The food and beverage industry is an interesting field, and there are several unique opportunities for those seeking employment. Still, the competition can be stiff, and firms tend to look for candidates who present themselves in the most professional manner.

This is when the power of a well-crafted CV becomes clear. Countless job-seekers are unsure of what information to include, while others may not have a template to follow. This food and beverage assistant CV sample can be used as an outline when preparing a document for a future interview.

Alongside implementing the below advice, we suggest reading our expert CV examples. You’ll find plenty of content and design inspiration to help you get a head start on landing your dream job. With less to worry about, you’ll feel more confident fleshing out the all-important details. Ready to learn more? Scroll down to explore:


    Sample food and beverage assistant CV

    Food and beverage assistant CV Sample

    Diane Wells

    101 Kings Road

    Leeds LS1 9PJ


    Professional summary

    Productive Food and Beverage Assistant with proven record of high-quality performance in fast-paced environments. Supports food service operations with adaptability and resourcefulness. Excellent attention to detail and superior time management skills.

    Work history

    August 2021 – Current

    John’s Tavern – Leeds

    Food and Beverage Assistant

    • Cultivated clean and tidy restaurant and bar areas, minimising potential health and safety risks.
    • Maintained thorough food, drink and menu knowledge, providing expert assistance with customer selections.
    • Ensured guests felt listened to and understood when managing complex food service complaints.
    • Enforced rules for cleanliness and sanitisation to ensure constant compliance with health and food safety standards.

    October 2018 – July 2021

    Summer Dining – Leeds

    Food Server and Assistant Shift Manager

    • Served meals and drinks with professionalism and skill, maintaining high presentation and quality standards.
    • Thoroughly cleaned dining areas, waiting areas and bathrooms to maintain guest comfort and hygiene.
    • Regularly communicated with kitchen and bar staff to maintain smooth front of house operations, minimising potential service delays.
    • Assisted customers with menu selection, offering knowledge of current special dishes and personal recommendations to build rapport.


    • Drinks upselling
    • Cash handling
    • Special event catering
    • Just In Time stock control
    • Menu knowledge
    • Barista expertise



    Leeds College Leeds

    A-Levels Hospitality (A), English (B), and Geography (C)

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    Food and beverage assistant CV template

    Creating a food and beverage assistant CV doesn’t have to be complicated with our specialist resources. Our online builder, CV examples, and pre-made CV templates simplify the process to boost your chances of getting through to the interview stage!

    What is the best format for your food and beverage assistant CV?

    While content is king, it’s not the only crucial thing when CV writing. Before tackling each section, you must choose between popular CV formats. Using the correct structure highlights your experience, skills, and qualifications in the best possible light. Plus, busy hiring managers always appreciate candidates who put a little extra effort into their presentation!

    There are two widely accepted formats in the UK – the reverse-chronological CV and the skills-based CV. As you’d expect, the former runs through your employment history, starting from your current or most recent role. The latter is more suitable for those with minimal or no relevant experience. It concentrates on transferable skills, such as “customer service”, “teamwork”, and “time management”.

    So, which is best for a food and beverage assistant? It depends. We always recommend using a reverse-chronological structure because employers prefer applicants who can hit the ground running. However, you don’t necessarily need a background in hospitality. Many roles are casual, temporary, or seasonal, meaning hiring speed trumps experience (although it’s better to have both).

    How else can you stand out from the competition? Try to:

    • Keep your CV one to two pages long maximum
    • Use headings, sections, and bullet points to improve readability
    • Type in a professional font like Times New Roman or Arial
    • Don’t clutter the page with images or too much colour
    • Download and send your CV as a Word or PDF file unless another format is requested

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    How to write a CV for a food and beverage assistant

    The following sections will teach you how to write a CV that launches you miles ahead of the competition. We’ll break the process down into bite-sized chunks, so you don’t feel overwhelmed or confused. Plus, we’ll answer some of your most common CV writing questions towards the end. Keep reading as we run through:

    How to add contact details to your food and beverage assistant CV

    The first step towards success is highlighting your most up-to-date contact details at the top of your CV, preferably in a slightly larger or bolder font. Otherwise, how else will the hiring manager contact you about the next steps? Remember to include the following information:

    • Your full name – first name and surname
    • Your current address – including county and postcode
    • Your phone number – the best one to reach you on
    • Your email – keep it work appropriate

    Example of contact section for a food and beverage assistant CV

    Amelia Lane
    29 Birch Avenue,
    Maple Town,
    Essex, EN19 0SL,

    Start your food and beverage assistant CV with a personal statement

    Unfortunately, humans have short attention spans. As such, you must quickly catch the hiring manager’s attention and reel them in. That’s where a persuasive personal statement can help – it’s a catchy introduction that summarises your most irresistible achievements, skills, and qualifications. While it sounds simple enough, you only have three to four sentences to get your point across. Not sure where to start? We suggest using the formal below.

    The first sentence wows with your years of experience and career focus. The second sentence centrepieces a showstopping statistic that proves what you can achieve. For instance, you might have “won ten industry awards” or “served at over 100 high-profile dining events”. Finally, the third and fourth sentences dive into your unique skills and specialisms. Whether you’re a master mixologist or wine connoisseur, mentioning your areas of expertise will give you a competitive edge.

    Arguably, the second sentence is the most compelling because it proves you can hit the ground running. Perhaps, you introduced a new software update that boosted productivity by 95%? You might have successfully resolved over 500 user queries in a month, topping the customer service leaderboard. Don’t be afraid to shout about your achievements – employers love confidence when it’s based on facts!

    Formula aside, here are some more pointers for a polished personal statement that packs a mighty punch:

    • Stick to the word count – between 50 – 100 words is ideal
    • Write in the third person to sound more professional
    • Keep the tone formal – avoid jokes and jargon
    • Ensure all information is relevant to the job advertisement
    • Don’t copy what you see online – discuss what makes you special

    Example of personal statement for a food and beverage assistant CV

    A passionate individual with five years of experience within the food and beverage industry. Confident in tackling challenges head-on with a solid work ethic and relevant qualifications from accredited institutions. Familiar with the basic concepts of food handling, storage, inventory, and customer relations.


    An energetic and motivated food and beverage assistant with over three years of experience. Trained over 100 casual dining staff and served at over 250 high-profile events. More than happy to work as a part of a team and function independently if the need arises. Specialisms include large weddings and cocktail mixing.

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    Adding experience section to your food and beverage assistant CV

    The career background section offers employers a fascinating insight into your strengths, accomplishments, and work ethic. Alongside painting a picture of you as a professional, it reveals how long you typically stay with an organisation and whether you’ve received any promotions. Our top advice? What you don’t say is just as important as what you do – hiring managers will identify gaps in your knowledge as potential weaknesses.

    Start from your current or most recent position and list three to six responsibilities for each – more for relevant roles that reflect the job advertisement. Run through the following information:

    • Job title
    • Employment start and end dates
    • Company name
    • Company location
    • Brief list of responsibilities
    • Workplace achievements

    Like the personal statement, we advise backing up your skills with figures. After all, the more specific and factual you can be, the more convincing you’ll sound. Let’s say you “ensured all food met hygienic standards” – can you explain how or produce an outcome? You might have “earned five stars in a Food Standards Agency inspection” or “provided food hygiene training to over 200 employees”.

    Busy decision-makers receive hundreds of applications for one position, meaning you want yours to stand out. Consequently, uplift the tone with plenty of positive adjectives and inspiring action verbs. You might be “trustworthy”, “personable”, and “thorough”. Action verbs are exciting ways to open sentences. Some of our favourites for food and beverage assistants include “coordinated”, “upsold”, and “recommended”.

    Lastly, cover as many duties as possible to show the employer the scope of your capabilities. If you’ve mentioned “inventory management” underneath one job, talk about “serving food and drinks to clients” in another.

    Example of work experience for a food and beverage assistant CV

    Assistant Bartender | Whizz Events, Birmingham | August 2021 – Present

    Roles currently include:

    • Serving food and drinks to clients.
    • Inventory management.
    • Sanitation and food safety.
    • Offering expert advice on food and wine pairings.
    • Providing exceptional customer service.

    Food Server and Assistant Shift Manager | Summer Dining Ltd, Wolverhampton | October 2018 – July 2021

    Duties involved:

    • Supervised a large team of assistants..
    • Ensured all food met hygienic standards.
    • Cash flow management.
    • Provided training to new employees.

    Assistant Chef | Party Time Corporation, Birmingham | January 2015 – September 2018

    Responsibilities revolved around:

    • All aspects of food preparation.
    • Stock and inventory analyses
    • Quality control.
    • Creating new menus.

    Top skills for your food and beverage assistant CV

    A glittering selection of your best CV skills is a fantastic opportunity to reassure the employer you have the practical and transferable knowledge to succeed. On top of this, grouping your top talents together makes it easier for CV scanning software to do its job. We recommend highlighting around 12 skills, split evenly between hard skills and soft skills.

    What’s the difference? Hard skills are technical and teachable – anyone can pick them up with enough commitment and training. Examples include “food preparation”, “setting dining tables”, and “serving drinks”. In contrast, soft skills are character-based and much harder to learn, making them priceless to employers. You might be “detail-oriented”, “dependable”, and “flexible”.

    Both are equally crucial if you want to impress the employer. You might have all the practical knowledge in the world but no charm or charisma. On the other hand, a brilliant personality doesn’t compensate for lack of tangible experience.

    Need some more guidance? Read through the below lists for inspiration:

    Essential skills for a food and beverage assistant

    • Extensive food and beverage knowledge
    • Understanding of the best food hygiene practices
    • Exceptional customer service skills
    • Personable and friendly approach
    • Good physical fitness

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Driving licence
    • Skilled in leadership roles
    • Working knowledge of inventory and stock rotation
    • Ability to place orders
    • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Office and Excel 2016 (XLSTAT) for Mac

    How to add education to your food and beverage assistant CV

    Education is the foundation for experience, proving you have the essential knowledge to surpass expectations. Plus, when you’re up against equally talented candidates, it often sets you apart as the more attractive choice. You can talk about school, college, and university, extracurricular training, adult learning certificates, and other relevant credentials.

    How do you become a food and beverage assistant? You don’t necessarily need a formal education because you’ll receive on-the-job training. Moreover, employers usually prioritise a positive, can-do attitude over qualifications.

    With that said, you’ll always be in a stronger position if you have the proper credentials. Search for hospitality courses, such as the “Level 1 Award in Professional Food and Beverage Service Skills” and “Level 2 Certificate in Professional Food and Beverage Service”. Alternatively, look for apprenticeships to enhance your skills.

    When outlining your education, list the following:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Qualification level – e.g. GCSE or Level 1 Diploma
    • Qualification result

    Example of education for a food and beverage assistant CV

    City & Guilds, London | January 2020 – January 2022
    Food and Beverage Services Level 2 (8066).
    Diploma in Supervision of Food and Beverage Services Level 3 (6103).
    Introduction to the Hospitality Industry (SCQF 4).

    University of London | September 2017 – September 2019
    BA in Hospitality Management (Hons.): First-class honours

    London College | August 2015 – August 2017
    3 A levels: Hospitality (A), English (B), and Geography (C)

    Top dos and don’ts for food and beverage assistant CV writing


    • DO attach a cover letter A thoughtful cover letter is an effective tool that convinces employers you’re the right person for the job. Alongside summarising your most sought-after qualities, it shows bundles of enthusiasm. What’s more, it’s a great place to include additional or contextual information, such as your notice period or why there are gaps in your employment history.
    • DO mention your specialisms Food and beverage assistants work in multiple industries and environments. Consequently, it’s a good idea to mention your specialisms in your personal statement and cover letter. You might have experience in wedding banquets or festivals. Are you stronger behind the bar or in the kitchen? Providing this information will help recruiters send your application to the right people.


    • DON’T skip over soft skillsFood and beverage assistants spend most of their time around customers, so soft skills matter. Employers prefer friendly, approachable, and sociable candidates – everything else can be learnt on the job. We suggest listing your most attractive qualities at the top of your CV, underneath the personal statement.
    • DON’T forget to spellcheckSpelling mistakes are lazy, especially as there are so many free spell checkers online. Take advantage of these resources and ask a trusted friend, family member, or colleague to give you some feedback. You’ll be surprised what a fresh pair of eyes can pick up!

    Your food and beverage assistant CV questions answered

    What is the role of a food and beverage assistant?

    Food and beverage assistants ensure banquets run without a hitch. The position requires everyone to chip in because there are countless facets to a successful dining event. One minute, you might be serving behind the bar, and the next chopping vegetables in the kitchen. Key duties include:

    • Serving customers and keeping buffets fully stocked
    • Setting tables and arranging rooms before events
    • Memorising menus and offering recommendations
    • Taking payments, issuing receipts, and processing refunds
    • Implementing food hygiene standards

    What skills do you need to be a good food and beverage assistant?

    As you can imagine, the most successful food and beverage assistants are passionate about everything gourmet. Additionally, they have experience working in busy dining and bar settings. Some of the primary skills employers search for include:

    • Food and beverage knowledge
    • Basic food preparation and mixology skills
    • Experience with point-of-sales systems
    • Understanding of food hygiene
    • Dining room management

    What are the qualities of a good food and beverage assistant?

    Alongside practical skills, food and beverage assistants must possess the right transferable qualities. The position can be demanding, so you’ll need deep reserves of patience and a knack for conflict resolution – not to mention a gregarious nature. Top traits include:

    • Diligence
    • Accountability
    • Friendliness
    • Charisma
    • Attention to detail

    What questions are asked in a food and beverage interview?

    Congratulations! You’ve made it to the interview stage. The next step is anticipating and preparing for some of the questions you might be asked. While we can’t give you a definitive list, here are several that pop up time and time again:

    • How would you deal with challenging customers?
    • What food qualifications do you have?
    • Why are you interested in this position?
    • How do you provide excellent customer service?
    • Do you have experience working in a team?

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    This concise food and beverage assistant CV sample serves as an outline for applicants who are looking to improve their presentation or are confused about how to begin.

    There are many other tools found throughout this website which can help to leave a lasting impression during any job interview, including our expert CV examples and pre-made CV templates – where you’ll find a layout suitable for every food and beverage assistant role. Combined with well written content that can be filtered for a wide range of hospitality job roles, they’ll help you land your next job in no time!

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