Bar management is dynamic, fast-paced, and highly varied. A great bar manager CV will display a passion and aptitude for this environment, backed up by experience in various bartender and bar manager roles. Core skills like rapport-building, leadership, and mixology will be listed alongside specific examples of success such as ‘managing a team of six’ or ‘increasing revenue by 25%’.


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    These 3 recruiter tips can help you prepare a terrific bar manager CV

    • Keep it relevant

      When building your bar manager CV, make sure to avoid stuffing it full of irrelevant information. There’s no need to mention qualifications or experiences that have no connection to bar manager duties. Instead, focus on the skills and qualities you have that are needed for the job.

    • Highlight your leadership skills

      Being a good bar manager involves being a strong leader. You’ll be managing a team of workers, so your CV is your opportunity to show employers that you can be trusted with this responsibility. Mention times in the past when you’ve been in charge of a team and use your personal statement to show confidence.

    • Show off your achievements

      Don’t just simply list past experiences; highlight how you succeeded in those experiences. If you’ve successfully managed a bar in the past to greater revenue rates or higher customer satisfaction, for example, be sure to mention this and other accomplishments in your CV.


    A few common questions and answers about bar manager CVs

    How do you write a bar manager CV?

    A bar manager CV should follow a clear and easy-to-read structure. It should include contact information at the top of the page, along with your name, and a personal statement. It should also include relevant lists of experience, skills, and training, each laid out in their own headed sections.

    What does a good bar manager personal statement look like?

    The personal statement of your bar manager CV is where you can show off some of your personality. Use this to demonstrate your relevant skills and qualities, like your leadership abilities or your general confidence, and communication skills. The statement should be concise but filled with useful information for a recruiter.

    What should a bar manager CV look like?

    A bar manager CV needs to be well-presented, without any errors or mistakes. Make sure you double-check and read through each section to avoid these errors. It should include all the relevant information, and it shouldn’t be any longer than one or two pages.

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