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Entry-level positions are popular for recent graduates or those with little experience. Recruiters for entry-level positions are looking for candidates with practical experience, looking less at formal experience and more at your core skills.

When writing an entry-level CV, emphasise your personality and qualifications in your personal profile. Explain how you fit that position. Look at our entry-level CV templates with no experience for inspiration.

For candidates new to the world of work, a properly written and well-presented CV should be tailored to the vacancy on offer, for best results. As with our CV with no experience samples, the document can be adapted to focus on educational qualifications and key abilities that are important to the potential new employer, including unpaid or part-time work, volunteering, and any transferable skills and achievements.

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  • Research

    Research is the first step to entering any industry as an entry-level worker. It is a good way to explore what career paths are interesting to you. Before getting started on a CV template with no experience, use www.prospects.ac.uk to explore different industries.

  • Volunteering

    Volunteering is a way to get some hands-on experience in your selected industry. Entry-levels jobs love to see volunteer experience on CVs and will often consider that the same as a part-time job.

  • Internships

    If you are looking to gain some experience, you should consider finding an internship. Like a part-time job, they will give you the experience of the job day to day, but with the added benefit of more professional development and mentorship.

  • Education

    If you’re wondering how to write a CV with no qualifications, examples often set themselves apart with relevant training courses. Online courses and certifications will ensure that your entry-level CV stands out and are often more affordable than traditional education.

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How to write a CV for a job with no experience

For most entry-level UK applicants, the most impressive thing on your CV will be your education. Make sure to emphasise that section on your CV by using bold titles and italics. You should also put it at the top of the page, so the recruiter sees it first. That’s demonstrated in our no experience CV example.

Additionally, sporting successes or hobbies help to show the job applicant's dedication and motivation. This will help the recruiting manager or HR department to see that a candidate could be suitable for the position and will increase the possibilities of being invited to a job interview.

Styling will largely depend on what type of industry that you are entering. A design or art industry will give you more freedom on your CV. Feel free to use colour or images as long as they don’t distract from your content on creative CVs. If you are entering a business or finance section, you will want to choose a very traditional style.

As with our no experience CV templates, you should write all of your information in bullet and list formatting. The only large chunk of text on your CV should be your entry-level CV objective. Before composing your job application, we suggest that you review our helpful CV example with no job experience that illustrates the correct formatting and relevant information to include.

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