Not only is an assistant restaurant manager a rewarding job title, but it could very well provide opportunities for further advancement in the future. This role requires discipline, motivation, and the ability to work with others. Any candidate needs to present themselves in the correct manner. This will often begin with a well-written curriculum vitae.

As such a task can be slightly confusing, it is wise to take a look below at our assistant restaurant manager CV sample. This template can provide the clarity required to appreciate how such a document should be written. Best of all, we’ve paired CV template with plenty of comprehensive advice on how to complete each section:


    Sample assistant restaurant manager CV


    Therese Hartington

    22 Pippington Place, Bristol BS1 0HG


    Professional summary

    Highly proactive manager with 10 years of experience in team leadership in food industry. Background includes sales, management and customer service in fast-paced settings.

    Work history

    April 2017 – Current

    Blanco&Rojo – Bristol

    Assistant Restaurant Manager

    • Clearly and promptly communicated pertinent information to staff, maintaining knowledgeable service teams.
    • Taught in-person and online piano lessons, allowing for maximum flexibility to suit student needs.
    • Supported musicians in developing self-expression through music, encouraging music composition and adaptation.

    February 2013 – March 2017

    Bon Appetit – Bristol

    Junior Operations Manager

    • Developed, recommended and implemented strategies to improve employee work quality and speed.
    • Monitored and reviewed operational performance, aiding improved business strategy to maximise productivity.
    • Minimised discrepancies by effectively training employees on best practices, policies and procedures.


    • Marketing and advertising
    • Cost-controls
    • Performance management
    • External recruitment
    • Profit optimisation
    • Employee management
    • Inventory control and record keeping
    • Wage management
    • Strong work ethic


    Bristol University Bristol – 2012

    Bachelor of Science Accounting and Finance

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    Assistant restaurant manager CV template

    Assistant restaurant manager CV format

    Before putting pen to paper, you must choose the correct CV format for your application. There are two widely accepted variations in the UK – the reverse-chronological CV and skills-based CV. The former highlights your employment history, while the latter focuses on transferable knowledge.

    Skills-based CVs aren’t suitable for assistant restaurant managers because you need to demonstrate tangible experience. It’s not enough to say you’re enthusiastic or friendly – employers want to know that you can hit the ground running. At the very least, they’ll demand examples of leadership qualities. Preferably, you’ll have worked in the food and hospitality sector for several years.

    Thankfully, crafting a reverse-chronological CV is easy, thanks to its easy-to-follow and formulaic structure. Include the following sections, and list your work history starting from your current or most recent position:

    • Up-to-date contact details – name, location, email address, and phone number
    • Engaging personal summary – three to four sentences explaining why you’re the best person for the job
    • Work history – include up to six duties for each role
    • Key skills – attributes that set you apart from the competition, like being bilingual
    • Qualifications – academic and industry-specific
    • Additional information – relevant personal interests are great for roles in restaurants

    It’s also a good idea to mention that all further references will be immediately produced upon request. The role has countless responsibilities, so recruiters typically need three to four glowing character endorsements to prove your credentials. Make sure to have them to hand.

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    How to write a CV for an assistant restaurant manager

    Writing an assistant restaurant manager CV isn’t rocket science. We recommend breaking down each section to make the task feel more manageable – you can always come back to it later if you’ve run out of steam. Alongside the following tips and tricks, remember to:

    • Tailor your CV to the job description – keep information relevant to the role you’re applying for
    • Use numbers to substantiate expertise – for example, you might have managed a busy restaurant with over 500 covers per night
    • Remove the fluff – the best CVs are concise, around one to two pages long

    Ready to create a compelling CV? We’ll break down how to write a CV for you step-by-step, covering:

    Adding contact details to your assistant restaurant manager CV

    You’d be surprised how many people forget to add their contact details to their CVs. This makes the employer’s job much harder, and they rarely take it upon themselves to search online. If you want a callback, you must place the following at the top of the page:

    • Your full name – minus the middle name
    • Your current address – you don’t have to note your exact location
    • Your phone number – the best one to reach you on
    • Your email – ensure it’s work appropriate

    Example of contact section for an assistant restaurant manager CV

    Sarah Place
    Cricketfield Lane
    Bristol, BR48 7BW

    Start your assistant restaurant manager CV with a personal statement

    A personal statement is your chance to shine and outline what you can bring to the role. It’s the first thing an employer reads on opening your CV, so it must grab their attention and keep them wanting more!

    This brief snapshot of your professional life draws attention to your proudest accomplishments and most sought-after attributes. Use three to four punchy sentences to explain:

    • Who you are – including years of experience and future career goals
    • What you can achieve – substantiated by statistics
    • How you can achieve it – shout about your strengths and specialisms

    As a rule, your personal statement should be:

    • Written in the third person to sound more professional
    • Peppered with positive adjectives, like “dedicated”, and “welcoming”
    • Concise (nobody likes a waffler)

    Example of personal statement for an assistant restaurant manager CV

    Assistant restaurant manager with eight years of experience within the restaurant industry. Thorough knowledge of all in-house operations and adept at dealing with the needs of the client. Worked for boutique restaurants as well as franchised chain properties. Able to keep calm in high-pressure environments.


    Motivated shift leader with over a decade of experience in the food and hospitality industry. A strong team player who develops long-term relationships with employees and senior staff alike. Searching for an establishment which can provide room for upward mobility within a friendly environment. More than happy to undergo any additional training or qualifications as may be required.

    Adding work experience to your assistant restaurant manager CV

    The work experience section of your assistant restaurant manager CV will generate the most interest from employers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase your aptitude for the role through past achievements, job-specific skills, and desirable personality traits. Additionally, it reveals:

    • Responsibilities you’re comfortable with
    • How long you typically stay with a company
    • Career progression – whether you’ve been consistently promoted
    • The results you can bring to the table

    The structure is pretty straightforward. Starting from your current or most recent position, include:

    • Company name
    • Job title
    • Length of employment
    • Duties – between three to six for each role

    Above all else, make this section interesting to read. Employers receive hundreds of CVs, so you want yours to stand out. As well as prioritising positive adjectives and action verbs, such as “performed”, “accomplished”, and “fulfilled”, back up your claims with data. For instance, what sounds more impressive?

    “Helped chefs to create a new seasonal menu.”


    “Implemented a brand-new seasonal menu that increased revenue by 37% in the first week of service”.

    Lastly, double-check your writing for repetitiveness. If you’ve run through health and safety standards in one job, concentrate on budgeting in another. This will provide a more well-rounded view of your talents.

    Example of work experience for an assistant restaurant manager CV

    2012-Present: Assistant Restaurant Manager at Steak House London Duties involve:

    • Training new employees.
    • Daily quality control checks.
    • Inventory monitoring and placing orders.
    • End-of-day closing operations.

    2007-2009: Assistant Chef at Rosy Lee Cafe Job roles entailed:

    • The preparation of foods within regulatory guidelines
    • Responsible for rotating produce and perishables.
    • Creating and sending orders to food distributors.

    Assistant restaurant manager CV skills

    Assistant restaurant managers need a wealth of skills to be effective at their job. Some are more technical and specific, such as daily quality control checks, inventory monitoring, and training new employees. Others speak to your personality, like the ability to remain calm under pressure and motivate others. Combined, these hard and soft CV skills show employers the scope of your capabilities.

    Our top guidance for this section includes:

    • Reread the job advertisement – identify key skills in the spec, then use a few of them in your CV
    • Keep information relevant – although you might make a mean lemon meringue pie, it’s hardly applicable to the role
    • Use soft skills to tell employers more about you as a person and hard skills to reassure them of your expertise

    Here are some ideas to get you started:

    Essential skills for an assistant restaurant manager

    • CIEH-approved Food Safety/Hygiene Certification
    • HSE compliance in catering and hospitality
    • The ability to work within a high-pressure environment
    • A team player
    • Excellent communicative skills

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Certified Training Manager: Cambridge Association of Managers (CAM)
    • CPR Training Certificate: UK Resuscitation Council
    • Bilingual (English and Spanish)
    • Problem-solving capabilities
    • Marketing experience

    Outlining education on an assistant restaurant manager CV

    While employment history is the most essential part of your assistant restaurant manager CV, an in-depth education section can be the difference if you’re up against equally experienced candidates. There are multiple routes into this career, so what are employers looking for?

    Most importantly, they want to see that you have a business or managerial background, whether through an academic qualification or additional training. Popular university degrees include:

    • Accounting and Finance
    • Business, Management, and Administration Studies
    • Economics

    If you have always wanted to work in the restaurant sector, you might have studied Hospitality Management – of course, this will give you the edge over non-industry-trained contenders!

    Many assistant restaurant managers have no formal education. Instead, they work their way up the ladder, learning from senior employees and completing on-the-job training or apprenticeships. Nevertheless, they’ll often possess:

    • Level 1 Award in Introduction to Employment in the Hospitality Industry
    • Level 1 Certificate in Food and Beverage Service
    • Level 2 Diploma in Professional Food and Beverage Service

    You should mention these additional certificates in place of or alongside school and university achievements, treating them much the same as any other award.

    When listing education or other qualifications, include the following:

    • School, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study and graduation dates
    • Qualification level – e.g. GSCE, A Level
    • Subject title – not required for high school

    Example education section for an assistant restaurant manager

    Lancaster University: 2000-2003 Accounting and Finance BSc (Honours): 2:1

    Lancaster College: 1998-2000 3 A Levels: English (B), Food Tech (A), Business Studies (B)

    Morecambe High School: 1993 – 1998 8 GCSEs: Grades A – C

    Pair your assistant restaurant manager CV with a cover letter

    The best CV is nothing without a powerful and well-structured cover letter that summarises your capabilities. However, we understand that not everyone is a natural wordsmith, so we’ve put together some tips to simplify the process.

    Wondering how to write a cover letter? Simply split the prose into three to four paragraphs recapping:

    • Who you are and the purpose of the letter – the introduction shouldn’t be longer than three to four sentences
    • Relevant skills and experience – the main body reiterates the benefits the company will gain by hiring you
    • Why you’re interested in the role – the conclusion finishes on a high note with bundles of enthusiasm for the next steps

    Top tips for assistant restaurant manager CV writing

    • Spotlight your work experience

      Real-world experience in the food and hospitality sector will catch the employer's attention – most won't hire individuals who don't know the difference between a T-bone and tenderloin! This is fantastic news for people who want to progress in their restaurant careers. As long as you can demonstrate industry knowledge, you could be invited to an interview without a managerial background.
    • Don't forget about soft skills

      Resist the temptation to stuff your CV with dozens of job-specific hard skills – while they're important, they don't show much individuality. Let employers know more about your personality and how you like to communicate. Attributes like "friendliness", "empathy", and "patience" are vital when you're managing a diverse team.
    • Keep it brief and to the point

      Hiring managers don't need to know about your paper round or lemonade stand. Instead, they usually gravitate towards your most recent roles. Limit your CV to one or two pages, and only include your last three jobs.
    • Emphasise your leadership qualities

      Managers must prove their leadership qualities, especially if they're applying for a role within a busier setting. Offer concrete examples of the times you've surpassed expectations, and validate your success with numbers.

    Your assistant restaurant manager CV questions answered

    What are the responsibilities of an assistant restaurant manager?

    An assistant restaurant manager has numerous responsibilities spanning every area of the business. Some days, they might assist the servers in meeting and greeting customers. Other days, they could be planning next month’s budget. Duties include but are not limited to:

    • Designing and marketing brand-new menus
    • Supervising and mentoring employees
    • Overseeing the food inventory
    • Maintaining health and safety standards
    • Recruiting new talent and devising training manuals
    • Dealing with customer complaints and queries

    What are the skills of an assistant restaurant manager?

    Becoming an assistant restaurant manager is a considerable commitment. You’ll supervise a diverse team of personalities, ages, and beliefs. As such, you must possess a range of soft skills alongside the job-specific ones mentioned above. They include:

    • Patience in high-pressure environments
    • Friendliness and approachability
    • Empathy – employees will come to you with their concerns
    • Impeccable attention to detail
    • The ability to multi-task – prepare to be pulled in all directions
    • Time management skills

    Is an assistant manager a managerial position?

    The short answer is yes! An assistant manager is integral to a restaurant’s operations. They support the manager in day-to-day tasks and collaborate on projects to guarantee future success. When the manager takes a much-needed holiday, the assistant will temporarily absorb their duties.

    Is being an assistant restaurant manager a hard job?

    Any managerial position comes with unique challenges. However, the role is enriching, pushing people to become the very best versions of themselves. If you’re worried about applying, don’t be – you’ll usually receive extensive training from the manager and senior team.

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