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Picker packers play a pivotal role in helping warehouses or shipping companies fulfil their orders. The picker packer role description can include everything from managing order slips to selecting the most suitable transportation packaging. A picker packer jobs’ duties and responsibilities include a unique combination of organising, product handling, and computer entry skills.

As a more practical, hands-on person, you might find writing a CV a challenge, but we’re here to help you make it as simple as possible. We’ve got a selection of picker packer CV samples, top CV writing advice, and templates. That means you can start building your best application today.


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    Take your pick from our picker packer CV templates

    Picker packers are no stranger to hand-selecting the best products – so browse our range of hand-picked picker packer CV templates today. Featuring a range of fonts, colour schemes, and layouts, we’ve selected professional templates that show how the experts would structure your application.

    Wrap up your application with our top tips for writing your picker packer CV

    You know how to pack products, but packing all of your experience into your CV can be tricky! By following these top tips from UK recruiters, you can give your CV the best chance of success.

    • Use a logical structure

      Whether you’re recording orders or packaging products safely for shipping, picker packers need to be able to follow clear guidelines and procedures. Using a clear structure for your CV, you can show recruiters that you approach tasks with a logical mindset. This will reassure them that you have the necessary qualities for the role.

    • Include keywords from the picker packer job description

      Being able to meet orders is one of the most critical aspects of the picker packer job description. When writing your CV, think of the advert as the order – and make sure to fulfil it accordingly. The best way to do this is by tailoring your CV to the job posting, making sure to include as many keywords and phrases as possible. Not only will this demonstrate your ability to meet expectations, but it will also make your CV more likely to pass an ATS. Use keywords from the job advert in your picker packer CV’s duties and responsibilities section under each job you’ve held.

    • Mention the metrics

      Numbers often speak louder than words. To help your recruiter quantify your achievements in previous roles, always include relevant metrics – whether it’s the average number of orders you fulfilled a week, the total cost of the goods you packaged, or the length of time between receiving an order and shipping it out.

    • Don’t forget your personal attributes

      When listing your professional experience, it can be easy to overlook the personal qualities and soft skills that set you apart. Give your recruiter a flavour of your work ethic as well as your responsibilities and achievements. If you’re ‘meticulous’, ‘methodical’, or ‘adaptable’, include this information in your personal summary to help your application stand out.

    • Always double check your spelling

      Picker packers are trusted with shipping out products – and the smallest mistake when selecting and packaging goods could seriously harm your company’s reputation. Typos or grammar mistakes on your CV could give recruiters the impression that your work is slapdash, so always proofread your CV carefully before hitting the ‘send’ button.

    What skills should a picker packer CV include?

    Picker packer skills range from inventory management to identifying defective products. Tick every box by including these hard and soft skills on your CV.

    Key skills for your picker packer CV

    • Packaging products safely
    • Fulfilling orders
    • Record keeping
    • Health and safety
    • Equipment operation
    • Loading and shipping products

    Extra skills to help you stand out

    • Forklift driving
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Liaising with suppliers
    • Inventory management software
    • Labelling products
    • Unpacking deliveries

    Frequently asked questions about your picker packer CV

    What is a picker packer?

    A picker packer is a worker who is responsible for selecting and packaging products so they can be shipped, either to stockists or direct to the end-user. They can pack a wide range of products, from clothing and homeware to food, machinery, or even medical supplies. Picker packers typically work in warehouses or shipping facilities.

    What are the duties of a picker packer?

    On a day-to-day basis, a large part of a picker packer role description is to package items securely. This can be done manually or using automatic packing machines. Typical picker packer CV duties also include carrying out quality checks on the packed products to ensure they are suitable for shipping and recording this data for warehouse reports.

    How much does a picker packer make?

    According to Reed.co.uk, the average picker packer in the UK makes £19,681 a year. The majority of positions will pay anything from £17,000 upwards, with some paying as much as £20,000 or above. If you’re looking for a temporary picker packer role, you’re more likely to be paid by the hour. The average hourly salary for a picker packer is £9.

    What does a picker packer do?

    Throughout the working day, a picker packer will receive notification of customer orders and be responsible for fulfilling them as efficiently as possible. Besides packaging orders, they may have to carry out ad-hoc tasks such as tidying the warehouse, completing stock checks, and liaising with suppliers. A large part of the role is also writing reports to monitor sales, defective products, or customer returns.

    What qualifications do you need to be a picker packer?

    Picker packer jobs don’t need any formal qualifications, and lots choose to join the career path as school leavers. However, many companies will also support their workers in gaining professional qualifications such as site health and safety certificates or machinery operation training.

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