A well-written CV presented so it displays all the relevant information in a format that is easy to read is a vital part of the job application process. Using a pizza chef CV example as a guide while you craft your own CV ensures that you keep up to date with trends in CV styling and present your skills and qualifications to your best advantage. If you are applying for a range of different jobs, it is essential to tailor your CV to each specific position, and this is where a pizza chef CV sample can help you work out what should be included.

To make things even easier, we’ve pulled together everything you’ll need to make your CV great:


    Pizza chef CV sample

    Jasmine Thomas CV 2

    Jasmine Thomas

    18 Jamieson Walk, Glasgow G12 1KJ



    Professional summary

    Hardworking kitchen team member experienced with fast pace of food preparation. Ready to meet high customer demand with consistently attractive and delicious foods. Trained in different cooking methods and types of dishes.

    Work history

    February 2018 – Current

    Little Italy – Glasgow

    Pizza Chef

    • Processed transactions with strong POS system knowledge.
    • Fostered a positive working environment widely embraced by all kitchen personnel through effective communication and time management.
    • Safely operated pizza oven and other kitchen equipment according to manufacturer instructions.

    January 2016 – February 2018

    Roma – Glasgow


    • Developed a 10-minute turnaround per pizza from order to service.
    • Ensured exceptional quality standards and uniformity throughout pizza preparation in a fast-paced environment.
    • Maintained spotlessly clean kitchen and working areas for optimal health and hygiene standards.


    • Kitchen preparation
    • Inventory restocking
    • Effective communication
    • Pizza menu development
    • Pizza making
    • Order accuracy
    • Menu memorization
    • Restaurant equipment maintenance


    All Saints Secondary School Glasgow – 2016

    GCSEs English and Maths

    What is the best format for your pizza chef CV?

    Searching the web brings up a host of examples of CV formats. Fortunately, getting the correct format is pretty simple, making it easy to get started on your application. Recruiters prefer CVs to be written in reverse-chronological order, starting with your most recent work history first – and letting your experience take centre stage as the biggest section.

    Using a skill-based format may be appropriate if you’re applying for an entry-level role, such as a trainee pizza chef. This is ideal for candidates with little experience that can show transferable skills learned in other roles. In this case, place the skills section below the personal statement.

    Top tips of writing a pizza chef CV

    • Read the job description thoroughly

      While the main elements of working as a pizza chef are broadly similar across different work environments, tailoring your CV to the job description helps you stand out. So, it’s important to read this before writing your CV. Some positions require specific experience and skills. However, if you don’t possess these, mention transferable skills you have that could support your development in this area.

    • Show off your achievements and successes

      Have you ever won an award for pizza making or worked in a top pizza restaurant with a renowned chef? Now’s the perfect time to mention it. Recruiters want to find the best talent, so showcasing your achievements can help them pick the best candidate. Awards and certifications also highlight an ability to innovate and experiment with food processes to ensure the best quality for customers.

    • Highlight your flexibility

      Working in the food sector is a high-pressure and fast-paced environment, which means employers need someone flexible to meet the needs of the job. Food places don’t have the regular 9-5 hours, so shift work is typically the norm. Detailing your flexibility and experience working shift work is ideal for a pizza chef job. This shows you can handle different hours and sometimes unexpected overtime if needed.

    • Add relevant certifications to your CV

      There are numerous courses and certifications in the food service industry. So, if you have relevant qualifications, list them all. Some employers will offer in-house training and additional courses to attend. But others will expect you to have them in place. This will be listed on the job description. It’s also worth noting the experience of food hygiene inspections.

    Pair your pizza chef CV with a cover letter

    A great way to support your job application is to include a cover letter with your pizza chef CV. Writing a cover letter gives you the opportunity to delve deeper into the skills and experience suited to the job. But, writing this supporting statement should include a number of details to ensure you make the best impression.

    When writing a cover letter, avoid copying anything directly from your CV. Instead, expand on your work history or use real-world examples of successes in your previous jobs. For example, if you won a food award or worked in an award-winning restaurant, be sure to mention this.

    However, while including everything is tempting, be sure to keep it to one page.

    How to write a CV for a pizza chef

    It’s important to include relevant skills, qualifications and work history on your pizza chef CV. This means you’ll stand out among other candidates during the selection. However, it’s also essential to know how to write a CV to make the best impression.

    Check out our handy step-by-step guide that takes you through the process of writing a pizza chef CV:

    Get education right on your post office counter clerk CV

    Post office counter clerks typically require GCSEs in English and Maths. However, some employers may look favourably on candidates that hold vocational qualifications such as a Level 2 or 3 Diploma in Customer Services.

    The education section should show relevant qualifications, both educational and professional development courses. It’s also vital to include details such as:

    • School, college, university or training provider
    • Year of qualification
    • Level of qualification, for example, NVQ, GCSE
    • Subject or course title – don’t worry about this for high school courses

    Example education section for a post office counter clerk

    Example Training Provider, London, 2012 Business and Accounting NGO

    King’s College, London, 2010-2012 Diploma in Bookkeeping and Accounting

    King’s College, London, 2007-2010 GCSEs in English, Maths, Geography

    What contact details should I include in my pizza chef CV?

    Your contact details should sit pride of place at the top of your CV. This gives recruiters and employers relevant information on the best way to contact you. It’s easy to get this part right, but there are a few things to include, such as:

    The contact section should include:

    • Name – A nice, easy one to start with!
    • Address – Just in case recruiters want to contact you by post
    • Phone number – Mobile, landline – whatever you can be reached on
    • Email address – Make sure it’s work-appropriate

    Example of contact section for pizza chef CV

    Adam Baker

    123 Willow Cottage, Send Woking

    WO99 6GH

    01929 444555


    How to write a personal statement for your pizza chef CV

    The personal statement section is a chance to introduce recruiters to your competencies, characteristics, and career background. In 3-4 sentences, you should positively summarise your attributes in a way that’s relevant to the job you’re applying for. Here are some tips:

    • Detail what you can offer, so stick to the writing in the third person
    • Write a maximum of 3-4 sentences
    • Use positive phrases or words such as “motivated”, “reliable”, and “team player.”
    • Highlight relevant achievements such as food awards
    • Write about relevant experiences like “managing a kitchen”

    Example of personal statement for pizza chef CV

    Two years of experience working in a café followed by a transition to an Italian restaurant specialising in pizza creation. Skills include making dough from scratch and using a wood-fired stone oven. In addition, a good understanding of stock rotation and how to minimise waste alongside holding a food hygiene certificate.

    Adding experience section to your pizza chef CV

    Employers typically look for candidates with several years of experience in a busy food service environment. You may also have to manage team members and show competency in controlling stock levels and ordering. To showcase these skills on your CV, you need to detail relevant work history in reverse-chronological order.

    Starting with your most recent job, include these details:

    • Start and end date
    • Job title, employer and location
    • A list of 3-6 duties

    Avoid repeating duties or overlapping details to ensure you cover your whole work history. For example, if you have experience managing a team, perhaps include this in one role but mention your ability to create dough from scratch in another.

    Example of work experience for a pizza chef CV

    2014-present: Assistant chef, Amore di Pasta, Guildford

    • Making pizza dough
    • Preparing ingredients
    • Creating sauces
    • Preparing and cooking pizza and pasta dishes
    • Responsible for own station
    • Working shifts

    2012-2014: Cafe worker, Subs & Sarnies, Woking

    • Preparing ingredients
    • Making and presenting sandwiches
    • Stock rotation
    • Stock checking and placing orders
    • General cleaning

    Great skills to add on your pizza chef CV

    While making pizzas is a primary role of a pizza chef, this job also entails a range of other skills to be successful. An experienced pizza chef will show a number of desirable CV skills to highlight these competencies, such as:

    Essential skills for a pizza chef

    • Dough making skills
    • Digital skills
    • Food hygiene knowledge
    • Team player
    • Topping preparation

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Organised
    • Confident and friendly manner
    • Good communication skills
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Reliable

    Get education right on your pizza chef’s CV

    In most cases, employers will want to see a relevant catering qualification for pizza chef roles. That can be complemented by customer service training and food hygiene certification – although the latter can also be gained before starting the role.

    If you have relevant qualifications or certificates for the role, be sure to list these on your CV, with the following details:

    • School, college, university or training provider
    • Year of qualification
    • Level of qualification, for example, NVQ, BTEC
    • Subject or course title – don’t worry about this for high school courses

    Example education section for a pizza chef

    H&S Training Centre, London, 2016 Food Hygiene Certificate

    Anytown College, Watford, 2015 NVQ Level 2, Food Preparation and Cooking

    Anytown School, London: 2007 – 2012 GCSEs at grades B-C, including English and Mathematics


    Your pizza chef questions answered

    What does a pizza chef do?

    A pizza chef is primarily responsible for making high-quality pizzas for customers. However, there is a wide range of duties in this role, including:

    • Making and preparing dough
    • Preparing toppings and side orders
    • Managing stock levels and ordering
    • Training team members
    • Quality checks
    • Ensuring kitchen spaces are clean and hygienic
    • Liaising with customers and management

    Do I need qualifications to become a pizza chef?

    In most cases, yes. Recruiters will want to see that you’re qualified to prepare and cook food. That could be through a college course, though on-the-job training in a previous role may also suffice.

    What skills do pizza chefs need?

    Pizza chefs require a wide range of skills alongside the ability to make pizzas, such as:

    • Time management
    • Teamwork
    • Organisation
    • Digital skills
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Problem-solving

    What makes a great pizza chef?

    Pizza chefs have a number of attributes suited to this role. They are passionate about making quality food for customers. Plus, many strive to create new and exciting menus to push the boundaries of the profession. As a pizza chef, you’ll need to showcase your personality and passion through your CV to stand out from the competition.

    What hours do pizza chefs work?

    Work patterns for pizza chefs vary depending on where you work. However, many employers require pizza chefs to be flexible to meet busy periods and holiday season hours.

    Create your own pizza chef CV

    It’s time to write your own CV, which couldn’t be simpler with all the information and handy CV examples above. Our pre-made CV templates give you a head start. You can then choose from tailored content especially for a pizza chef role to help you complete your application on our online builder. It’s all the ingredients you need to secure your next pizza chef job.


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