To show recruiters you’re up to the task as a warehouse manager, you’ll need an impressive CV – but condensing your skills onto 1-2 sides of A4 can be tricky. 

We’ve got all the information you need to create your application, from warehouse manager CV examples to CV advice from UK recruiters.

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    Sample warehouse manager CV

    Warehouse manager CV example 3

    Mary James

    4 Covington Close
    London WC24TF

    Professional summary

    Experienced Warehouse Manager with a proven track record of successfully overseeing warehouse operations. Skilled in managing inventory, supervising employees, and ensuring efficient and accurate order fulfilment. Strong leadership abilities with a focus on promoting safety and maintaining high standards of quality. Dedicated and results-driven professional committed to achieving operational excellence.

    Work history

    February 2023 – Current
    ABC Company – London
    Warehouse Manager

    • Implemented new inventory management system, resulting in a 20% increase in efficiency.
    • Developed and implemented training programs for warehouse staff, resulting in improved productivity and reduced errors.
    • Managed daily operations of warehouse, including receiving, storing, and shipping of products.
    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to optimise warehouse layout and improve workflow.

    June 2018 – January 2023
    XYZ Logistics – Manchester
    Logistics Supervisor

    • Oversaw logistics operations, including transportation, warehousing, and inventory management.
    • Managed a team of 15 employees, providing training and guidance to ensure high performance.
    • Implemented cost-saving measures, resulting in a 10% reduction in transportation expenses.
    • Developed and maintained relationships with suppliers and vendors to ensure timely delivery of goods.

    February 2015 – May 2018
    123 Company – Birmingham
    Warehouse Team Leader

    • Supervised a team of 10 warehouse employees, assigning tasks and monitoring performance.
    • Implemented safety protocols and conducted regular safety training sessions.
    • Managed inventory levels and conducted regular stock checks to ensure accuracy.
    • Collaborated with other departments to coordinate efficient order fulfilment and delivery.


    • Inventory Management
    • Supervision
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Warehouse Operations
    • Logistics
    • Team Leadership
    • Safety Compliance
    • Inventory Control


    University of London London
    Master’s Degree Supply Chain Management

    University of Manchester Manchester
    Bachelor’s Degree Business Administration

    Warehouse manager CV template

    As a warehouse manager, you’ll understand the importance of good organization, clear structure, and meticulous detail. These qualities should also be your top priority when writing your CV. Browse our range of top-rated warehouse manager CV templates below to find a structure that works for you.

    Warehouse manager CV format

    Choosing the right format for your warehouse manager CV is a crucial first step in the writing process. Think of CV formats as the framework of your document – a means to organise and compellingly present essential information. It should engage the reader throughout and teach them everything there is to know about you as a candidate. 

    While various styles exist, for a warehouse manager position, we strongly recommend the reverse-chronological CV format. This format builds upon your work history, starting with your current or most recent role and then moving backwards. It provides a comprehensive overview of your professional journey.

    Choosing a reverse-chronological CV is particularly advantageous for a warehouse manager role. Given the nature of this position, relevant experience plays a pivotal role in success. If you’re new to a senior position, you’ll want to show your previous junior roles. If you’re an experienced manager already, you’ll need to back this up!

    Here are some more tips on the structure and appearance of your CV:

    • Adapt your CV to the job ad.
    • Format matters – upload as a Word or PDF document.
    • Keep it to be one or two pages in length.
    • Use a professional font such as Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman

    How to write a CV for warehouse manager

    Now we’ve covered format, let’s delve into the details. Building an effective CV means you’ll need to define your valuable work experience, qualifications and key skills. 

    We’re going to teach you how to write a CV for warehouse manager, including:

    Adding contact details to your warehouse manager CV

    The contact details part is very important and often overlooked. Imagine you’re a manager looking through CVs, and you find someone perfect for the job. You want to invite them for the next steps, but, uh-oh, you can’t find their contact info anywhere!

    Lots of people slip up at this first step. That’s why it’s crucial to put your contact details near the top in a big, clear font. Include:

    • Your name – no need for your middle name.
    • Your location – so the employer knows where you are.
    • Your phone number – use your mobile as it’s easier to reach you.
    • Your email address – make sure it sounds professional.

    This way, you make it easy for employers to reach out, and you’re more likely to move forward in the hiring process.

    Example of contact section for warehouse manager CV

    Sam Marks
    45 Haim Close, Bradford, BD16YH

    Warehouse manager CV personal statement

    Your personal statement is the first thing a recruiter sees, and you’ve got just 4 short lines to make an impression. You can think of this as your first impression – like a handshake and an introduction at a job interview. Because of this, you’ll know how important first impressions are when it comes to showing you as a positive candidate.

    It can be hard to fit a lot of information into a small section, but with a formula you’ll find it’s easier than it looks. Start with a snappy intro that tells them who you are and what you focus on. Keep it short and sweet, aiming to grab their attention.

    Then, in the next sentence, back up your skills with a real-world stat or figure. For instance, if you’ve led a team of 15 employees in a warehouse in the past, throw that in. It adds weight to your achievements and shows you mean business. Remember to customise this for each job to match what they’re looking for.

    In your third and fourth sentences, shine a light on your unique skills. Highlight anything that sets you apart as a candidate. This could be anything from interpersonal skills to specific warehouse knowledge you’ve picked up over the years. 

    Some extra tips for your personal statement:

    • Make it concise, sticking to around 100 words.
    • Keep the tone friendly yet formal.
    • Tailor it to match the job ad.
    • Write in the third person for a professional touch.
    • Skip future career goals for now – there’s space for that in your cover letter!

    Example of personal statement for warehouse manager CV

    Professional warehouse manager offering 12 years of expertise in supervising and training 45 employees working in a warehouse. Successful in meticulously managing logistics, planning employee schedules and communicating with other departments to provide smooth business operations. Talented in monitoring and replenishing current inventory stock based on consumer demand and sales forecasting.


    Experienced warehouse manager searching for more challenging teams to lead. Supervised 150 employees in a large warehouse, managing machinery, recruiting staff and ensuring health and safety. Skills include team-building, logistics, and running smooth operations.

    Warehouse manager CV work experience

    Your work history section is a crucial part of your CV, giving employers a detailed look at your experience to assess if you’re the right fit for the job. It’s likely that an employer will skim your CV until they reach the work experience part, to get a quick understanding of who you are as a candidate. This is especially true for the position of warehouse manager – as it’s a senior position that requires hands-on experience. 

    To create an effective work history, tailor your application to match the job ad. Start with your current or most recent role and work backwards, highlighting up to six key responsibilities for each job. Always include:

    • Your job title
    • Employment start and end dates
    • Company name and location
    • List of key tasks
    • Relevant work achievements

    Incorporate real-world stats and figures to strengthen your CV. Avoid repetition and make every word count, as space is limited. You should think of each piece of experience as an opportunity to show a different strength you have as a candidate. 

    Let this section be a comprehensive guide your employer can reference to see if you have the necessary experience to succeed in the role. This is especially important if there are any unique aspects of the job you’re applying for – respond to these and show that you can handle anything thrown your way. 

    Keep your writing engaging by using action verbs and positive adjectives. Swap out boring phrases like “responsible for” with dynamic action verbs. Introduce inventive adjectives like “methodical” or “punctual” to describe yourself positively and keep the reader hooked. 

    Example of work experience for warehouse manager CV

    May 2023 to Current
    Warehouse Manager | Calbee Group UK Ltd | Bradford

    • Ensured all warehouse personnel were properly trained and certified on equipment, including forklifts and pallet movers.
    • Developed lasting relationships with employees, peers, upper management and outside vendors.
    • Maintained established levels of goods based on sales forecasts and demand to fulfil orders on time.
    • Provided updates on critical shipments to the corporate departments and customers

    August 2019 to May 2023
    Warehouse Team Leader | Courier Logistics Ltd | Bradford

    • Provided detailed training and mentoring for each new team member, including safety protocol workshops, to optimise performance and productivity of all crew members.
    • Effectively communicated with all levels of staff and management.
    • Oversaw cargo loading operations to achieve proper weight distribution and maintain safety during all facets of aircraft operations.

    Warehouse manager CV skills

    As a warehouse manager, you’ll need a blend of key CV skills to create the image of you as the right candidate for the job. When creating the skills section of your CV, it’s vital that you strike a balance between two distinct types of skills – hard and soft skills.

    But what’s the difference between these? Let’s take a look:

    Hard skills – these are skills that you have acquired through education and on-the-job experience. They can be considered concrete and often specialised such as expertise in particular equipment or advanced knowledge in a specific type of warehouse.

    Soft skills – these are more like positive character traits. For example, you might be compassionate, a leader, or experienced in navigating disputes. An employer will value these, especially since a manager needs to have good interpersonal relationships with other team members. 

    Which of these is more important? You can see them as equal in this regard! An employer will need a warehouse manager who has the practical skills to succeed. But they’ll also want somebody who has interpersonal skills and is pleasant to work with. Aim to add up to 12 of these and try to strike a balance between them. You don’t need to define them too heavily on your document, simply add a list.

    Tick every box for a warehouse manager job profile, by ensuring your CV includes the right combination of skills, from personal attributes to professional know-how.

    Must-have skills for your warehouse manager CV

    Additional warehouse manager requirements

    • Machinery maintenance
    • Packaging
    • Product knowledge
    • Negotiation
    • Staff recruitment

    Warehouse manager CV education

    For a warehouse manager, the education section of your CV is a vital aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. While practical experience is crucial in this role, showcasing your educational background reinforces your qualifications for the position.

    When detailing your education, start with your highest qualification and then work backwards. You can think of this similar to the reverse-chronological structure of your work experience section. Make sure to only include relevant qualifications and any specialised training courses you’ve completed.

    Here’s what to add in when listing your educational history:

    • Name of the educational institution you attended
    • Start and end dates of your courses
    • The official title of your field of study or relevant coursework
    • Qualification level attained

    By presenting this information clearly, you highlight your educational foundation, emphasising that you have both practical experience and the academic background necessary for the Warehouse Manager role. While there are no qualifications you will need to become a warehouse manager, the higher the qualification the better! Don’t be shy in this section and shout about your most impressive academic achievements!

    Example of education for warehouse manager CV

    Bradford College
    Management And Leadership
    Professional Award – Part Time

    University of Huddersfield
    Bachelor of Science: Logistics And Supply Chain Manager


    Your warehouse manager CV questions answered

    What are the duties and responsibilities of a warehouse manager?

    Warehouse manager duties and responsibilities broadly cover overseeing the smooth running of a warehouse. This involves training new staff members, monitoring stock levels, liaising with customers and suppliers, ensuring the workplace meets health and safety requirements, and briefing team leaders. Depending on the company, they may also check in with customers to see whether they are satisfied with their purchase.

    How can I be a great warehouse manager?

    A good warehouse manager profile includes a unique combination of managerial experience, logistical know-how, and personal attributes. You should have excellent communication skills to liaise with your colleagues, clients, and suppliers daily. Flexibility is also amongst the key warehouse manager competencies, with many warehouse managers divide their time between the shop floor, warehouse, and office.

    What qualifications do you need to be a warehouse manager?

    Many warehouse managers work their way up from junior warehouse roles, which means they learn the tricks of the trade over many years on the job. Others might complete an apprenticeship after taking their A-levels, while others still may enter the profession as a graduate. Relevant university degrees for warehouse manager qualifications can include business or management studies, economics, retail management, or logistics.

    How much does a warehouse manager make a year?

    The yearly salary of a UK warehouse manager will vary depending on the company’s size. On average, a warehouse manager could expect to earn anything between £17,000 and over £40,000. Entry-level professionals will probably earn £17,000-20,000, while senior management staff are more likely to make £35,000-40,000.

    What are warehouse management working hours?

    As a warehouse manager, your working hours could be erratic, involving early mornings, late nights, and occasional weekend shifts. Depending on the products that are stored in your warehouse, irregular working hours are particularly likely during peak seasons – for example, after Black Friday or in the run-up to Christmas.

    Stock up for success with a professional warehouse manager CV

    When taking the next step in your warehouse manager career, it’s vital to have a factory-fresh CV that ticks every box for your recruiter. At myPerfectCV, we make the process quick and easy including pre-made CV templates and top-rated CV examples. We’ve got all the information you need to start building your application today, before downloading your warehouse manager CV.


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