Serve up the best food service CV with help from the experts. Our CV examples provide a recipe for success, showing you how to summarise your experience, skills, and training in the food service sector.

From waiter to shift leader, bartender to bar manager, you can show recruiters and employers what you’ve got to offer, using professional tips and templates.


Which ingredients make a
good food service CV?

Food service is highly competitive - that’s why your CV needs to tick all the boxes like our examples. Take a look at some of the must-haves for your food service CV:

  • Be passionate

    Food service is about providing the best experience for customers. That’s why recruiters desire candidates who care deeply about their job. Show you care with a lively personal statement highlighting your enthusiasm for food service roles.
  • Highlight your skills

    Working in food service, tasks like order taking and cash handling might seem like second nature to you. To employers, these are hugely valuable skills. Try to pick out as many key skills as you can and list them in your CV.
  • Make it readable

    With such varied roles and responsibilities, your food service CV can easily become overwhelming. Make sure you use a concise, professional layout with clear sections and headings, so recruiters can easily skim-read.
  • Stay relevant

    You may have some qualifications that aren’t directly relevant to food service. While they’re definitely worth including, try not to focus on them too much, as you want to show recruiters why you’re a good fit for this role in particular – not that you’ve got your eyes on another prize.

Prepare your food service CV

Building a great food service CV doesn’t have to be as stressful as a busy weekend shift. Using myPerfectCV’s tried-and-tested CV builder, you can choose from professional templates and pre-written content tailored to a range of food service roles. Whether it’s bar work, waiting tables, or management, you’ll find everything you need to make your application shine.


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