The perfect CV for kitchen assistant roles is well-presented and concise, reflecting a passion for the role and for the hospitality industry. It outlines any relevant catering or kitchen experience, gives a detailed personal summary, and mentions core skills required for the role.

With our help, you can serve up all of that and more to keep recruiters happy. Use our kitchen assistant CV example as a guide to get a better idea of which duties, responsibilities, and skills to include. Then get started by choosing the perfect kitchen assistant CV template on our online builder.


    Kitchen Assistant CV Sample

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    Kitchen assistant CV templates

    Kitchen assistant CV – personal statement must-haves

    As the opening section on your kitchen assistant CV, your personal statement should pull together all your most relevant and impressive experience, skills, and qualities that you can offer in a kitchen assistant role. That could be a food safety certification, specialist skills like pastry preparation, or just personal qualities like “hard-working” and “team player”.

    As with the rest of your CV, try to tailor it to the kitchen assistant description. If the role involves a lot of stock management, for instance, be sure to highlight your organisational skills from the get-go.

    Kitchen assistant CV – 5 top tips

    If you need a recipe for success on your kitchen assistant CV, look no further than these top tips…

    • Check the ingredients

      You might not think CV writing comes with a list of ingredients. But what about the kitchen assistant job description? UK recruiters will generally list all of the essential and desirable qualities and experience they’re looking for in a candidate. You can then go through them, pick out the boxes you tick, and include them in your CV.

    • Cover all bases

      Kitchen assistant duties can be pretty wide ranging. If you’ve worked in multiple roles, it’s a good idea to mention different duties for each of them. That way, you can cover more kitchen assistant responsibilities without making your CV too long. You might have mastered stock control in all three of your jobs, for example, but there’s no need to keep repeating it. List it for one role, then focus on food preparation in another.

    • Choose the right format

      If you have experience in kitchen assistant jobs or similar, it’s typically best to use a reverse-chronological CV format. This will display your previous roles, starting with the most recent. However, if you’re writing a kitchen assistant CV with no experience, you might want to consider a skills-based format, which focuses on transferable skills.

    • Stay on point

      There’s no need to expand on all of your kitchen assistant roles and responsibilities. When recruiting a kitchen assistant, interview questions will be used to dig a little deeper into your skills and duties, asking for specific examples to back them up. With that in mind, it’s best to keep your CV concise and on point with short, snappy sentences about your experience and skills.

    • Don’t forget to garnish!

      Presentation is crucial to the kitchen assistant role. Your CV is no exception. To finish things off and really impress recruiters, make sure your kitchen assistant CV is pleasing on the eye. Using a pre-made template is an easy way to do this, ensuring that the design and structure are both good to go.

    Kitchen assistant – CV skills

    When it comes to kitchen assistant skills for CV writing, it’s best to combine hard, technical skills with some soft transferable qualities. This will show that you’re capable of fulfilling kitchen assistant duties, but also fitting in to the busy kitchen environment.

    Core kitchen assistant skills

    • Food preparation
    • Safe food handling
    • Menu planning
    • Operating kitchen equipment
    • Stock management
    • Chef support

    Soft skills to set you apart

    • Teamwork
    • Communication
    • Calm under pressure
    • Well organised
    • Physically fit
    • Enthusiastic

    Kitchen assistant CV frequently asked questions

    What does a kitchen assistant do?

    A kitchen assistant is the person who supports the smooth running of a commercial kitchen. They do so by supporting the head chef or other senior members of the kitchen team. That often involves taking on their own kitchen assistant roles and responsibilities like food preparation, as well as responding to ad-hoc requirements, such as unloading deliveries.

    What are the duties of a kitchen assistant?

    The kitchen assistant role typically includes the following duties:

    • Ensuring that food preparation areas are clean and hygienic.
    • Cleaning utensils, food preparation equipment, other tools, and kitchen floors.
    • Preparing ingredients, including washing and chopping.
    • Unloading deliveries and managing the storage cupboards.

    What are kitchen assistant responsibilities?

    As a junior member of the kitchen team, kitchen assistants don’t carry a huge amount of responsibility. That said, chefs may delegate a number of responsibilities relating to food preparation, cleanliness, and stock management, which are critical to keep things ticking in the kitchen.

    What qualifications do you need to be a kitchen assistant?

    You don’t always need qualifications to be a kitchen assistant. Instead, you’ll need the following qualities and skills:

    • An interest in food and catering.
    • Stamina and enthusiasm.
    • Strong communication skills.
    • The ability to work well under pressure.
    • A strong sense of teamwork.

    How much do kitchen assistants get paid?

    Most kitchen assistants get paid around £22,000 a year with entry-level roles generally offering around £20,000. That can rise significantly if you’re working in a high-end restaurant. It can also vary based on the hours you work, with part-time kitchen assistants earning less than those on full-time hours.

    Prepare your kitchen assistant CV to delight recruiters

    Writing a great CV doesn’t have to be as time consuming as food preparation. myPerfectCV provides a recipe for success with a top-rate kitchen assistant CV sample for inspiration, a choice of CV templates to get you started, and an online CV builder that’s packed with pre-written content related to kitchen assistant duties. CV writing has never been so easy to master!


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