From tracking down debtors to negotiating payment plans, debt collection is a varied and challenging career path. If you’re interested in debt collector jobs in the UK, the first step is to create an attention-grabbing CV for recruiters.

That CV isn’t just a summary of your skills, experience, and qualifications. It needs to engage recruiters and show that you’re the perfect fit for debt collector job responsibilities. Whether you’d like to learn more about the average salary of a debt collector or discover professional CV examples for inspiration, we have everything you need to craft a successful CV and ace your application!


    Debt collector CV sample

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    Make a great first impression with a personal statement

    When employers look at your CV, the first thing they’ll set eyes on is your personal statement. If your goal is to score some interviews for amazing debt collector jobs in the UK, your focus should be to perfect that personal statement.

    Keep it short and sweet – 3-4 sentences is all you’ll need. Don’t repeat the content of your work and academic history. Your personal statement should focus on the key skills and achievements that will make you stand out from every other candidate. Spend some time searching through your experience for those key points that will make recruiters take notice.

    Top tips for your debt collector CV

    From demonstrating your skills to giving a professional first impression, here are some key tips for creating a winning debt collector CV.

    • Understand the job description

      It’s important to keep the content of your CV on topic. To do so, start with the debt collector job description. This will contain details of the key competencies you’ll need to demonstrate in the role. Remember, this can vary between different job applications, so ensure you’ve read the description through several times. Take notes of any work or academic experience and skills that fit with the key debt collector job responsibilities.

    • Be clear and concise

      Debt collectors need to be clear when speaking with customers – and that’s no different when approaching potential employers. There’s no need to pad out your debt collector CV with details of irrelevant side jobs. Stick to the work history, qualifications and skills that prove you meet the job responsibilities of a debt collector. Once you’ve written the CV, you should check for spelling or grammatical errors to ensure your CV looks the part.

    • Show off your skills

      Debt collectors need to have strong negotiation skills, keep cool under pressure and communicate well. If you have what it takes, then don’t be tempted to sell yourself short. Your debt collector CV is the perfect place to showcase exactly what you can do. Make sure you can back up those key skills with specific examples of your achievements.

    • Keep it professional

      First impressions make a world of difference. That’s true on the job, and it’s true in a CV. One of the most important job responsibilities of a debt collector is to keep professional under challenging circumstances. If your CV doesn’t reflect that ethos, you’re unlikely to be a successful candidate. Choosing a CV template that reflects your professionality is a major step to making the right impression.

    • Follow the structure

      A CV for debt collectors in the UK will need to follow a set structure:

    • Personal statement outlining your key skills, achievements and future career goals

    • Contact details for employers to get in touch

    • Work history showcasing your achievements in the workplace

    • Academic history evidencing relevant qualifications

    • Skills section for key skills relevant to the role

    Debt collector CV skills

    To be a successful candidate, you need to prove you have the right skills to excel at the job responsibilities of a debt collector. These key skills include:

    Impress employers with these essential skills

    • Customer negotiation
    • Dispute management
    • Communication skills
    • Sales ledger control
    • Numeracy and bookkeeping
    • Excel proficiency

    Transferable skills for a debt collector CV

    • Time management
    • Thrives under pressure
    • Problem solving
    • Adaptability
    • Persuasion techniques
    • Organisational skills

    Top FAQs about your debt collector CV

    What is a debt collector?

    A debt collector is employed by businesses to contact debtors to retrieve any outstanding debts. Debt collector job responsibilities include tracking and contacting debtors to discuss payment options, negotiating payment plans, updating accounts, managing complaints, escalating cases where required – including by serving a court order.

    Some debt collectors visit debtors at their homes to attempt to collect payment, but in most cases, the role involves discussions with debtors over the phone or by letter. In order to collect debts quickly, debt collectors need to build rapport and trust with debtors. They will also need to plan ahead and create a strategy to reclaim the payments. When writing your CV and covering letter, you’ll need to evidence your experience and understanding of the debt collector job description with examples from your own work history.

    How much do debt collectors earn?

    On average, a debt collector salary in the UK is approximately £22,000. However, this can vary depending on experience and qualifications, with the lower end debt collector job salary starting at around £17,000. For highly qualified candidates, the wage of a debt collector in the UK can rise to up to £27,000 per year. When negotiating your salary, be clear on the unique skills and experience you bring to the role – whether that’s your prowess at negotiation or your in-depth legal knowledge.

    How to be a debt collector?

    There are no set academic requirements for debt collector jobs in the UK. However, recruiters will be looking for GCSEs with an A-C grade. NVQs can also be beneficial, particularly in business administration and bookkeeping.

    In terms of work experience, recruiters will be particularly interested in candidates who already have experience in debt collection. However, if you’re new to the field, there are many transferable skills to be found in other job roles, including in finance and accounting. As debt collector job responsibilities include interacting with the public on a frequent basis, customer service experience is also highly valued. Experience in office roles or call centres would also be beneficial.

    Once you’ve found a position you’re interested in applying for, the final stage is to bring together all your experience and skills into a CV. Examine the debt collector job description carefully and pick out relevant skills and experience from your own career to incorporate into your personal statement, work history and academic history.

    Reach out for your perfect job with a debt collector CV

    Debt collection is a rewarding job for those who thrive on problem-solving and negotiation. If you’ve got what it takes, it’s time to get started on creating the perfect CV!

    Why not start by picking out a professional CV template, or reading up on some key CV tips and tricks to make yours stand out. Ready to get started? Our online CV builder takes the hassle out of creating a debt collector CV, so you can focus on brushing up for the interview.


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