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Working within a professional kitchen, a commis chef is a junior professional who works under a chef de partie. They might specialise in a particular skill or stage of cooking, while also contributing to the smooth running of the kitchen on a day-to-day basis.

Writing a commis chef CV can be tricky when your work normally speaks for itself, but thankfully, myPerfectCV can help. Here, you’ll find everything you need to cook up your ideal CV – from how to write a CV guide and a professional commis chef CV sample to our proven builder tool.


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    Commis chef CV tips

    Keep your recruiter sweet by following these top tips for writing your commis chef CV.

    • Stick to the facts

      In your work experience section, don’t just list your commis chef responsibilities. By including some facts and figures from your previous positions, you can show off the impact you’ve had in the workplace – whether you helped develop an award-winning menu or secured a 5-star hygiene certificate.
    • Use keywords from the commis chef job description

      If you want your CV to pass an ATS (applicant tracking software), always include a handful of keywords or phrases from the job description. This will make sure your application passes the screening process and is seen by a real recruiter.
    • Proofread your commis chef CV

      Accuracy is an important part of any commis chef role, whether you’re following a recipe or finetuning one of your own. Start on the right foot by carefully proofreading your CV for typos and errors before you send it to your recruiter.
    • Follow a professional commis chef CV example

      For a CV that looks good enough to eat, always follow a professional template from one of our commis chef CV examples. This will make it easy to create a well-presented application that fits neatly onto one page, whether you’re submitting a commis chef CV PDF or word file.
    • Show your personality

      Commis chefs often work as part of a busy kitchen team, so strong interpersonal skills are a must. To help your CV stand out, include some positive adjectives to describe your work ethic and personality – for example, ‘collaborative’, ‘friendly’, and ‘supportive’.

    Commis chef skills to include in your CV

    Commis chef skills range from food preparation to fine dining. Discover the areas of expertise your employer wants to see on your CV.

    Vital skills for your commis chef CV

    • Food preparation
    • Knowledge of food hygiene standards
    • Menu planning
    • Teamwork
    • Communication
    • Customer service

    Bonus skills

    • Time management
    • Presentation
    • Inventory management
    • Health & safety
    • Following instructions

    Sweeten the deal with a personal statement for your commis chef CV

    Your personal statement (sometimes known as a personal summary) is a short paragraph that sits at the top of your commis chef CV. Your recruiter will probably read this section first, so it needs to provide an overview of you as an applicant. This includes your experience level, current position, and professional background.

    To help your CV stand out, make sure to mention your most impressive skills and qualifications here. This will catch your recruiter’s attention and make them want to find out more.

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    Top FAQs about your commis chef CV

    What should I include in a commis chef CV?

    In your commis chef CV, you should include the following sections:

    • A personal statement that outlines your current employment, professional history, and key areas of expertise.
    • A work experience section to showcase your previous experience in other catering positions, with 3-6 bullet points to explain your commis chef duties and achievements in each role.
    • A skills section that bullet points your most competitive hard and soft skills (aim to include around eight).
    • An education section to share your commis chef qualifications and academic background.

    How do I write a cover letter for a commis chef?

    To write a cover letter for a commis chef position, you’ll need to explain how you meet the essential criteria in the job description. Don’t waste a lot of space saying why you want the position. Instead, show your recruiter that you’re a good fit by outlining the skills, experience, and personal qualities that equip you for the role.

    How do I write a commis chef CV?

    If you want to write an effective commis chef CV, you should always include key metrics from your previous positions. Like a good story, your CV should ‘show not tell’. Facts and figures are a great way to demonstrate your impact and show a recruiter what you could achieve in another commis chef role.

    What skills does a commis chef need?

    A commis chef needs a strong combination of practical and interpersonal skills. As well as your impressive cooking skills, you will need to have a knowledge of food regulations to maintain a clean, safe, and successful kitchen environment. Some commis chefs will also interact with clients, whether they’re explaining menus or recommending dishes. This requires excellent customer service skills.

    What is the average commis chef salary in the UK?

    The typical starting salary for a commis chef in the UK is £16,948 a year. According to Jobted, some professionals can earn as much as £30,000. Your salary will depend on factors such as your location and the size of the restaurant you work for.

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    At myPerfectCV, we have everything you need to create your ideal commis chef CV. Read our top tips, discover our professional templates, and tailor your content in our trusted CV builder. Whatever your experience level, you’ll have a recruiter-ready application that will help you take the next step in your commis chef career.

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