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Probation officers play a vital role in helping people stay away from crime. Whether you’re recommending a prisoner for parole, assessing someone’s mental health, or working with victims of violent assault, you’re responsible for rehabilitating people safely. But what’s the best way to describe your experience on a probation officer CV?

Thankfully, myPerfectCV is here to help. We have all of the resources you to need to create your dream CV today, from top tips and templates to our proven builder tool. It’s quick and easy to perfect your probation officer application today!


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    Probation officer CV templates

    Probation officer CV tips

    For a probation officer CV that passes the test, follow our top recruiter tips for writing your CV below.

    • Quantify your impact

      It’s easy to fall into the trap of listing your probation officer responsibilities when writing your work experience section, but your CV shouldn’t read like a job advert. Instead, help your recruiter to quantify your impact by including facts, figures, and metrics from your previous positions. Perhaps you completed paperwork with 100% accuracy or reduced repeat crime rates by 15%?

    • Use keywords from the probation officer job description

      Don’t let your probation officer CV slip through the net. By including keywords and phrases from the probation officer job description, you can make sure your application is more likely to pass an ATS (applicant tracking software).

    • Proofread your probation officer CV

      As a probation officer, you’ll be handling large amounts of client documentation. That means it’s essential to have a good eye for detail to prevent potential errors. A typo on your CV will definitely give the wrong impression, so always proofread your application carefully before your hit ‘submit’.

    • Highlight your specialism

      Probation officers can work with a wide variety of clients, from violent criminals to victims of crime. If you have a particular area of expertise, make sure to highlight this on your CV to show off where your specialism lies.

    • Show your personality

      To succeed in a probation officer job role, you’ll need to have impressive interpersonal skills. In your personal statement, include some thoughtful adjectives to describe your character and work ethic – whether you’re ‘patient’, ‘resilient’, or ‘compassionate’.

    Probation officer skills to include in your CV

    Probation officer roles require a particular combination of skills. Discover the strengths and attribute your employer wants to see on your CV.

    Key skills for your probation officer CV

    • Communication (written and verbal)
    • Knowledge of the law
    • Psychology
    • Public safety & security
    • Ability to remain calm under pressure
    • Case management

    Bonus skills

    • Time management
    • Documentation
    • Computer skills
    • Emotional support
    • Risk assessment

    Write an eye-catching personal statement for your probation officer CV

    Your personal statement (also known as a resume objective or personal summary) sits at the top of your CV. This is probably the first section your recruiter will read. In just 2-3 sentences, it needs to outline your current employment, professional background, and key probation officer skills.

    You can also use this section to show off your personality. Give your recruiter an insight into your work ethic but sharing your top character attributes, making sure to choose adjectives that reflect your professionalism.

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    Top FAQs about your probation officer CV

    What skills do probation officers need?

    Probation officers need to have the right combination of hard and soft skills. These include impeccable organisation to sort documentation and arrange meetings, strong interpersonal skills to communicate with clients and listen to their experiences, and excellent analytical skills. This is because probation officers need to be able to carry out effective risk assessments and evaluate their clients’ mental health.

    What is the job description of a probation officer?

    The job description of a probation officer will include day-to-day duties such as meeting with clients (both prisoners and victims of crime), evaluating their mental state and progress, maintaining databases and documentation, and arranging meetings with parole boards. Additional probation officer duties include carrying out security screenings and preparing clients for release.

    How do I write a cover letter for a probation officer?

    Writing your probation officer cover letter is similar to writing your CV. Both need to demonstrate your suitability for the role, so make sure to address the key requirements on the job advert and explain how you’re equipped to meet them. This could be because of your experience, skills, or probation officer qualifications.

    What is a good objective to put on a resume for a probation officer?

    Your objective is another word for your personal statement or summary. This section should briefly outline your short-term career goals, so make sure to tailor this to each new position. Remember to explain what you’re hoping to bring to a new probation officer role instead of explaining why you want the job.

    What is the average probation officer salary in the UK?

    The National Careers Service gives the probation officer pay range as £22,250 to £40,000 a year. Your probation officer wage will depend on factors such as your experience level and location.

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