The perfect assistant restaurant manager CV focuses on your experience in relevant jobs, along with the specific skills developed in those roles. Staff scheduling, conflict resolution, and effective team management should be evidenced with a progression from junior roles to the current managerial position. As our assistant restaurant manager CV sample shows, this will be complemented by relevant qualifications like a degree in hospitality management or A-Levels in subjects like business studies and maths.

From restaurant assistant manager CV examples, duties, skills, and salaries to CV help and tips and high-quality CV templates, you’ll discover everything you need for a great CV to wow recruiters.


Assistant restaurant manager CV templates

Top tips for your assistant restaurant manager CV

From formatting to using professional CV templates, every little detail counts when it comes to creating your assistant restaurant manager CV. Here are our top tips for your CV…

  • Serve up the job description

    When dealing with customers, you have to get their order just right. Similarly, recruiters will expect your CV to match the person specification they ‘ordered’ in the assistant restaurant manager job description. That’s why you should read it carefully several times before and during writing your CV. Look for key details in the restaurant assistant manager duties that reflect your own experience and skills.

  • Arrange your delicacies

    Once you have your ingredients, it’s time to put it all together. Assistant restaurant managers need to have strong organisational skills to oversee staff. When writing your CV, you need to present your information with clear formatting. The best choice is a reverse chronological CV that displays your work history in reverse order, with the most recent job at the top – so your current achievements are some of the first things recruiters set eyes on. Take a look at an assistant restaurant manager CV sample to see exactly how this format is set out.

  • Dish out your achievements

    To show you can really excel at the restaurant assistant manager job duties, make sure your major career achievements are all on the menu. Rather than a dry list of responsibilities from your old job role, let recruiters know about the time you managed a large team successfully through the busy holiday season, or the award your last restaurant won for its unbeatable customer service.

  • Perfect the presentation

    The best managers have professionalism down to a T, so a good presentation in your CV is a must. Proofread your assistant restaurant manager CV carefully for grammar and spelling before sending it to recruiters. You should also ensure you choose a professional CV template with a clear font, colour scheme, and layout to make it easy for employers to read.

  • Display your specialisms

    Each candidate is unique, and even if this role is new to you, you’ll have far more transferable skills than you might initially think. Maybe you’ve worked as an assistant manager in a hotel and have a strong understanding of customer service, for example. As well as including your specialisms in your CV, a successful cover letter for an assistant restaurant manager should also always draw on your unique strengths.

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Skills to include in your assistant restaurant manager CV

There are many diverse skills a restaurant assistant manager needs to fulfil their job duties. Some of the most important essential skills include...

Must-have skills for a restaurant assistant manager CV

  • Customer service
  • Staff management
  • Performance improvement
  • Accounting
  • Inventory systems
  • Communication

Additional soft skills to wow employers

  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Service-oriented
  • Time management
  • Organisational skills
  • Conflict resolution

Top FAQs about your assistant restaurant manager CV

What are the duties and responsibilities of an assistant restaurant manager?

The job duties of a restaurant assistant manager are pretty wide-ranging. You’ll be in charge of appointing and training new staff members, responding to issues and questions from customers, ensuring health and safety standards are met, restocking the restaurant, processing payroll for staff, recording finances, and opening and closing the restaurant, among other tasks. When writing a CV, you should make sure you include specific examples that show you meet the job description of an assistant restaurant manager.

How to be a good assistant manager in a restaurant?

There are many key skills a restaurant assistant manager needs to succeed in their role. To be a good assistant manager at a restaurant, you need to be able to demonstrate leadership with a team of cooking and waiting staff, strong organisational skills for managing schedules and inventories, conflict resolution to resolve issues with customers, and communication skills to connect and engage with your team and customer base.

How to become an assistant restaurant manager?

There’s more than just one way to become an assistant restaurant manager. Either a degree in hospitality management or a diploma in hospitality leadership make a good first step into the industry, or you could get your foot in the door through an apprenticeship. For these options, you’ll generally need 4-5 GCSEs at a good grade and 1-2 A-levels. Another option is to make your way up to the position through working in the restaurant industry. Examine the job description and some assistant restaurant manager CV examples for more ideas about the academic and work history of ideal candidates.

What is the average restaurant assistant manager salary in the UK?

The average restaurant assistant manager salary in the UK is around £23,000 per year. Meanwhile, entry level positions pay approximately £19,000. The most experienced assistant restaurant managers can earn up to around £27,000 – with the figure rising significantly at high-end establishments.

What are some assistant restaurant manager interview questions?

As well as working on your CV, you should also prepare for any questions you may be asked during the interview process – and ensure your answers align with the details in the work history, academic history, and personal statement of your assistant restaurant manager CV. Some potential interview questions could include:

  • How would you manage a dispute with a difficult customer?
  • What is one way you demonstrated leadership in your previous role?
  • What are the most important health and safety standards to adhere to?
  • What are some cost saving strategies you’ve implemented in previous roles?

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An appetiser for your assistant restaurant manager CV

When employers read your CV, they’re looking for key pieces of information that show you’re perfect for the role. A personal statement is a short piece of text at the start of your CV that summarises your core achievements, skills and experience – and gets them hungry for more.

It only needs to be around 3-4 sentences – and should help recruiters to instantly see what makes you stand out. As you begin writing a CV, look back over your work and academic history for your most attention-grabbing successes to include in your profile.

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Reach out for amazing jobs with an assistant restaurant manager CV

Once you’ve gathered all of the key details of your career, it’s time to get started on creating a CV that will instantly impress recruiters. To start off, take a look at a professional CV example to find the right layout and content to include.

Next, use our online CV builder to create your own professional assistant restaurant manager CV to suit your unique needs. Simply choose a stylish CV template, fill it with polished content written by professionals, then download your completed CV to send off to potential employers.

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