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If you love hospitality, being social, and managing people, being a head bartender will suit you down to the ground. An effective CV for a head bartender role is easy to skim read, presenting bar management experience in a concise and simple layout. The perfect CV showcases key bartending skills such as serving customers, making cocktails, and managing teams, while also providing an overview of your work history and qualifications.


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    What do you recruiters look for in head bartender CVs?

    It can be tricky to know where to start when writing a new CV and to know what to include to stand out. For advice how to write a CV take a look at our example head bartender CV and get to grips with what recruiters will be looking for:

    • Clear career progression

      For example, if you show that you started as a ‘glass collector’ and progressed to a position as ‘head bartender’ so the recruiter sees how quickly you have progressed. This demonstrates to employers that you’re constantly improving and developing, but also that you understand all the different roles involved in the running of a bar.

    • Education and skills

      Within the skills section of your CV, you should include a concise summary of your key capabilities. For any role requiring ‘mixology’ or ‘staff training’, an employer will be able to quickly scan and decide that you are potentially a good fit for the role.

    • A strong personal statement

      Your CV should open with a strong personal summary. Giving the recruiter an indication of your personality, establish rapport and showcase your key skills and experiences such as staff recruitment and high-end service.

    Important skills for your head bartender CV

    As a head bartender you’ll be responsible for the successful running of a bar. Your employer will therefore need to know that you are capable of managing a team whilst serving drinks accurately.

    Essential skills for head bartender positions

    • Thrives under pressure
    • Mathematical aptitude
    • Exceptional customer service
    • Inventory management
    • Bar terminology
    • Service of alcohol certification

    Additional skills to help your head bartender CV stand out

    • Exemplary customer service
    • Mixology expert
    • Effective multi-tasker
    • Wine pairing knowledge

    Frequently asked questions about head bartender CVs

    What does a head bartender do?

    A head bartender oversees the overall operation of the bar. Reporting to the general or area manager, they supervise stock while ensuring customers enjoy a positive experience. A key part of the role also includes training, ensuring that employees know how to make drinks and operate the bar.

    What is the difference between a bartender and a head bartender?

    While a head bartender will be overseeing the bar, a bartender will be performing most of the daily duties. A bartender serves customers, cleans the bar, and sets up at the start of the day. They’ll also have to change barrels. Meanwhile, head bartenders will be managing the workload of the staff and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

    What should I include on my head bartender CV?

    Aside from standard information like your email, phone number, and address, make sure you include a powerful personal statement to open your head bartender CV with a bang! Have you won any industry awards for cocktail making, or for excellent service within your bar or hotel? Include them. Include experience that is quantifiable, such as, “trained 5 bartenders in the art of upselling, increasing per-person spend to £50.”

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