker packer jobs don’t need any formal qualifications, and lots choose to join the career path as school leavers. However, many companies will also support their workers in gaining professional qualifications such as site health and safety certificates or machinery operation training.

    Pack for success with a professional picker packer CV

    If you’re searching for your next picker packer job, you’ll need a professional CV that’s bound to get you noticed. At myPerfectCV, you’ll find everything you need to create your picker packer CV today. Discover our CV examples, CV templates, and tips, then build your own application using our quick and easy CV builder.


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