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Care coordinators offer a lifeline to millions of people around the UK. Whether they’re discussing treatment plans or liaising with different healthcare provides, care coordinators are always in their clients’ corner – but reducing the role to a few bullet points on your CV can be challenging.

For expert help with writing your care coordinator CV, trust myPerfectCV. We’ve got all the top recruiter tips, professional templates, and tailorable content you need to build your perfect CV today. Browse our selection of care coordinator CV templates, then create your own with our proven builder tool.


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    Take care of your application by choosing the perfect care coordinator CV template. Your experience may speak for itself, but your CV will be much easier to read with the right structure. It will also help it to stand out from the crowd and impress your recruiter.

    Keep your recruiter happy with our top tips for your care coordinator CV

    As a care coordinator, you know how to preempt other people’s needs. Tick everything off your recruiter’s wishlist by following our top tips below.

    • Share your personal traits

      Not everyone is cut out to be a care coordinator – so if you have the right personal traits for the job, show these off in your CV. In the personal summary section, use positive adjectives to describe your work ethic and personality. Whether you’re ‘thoughtful’, ‘respectful’, or ‘resilient’, these qualities will add a human touch to your CV and help it stand out from the crowd.

    • Demonstrate the impact of your role

      When you’re outlining your experience, don’t fall into the trap of listing all of your responsibilities. Always try to include key metrics from your previous positions. If you achieved a client satisfaction rate of over 90% or cut unnecessary paperwork by 10%, for example, mention the numbers – these will help your recruiter to quantify your impact.

    • Use keywords from the care coordinator job role description

      Care coordinators can carry out a wide range of duties, from documenting client care standards to discussing care requirements with family members. To make sure your CV doesn’t slip through an ATS, always include keywords and phrases from the job description. Doing so will make it more likely that a recruiter will see your CV.

    • Show off your extra qualifications

      The academic requirements for a care coordinator can vary, but most roles will require a relevant degree. If you want to stand out, mention any additional qualifications that show off your ability to learn new skills – whether it’s a first aid certification or social worker license.

    • Proofread your application

      As a care coordinator, one of the critical aspects of your job is writing reports on your clients’ care plans. When recording timings, prescription dosages, or other personal information, the tiniest misprint could quickly become a costly mistake. Show your recruiter you can write carefully by proofreading your CV for grammar or spelling mistakes before you hit ‘send’.

    What skills should you include on your care coordinator CV?

    Combining practicality with impeccable people skills, care coordinators need a broad range of expertise. Discover the skills your recruiter wants to see on your CV.

    Important skills for your care coordinator CV

    • Communication (written and verbal)
    • Record keeping
    • Administration
    • Medical knowledge
    • Negotiation
    • Conflict resolution

    Additional skills to make your CV stand out

    • Knowledge of a second language
    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • Time management
    • Relationship-building

    Common questions about your care coordinator CV

    What are the duties of a care coordinator?

    A professional in a care coordinator role is responsible for supervising a client’s care plan, which can involve liaising with doctors, nurses, or even family members to devise the most effective forms of treatment. Care coordinators will also visit clients to analyses the care they have received, mobilize a care team to ensure their schedule is on track, and create documents to monitor client progress.

    What makes a good care coordinator?

    To become a good care coordinator, it’s vital to have the right combination of skills. Care coordinators need to be incredibly patient and compassionate when they’re assisting clients and need razor-sharp organisational skills to tackle the role’s administrative aspects. Above all, care coordinators need to be excellent communicators – whether they’re talking to their clients, liaising with other caregivers, or instructing junior care workers.

    What is a care coordinator?

    A care coordinator acts as the central point of contact for someone who is receiving specialist medical care. Care coordinator duties and responsibilities are designed to streamline the caregiving process, whether a client needs physical or mental health support.

    Do you need a degree to be a care coordinator?

    Yes, most roles will require you to have a degree if you want to be a care coordinator. Some positions may specify relevant care coordinator qualifications such as a degree in nursing or social care, while others simply require you to have passed a BSc or BA.

    How much does a care coordinator earn?

    According to Totaljobs, the average UK salary for a qualified care coordinator is £21,000. At the lower end of the scale, you could expect to earn around £19,000. After you’ve gained some more experience, this salary could increase to anything around £25,000.

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