Writing a commis chef CV can be tricky when your work normally speaks for itself, but thankfully, myPerfectCV can help. Here, you’ll find everything you need to cook up your ideal CV – from our guide on how to write a CV and a professional commis chef CV sample to our proven builder tool.

You can use our online library of resources like a diverse pantry of ingredients. See what’s proven successful for commis chef candidates in our CV examples. Follow these culinary cues to season your CV in the perfect way to attract new restaurant jobs!

Are you ready to begin writing a commis chef CV? Here’s what we’re about to explore:


    Sample commis chef CV

    commis chef CV example 1

    Jasmine Thomas

    18 Jamieson Walk
    Glasgow G12 1KJ

    Professional summary

    Motivated Commis Chef with 6 years of experience, recognised for assessing operational needs and developing solutions to save costs, improve revenues, and drive customer satisfaction. Resourceful and well-organised with excellent leadership and team-building record.

    Work history

    January 2023 – Current, The Rectory house and the Orangery – Glasgow
    Commis Chef

    • Maintained immaculately clean and tidy working areas in line with food hygiene legislation.
    • Followed precise recipe cards and food preparation procedures.
    • Periodically cleaned kitchen stations in line with sanitation regulations.
      Complied with food safety regulations.

    June 2019 – December 2022, BALIKCHI RESTAURANT – Glasgow
    Commis Chef

    • Contributed to kitchen revenue through effective ingredients cost control and waste minimisation.
    • Consistently ensured excellent food quality standards for outstanding customer satisfaction.
    • Regularly rotated stock and helped to organise incoming deliveries of fresh produce, promoting best inventory management practices.

    March 2016 – May 2019, Oishi Work sushi – Livingston
    Commis Chef

    • Supported senior chefs in preparing original daily menus, showcasing culinary abilities with seasonal produce.
    • Controlled and minimised food waste.
    • Remained calm and effective in fast-paced kitchen environments to promptly deliver high-quality dishes.


    • Quality focused
    • Adept in food hygiene
    • In-store baking
    • Food plating and presentation
    • Expert multitasker
    • Culinary expertise
    • Food preparation techniques
    • Calm under pressure


    2019, City of Glasgow College
    Diploma of Higher Education Cookery

    Commis chef CV template

    Confidence in a job application comes from a well-written CV. To make the CV writing process simple for you, a good starting point is to find a template with a suitable design. Explore our selection of CV templates to find the best one for a commis chef – presenting all your information in the right way and putting you ahead of other candidates.

    Which format is right on a CV for commis chef applicants?

    Your personal statement (sometimes known as a personal summary) is a short paragraph that sits at the top of your commis chef CV. Your recruiter will probably read this section first, so it needs to provide an overview of you as an applicant. This includes your experience level, current position, and professional background.

    To help your CV stand out, make sure to mention your most impressive skills and qualifications here. This will catch your recruiter’s attention and make them want to find out more.

    How to write a CV for a commis chef

    In the following sections of this guide, we will run through how to write a CV for a commis chef. We’ll go in-depth on all of the content you need to include to create a CV that shines and offer some tips and handy formulas to kickstart the writing process. 

    Keep reading as we explore the following:

    What contact details should I include in my commis chef CV?

    The contact details section is a star player in your commis chef CV – don’t let it quietly simmer in the background! How will potential employers set up an interview if they’re left searching for your info?

    Surprisingly, this crucial section is often forgotten by candidates, leading to missed calls, opportunities, and jobs! To get a head start, ensure your contact details take the spotlight near the top of your CV, perhaps in a bolder, larger font. Sprinkle them in early because, just like a well-made dish, you want the employer to know who you are before they dive into the flavours of your CV.

    When adding your contact details to your CV, always make them short and to the point. Remember to add:

    • Your full name – skip your middle name.
    • Location – so your employer knows where you’re based.
    • Phone number – choose a mobile number as this is more accessible.
    • Email address – choose a work-friendly email. 

    Example of contact section for a commis chef CV

    Kiara Connell
    444 Kingsway,
    Manchester, M60 3TT

    Commis chef CV personal statement

    Your personal statement (sometimes known as a personal summary) is a short paragraph that sits at the top of your commis chef CV. Your recruiter will probably read this section first, so it needs to provide an overview of you as an applicant. This includes your experience level, current position, and professional background.

    To help your CV stand out, make sure to mention your most impressive skills and qualifications here. This will catch your recruiter’s attention and make them want to find out more.

    Crafting an impactful personal statement for your commis chef CV starts with the first sentence – a fast intro that makes a good impression. Clearly articulate your career focus, leaving broader goals for later. Concentrate on your experience level in similar roles, aiming for a snappy and engaging tone to hook the reader.

    Transitioning to the second sentence, showcase a real-world accomplishment to impress the reader. Back your claims with a statistic or figure, adding authority to your achievements. You could mention the number of covers you have completed in a night of service as this will give the hiring manager an understanding of the kind of pressure you’re used to dealing with!

    Moving forward, the third and fourth sentences will spotlight your skills and specialisms. If you’re an expert with a knife, or creative with desserts, make sure to mention it! Align your skills with any qualifications mentioned in the job advertisement for added impact.

    To create an effective personal statement, consider these additional tips:
    Choose a third-person perspective for a more professional tone.
    Thoroughly review your statement to ensure it is error-free and clear.
    Infuse engaging language throughout, incorporating action verbs and positive adjectives to captivate the reader.

    Example of personal statement for a commis chef CV

    Accomplished Commis Chef with 11 years proven ability to drive sales growth, reduce costs, and build business relations. Dedicated to food safety, customer service best practices, and quality food service. Specialises in gourmet cooking for high-end restaurants.


    Experienced commis chef with 3 years of experience working in Italian restaurants. Covered the dessert position in a busy kitchen, completing 200 covers per night. Particular skills in food preparation, planning, time management, artisanal desserts and signature dishes.

    Commis chef CV work experience

    For a commis chef, the pivotal segment of your CV will likely be your work experience section. Employers highly value hands-on experience, making it imperative to work on this section most of all. The bulk of your CV should revolve around your work history, detailing relevant roles that showcase the skills and knowledge essential for the position.

    Follow a reverse-chronological format as we suggested above, beginning with your current or most recent job and articulating up to six key responsibilities for each role. Go for responsibilities that vividly highlight the valuable experiences you’ve accumulated.

    Align your CV with the specifics of the job advertisement. If the ad emphasises the importance of “food preparation” or “culinary creativity”, share instances where you demonstrated these skills in previous roles. Always talk about the specifics of the restaurant you used to work in, as this will give the hiring manager more of an understanding of what your specific skills are. 

    Maintain a formal tone throughout, infusing positivity with the strategic use of positive words and action verbs. Choose impactful expressions like “liaised”, “led”, or “conducted” over more passive terms like “responsible for”. Describe yourself using affirmative language such as “organised” or “experienced” to convey a positive professional image.

    Example of work experience for commis chef CV

    Commis Chef, 01/2022 to Current
    The Occidental – Manchester

    • Experimented with new dish creations by incorporating customer recommendations and feedback.
    • Verified compliance in preparation of menu items and customer special requests.
    • Monitored kitchen area and staff to ensure overall safety and proper food handling techniques.

    Commis Chef, 07/2019 to 01/ 2022
    The Paddington – Manchester

    • Maintained and cleaned all kitchen appliances including grill, stove, and oven.
    • Considered seasonal product pricing and availability in development of promotional dishes and menu selections.
    • Worked through busy service periods, completing up to 200 covers a night.

    Top skills for your commis chef CV

    Now we will enhance your CV with a snappy skills CV section. You should aim to add a set of impactful kitchen skills that make your employer interested. It’s important to explain the complete skill set you have. Some companies use ATS software to check through CVs and filter out those who do not have the required skills.

    Because of this, you’ll want to choose up to 12 skills in total, split between hard and soft skills. So, what is the difference between these? In short, hard skills are anything that you have learned through culinary school or on the job. Soft skills are more like positive character traits that make you easy and effective to work with. Get a balance of these to create a comprehensive section that shows the best of you as a person and candidate. 

    Commis chef skills range from food preparation to fine dining. Discover the areas of expertise your employer wants to see on your CV.

    Vital skills for your commis chef CV

    • Food preparation
    • Knowledge of food hygiene standards
    • Menu planning
    • Teamwork
    • Communication
    • Customer service

    Bonus skills

    • Time management
    • Presentation
    • Inventory management
    • Health & safety
    • Following instructions

    Get education right on your commis chef’s CV

    In addition to your hands-on experience and skills, you should also add a short section about your education. This should act as the conclusion of your commis chef CV, offering the hiring manager insights into your academic background.

    Add all of the qualifications that you have that are relevant. This could be university, college, school, or professional training courses. Make sure to highlight any additional certifications or affiliations with important regulatory bodies.

    What’s important for a commis chef when it comes to education? If you’ve been to culinary school, this would be a great time to mention it. Although it’s important to add your qualifications, remember that most kitchens will value hands-on experience over classroom qualifications. It’s a good idea to add qualifications for extra flavour, but not every qualification will be relevant. 

    Make sure to keep the information concise and clear, and don’t use too much of your document in this section. Always add the following details for each qualification you list:

    • Name of the educational institution 
    • Start and end dates of your academic course 
    • Official title of your field of study 
    • Qualification level achieved 
    • Outcome or result of the qualification

    Example of education for commis chef CV

    NVQ Level 3: Food And Professional Cookery, 2023
    The Manchester College – Manchester

    Food Safety Certificate, 2022
    Essential Food Service – Manchester


    Your commis chef CV questions answered

    What should I include in a commis chef CV?

    In your commis chef CV, you should include the following sections:

    • A personal statement that outlines your current employment, professional history, and key areas of expertise.
    • A work experience section to showcase your previous experience in other catering positions, with 3-6 bullet points to explain your commis chef duties and achievements in each role.
    • A skills section that bullet points your most competitive hard and soft skills (aim to include around eight).
    • An education section to share your commis chef qualifications and academic background.

    How do I write a cover letter for a commis chef?

    To write a cover letter for a commis chef position, you’ll need to explain how you meet the essential criteria in the job description. Don’t waste a lot of space saying why you want the position. Instead, show your recruiter that you’re a good fit by outlining the skills, experience, and personal qualities that equip you for the role.

    How do I write a commis chef CV?

    If you want to write an effective commis chef CV, you should always include key metrics from your previous positions. Like a good story, your CV should ‘show not tell’. Facts and figures are a great way to demonstrate your impact and show a recruiter what you could achieve in another commis chef role.

    What skills does a commis chef need?

    A commis chef needs a strong combination of practical and interpersonal skills. As well as your impressive cooking skills, you will need to have a knowledge of food regulations to maintain a clean, safe, and successful kitchen environment. Some commis chefs will also interact with clients, whether they’re explaining menus or recommending dishes. This requires excellent customer service skills.

    What is the average commis chef salary in the UK?

    The typical starting salary for a commis chef in the UK is £16,948 a year. According to Jobted, some professionals can earn as much as £30,000. Your salary will depend on factors such as your location and the size of the restaurant you work for.

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