Knowing the best way to write your CV makes a big difference when looking for a new job, particularly in quality control. Vacancies can range considerably in their requirements and the type of testing or quality assurance (QA), so it is important to check the detail of each job description carefully. In addition to manufacturing and production standards, this sector also covers information technology QA and testing roles. Use these five quality control sample CVs and recommendations to create an outstanding job application, avoid common mistakes, and maximise your chances of an invitation to interview.


    Quality Assurance Specialist CV Sample

    When applying for a quality assurance specialist position, potential employers will see your CV wording as an example of your written work in the job. Use this quality control CV sample as a model when composing your resume.

    • Do present your work history in reverse chronological order to help the recruiter focus on the most recent position first.
    • Do include specifics. Although transferable soft skills (especially verbal and written communication) will be seen as assets to a potential employer, technical experience is essential, so be precise when describing your experience with test planning, automated test suites, compliance tracking and software lifecycle management.
    • Don’t repeat the same words throughout your CV. Use different descriptions to maintain the reader’s interest.
    • Don’t forget to mention professional certifications and qualifications. You can also include relevant courses of study in progress with a projected date of completion.

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    Quality Control CV Sample

    To help boost their chances of success, applicants for QC roles may wish to check our quality control CV sample for suitable wording and an example of the correct formatting to use.

    • Do mention a mix of responsibilities and successful accomplishments for each previous role. Your work history should be interesting and attractive to a potential employer.
    • Do give details of quality testing skills and be sure to distinguish which type. Performance testing for load or stress tolerance and resilience is different from functional testing or UAT (unit acceptance testing). Be sure to differentiate.
    • Don’t forget to tailor your CV for the particular quality control position. In this sector, vacancies can vary significantly in their scope and job descriptions, so don’t risk rejection due to a generic CV.
    • Don’t include any contentious, religious or political views in the document text. Employers expect QC professionals to be factual and objective.

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    Quality Control Coordinator CV Sample

    This quality control CV sample for a coordinator role is an example of the recommended format and type of wording that job candidates can use to create a strong application.

    • Do remember to highlight any supervisory and administrative experience in previous positions. Even if the role was not officially a coordinator position, the experience as an acting coordinator will be valuable.
    • Do include details of analysis, accounting, statistical, or report writing skills. Make sure to connect these skills with those discussed in the job advertisement.
    • Don’t write negative comments such as why you left a previous position; focus on the positive instead.
    • Don’t list only daily duties and QC responsibilities in the work history section. Potential employers are also interested in hearing about achievements (such as process improvements) too.

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    Quality Control Manager CV Sample

    At the managerial level, CVs need to show ascending responsibility. Use this quality control CV sample for managers as a guide to adapt your resume to the post advertised.

    • Do use the descriptions in your CV’s work history section to demonstrate logical career progression.
    • Do include industry-specific qualifications and any specialist courses, including Health & Safety advisor or management training.
    • Don’t overlook the value of soft skills in your CV, such as chairing meetings, making presentations and managing small teams.
    • Don’t omit relevant technical experience, especially where required in the new post. Examples might include reviewing company policies and introducing improvements to quality management systems (QMS).

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    Quality Control Technician CV Sample

    In the electrical, electronics and robotics engineering fields, QC technician job applicants can maximise the probability of an interview invitation by following the suggested format of this quality control CV sample and tailoring it to the individual position.

    • Do be sure to include your knowledge and skills, especially when matching those mentioned in the vacancy description.
    • Do use your work history to show the potential employer how relevant previous experience is a good match for the new job.
    • Don’t send out a standard CV in multiple applications. A robotics testing QC post will require different skills to acceptance sampling, for instance, so tailor each version to the job in question.
    • Don’t forget to proof your CV. After drafting your document, reread it and have someone else check it too. Spell checking software does not detect homonym errors.

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