The best CV template acts as a solid foundation for job applications in any UK sector. It provides the right structure and layout for your all-important skills, experience, and qualifications – not to mention a format that’s compatible with ATS software, which recruiters use to scan and filter down CVs.

With myPerfectCV, you can browse a selection of the best CV templates, suitable for a wide range of roles then build your CV with ease.


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Best CV templates by job title and industry

From entry level data analysts to professional electricians, our CV templates have been used to build CVs for a vast array of job roles, industries and experience levels.

Best CV template tips

  • Choose the best CV template format

    To provide the best CV format, templates should be downloadable in a choice of Word, PDF and other file types. Word CV templates are typically best if recruiters are using ATS software, while a PDF format ensures your CV will look as intended despite being opened on different programs or old versions of Word.

  • Find the right layout

    The best CV layout template provides dedicated sections for your professional statement, work history, skills, and qualifications or education. While your professional statement will consist of a few sentences to summarise your career, background, and qualities, the work history and skills sections should use bullet points to concisely detail the experience and expertise you can offer.

  • Select the best CV template for your job

    All of our CV templates provide a solid structure and professional appearance for your application. However, they do vary in style, with some more suitable for particular job roles than others. Consider what recruiters are looking for and align your CV template with the personal qualities on show. If you’re applying for a creative role, the best CV template will be one with a touch of colour. For professionals, CV templates should be more formal.

  • Keep it the right length

    Our UK CV templates have a layout that is one page in length as standard. As you enter your work history, skills, and qualifications, you might find that it extends beyond one page. That’s not a problem. However, it’s best to keep your CV to a maximum of two pages to avoid recruiters losing focus and losing interest.

  • Make the most of the best templates

    The best CV templates will be professionally designed to impress recruiters, maximise readability, and be ATS-friendly. That applies to everything from font size and colours to page breaks and white space. With this in mind, it’s not advisable to edit the design or rearrange your CV too much. Use the CV template as intended and you’ll get the best results.


FAQs about the best CV templates

How to write the best CV template

The best CV template comprises various sections for skills, experience, qualifications, and a professional summary, along with your name and contact details. The professional summary should be at the top of your CV template, and all sections should have a clear heading so recruiters can easily skim-read your CV and navigate to the information they’re looking for.

What are the benefits of a CV template?

CV templates help you overcome the first big hurdle of writing a CV. They provide a pre-designed layout and format within which you can add your personal details, skills, and experience. As well as making things quicker and easier, they improve the end results with a CV that’s recruiter-friendly and compatible with ATS software.

What is the best CV template to use?

The best CV template to use depends on the job you’re applying for. Creative roles require something with a bit of pizzazz, while managerial roles will typically work best with a formal design to emphasise their sense of rules and convention. Of course, there are also some universal things to look for. CV templates should stick to a single font, for example, with a maximum of three sizes used for paragraph text, headings and sub-headings.

How to pick the best CV template for you

Aside from your job role and sector, choosing the best CV template for you comes down to personal preference. You can choose between templates with space for a photo or those without. Or there might be a particular colour you would like to include, which can usually be customised on the template itself.

Choose a layout

Dos and don’ts for the best CV


  • Do use reverse chronology Most CV templates will include a work history or experience section. But it’s up to you how you fill that section with your own roles and responsibilities. A reverse chronological structure is the best option here, as it puts the most relevant information closer to the top of your CV. Simply put, that means listing your most recent job role first then working backwards in time.
  • Do be concise Recruiters have to get through 50, 100, or even more CVs for each vacancy they list. Staying brief and concise is the best way to use your CV template to its maximum potential and avoid your CV being discarded. Use bullet points to list responsibilities for each job role and include a bullet-point list to make your skills section succinct.


  • Don’t rush Even if you’ve found the best UK CV template, it’s important that you don’t rush what’s left of your CV. While the template itself ticks the boxes for format and layout, the information you fill the template with will seal the deal for recruiters. After writing your CV, be sure to check, check, and check again for any errors, typos or inaccuracies.
  • Don’t include irrelevant information If you’re trying to keep your CV to one or two pages, it’s important that the information you do include is relevant and useful for the recruiter and the job you’re applying for. There’s no point including your GCSEs if you have a master’s degree, for example. Similarly, recruiters won’t take not of a part-time job during the school holidays when you have 20 years of experience.

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