When beginning your job application, a head bartender CV sample is a terrific place to start. Using the sample as your guide, you’ll be able to create a record of your career experience, skills, and qualifications that display your best qualities as a candidate.

CV examples give you endless design and content ideas to help you get moving. These will cover everything from your personal statement to your top qualifications, so you have a head start when getting your important information down on the page.

At myPerfectCV, we’ve combined that with lots of advice, tips, and tricks to guide you through the process. That includes some dos and don’ts, answers to frequently asked questions, and advice on the best format.

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    Sample head bartender CV

    Head bartender CV sample

    David Dunne

    8 Holgate Rd, Bristol BS2 9NF

    Professional summary

    Friendly and outgoing Head Bartender with excellent interpersonal communication strengths. Capable of processing payments, handling food and meeting customer demands with a diligent and well-organised mentality. Certified in mixology.

    Work history

    April 2023 – Current
    Excellence – Bristol, Head Bartender

    • Maintained bar stocks, replenishing daily as necessary.
    • Engaged with guests to create positive rapport, encouraging loyalty and repeat visits.
    • Followed safe serving requirements, monitoring guest behaviour and discontinuing service to inebriated customers.
    • Set effective employee schedules, maintaining full coverage at peak times and minimising labour costs.

    April 2020 – March 2023
    Drunken Cat – Bristol, Bartender

    • Provided efficient food and drinks service for high levels of customer satisfaction.
    • Followed safe serving requirements, monitoring guest behaviour and discontinuing service to inebriated customers.
    • Created friendly, welcoming atmosphere to encourage positive guest experiences, prolonging visits to increase profitability.
    • Changed beer kegs safely and efficiently, consistently following health and hygiene guidelines.


    • Beer, wine and cocktail service
    • Till balancing
    • Marketing and sales experience
    • Cocktail list development
    • Strong communication
    • Problem-solving
    • Employee training
    • Outstanding customer service


    Bristol Training Centre

    Bristol High School
    5 GCSEs at Grade B – C, including English and Maths

    Head bartender CV template

    It can be difficult to write a compelling CV from scratch. But it’s much easier if you use the online resources at your disposal. As well as comprehensive how-to guides, we offer a range of premade CV templates through our online CV builder. With a little help, you’ll be able to create a CV that sets you apart from all the other candidates.

    What is the best format for your head bartender CV?

    When crafting your head bartender CV, it’s crucial to consider your CV format to ensure it’s reader-friendly, logically structured, and ATS-compatible. You don’t need to create a format from scratch. Instead, opt for one of the well-established CV formats to impress potential employers.

    Among the various styles available, two formats stand out as favourites among recruiters – the reverse-chronological CV and the skills-based CV.

    This first of these formats presents your employment history, beginning with your current or most recent role. It’s particularly suitable for a head bartender CV because it showcases your relevant experience in a clear timeline. Hiring managers in the hospitality industry prefer candidates with hands-on experience, as it reduces the time needed for training and ensures a seamless service for customers.

    While less common for head bartender roles, a skills-based CV can still be effective if you want to emphasise transferable skills like “time management”, “communication”, and “attention to detail”. In this format, you highlight your competencies and attributes rather than your work history. Be sure to accentuate a positive, can-do attitude and a strong willingness to learn if you choose this approach.

    Here are some other tips for your head bartender CV:

    • Keep your CV concise, ideally one to two pages, to ensure it is easily digestible. If printing, consider using double-sided pages for the convenience of the employer.
    • Choose a professional and easy-to-read font, such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri.
    • Use clear headings, well-defined sections, and bullet point lists to organise your information.
    • Customise your CV for each job application, aligning your qualifications with the specific job advertisement. 
    • Unless instructed otherwise, send your CV as either a PDF or Word document to ensure compatibility with the recipient’s software.

    How to write a CV for head bartender

    Now that you’ve selected the appropriate format for your head bartender CV, it’s time to delve into the specifics. In the following sections, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of how to write a CV for a head bartender position, ensuring you approach potential employers with confidence.

    We’ll provide insights on what details to include, how to present them effectively, and address some of the most frequently asked questions about CV writing.

    Here’s what’s on the menu:

    Adding contact details to your head bartender CV

    It may be surprising, but numerous candidates often overlook the first step of including their current contact information at the top of their head bartender CV.

    This oversight can frustrate hiring managers and stop them from reaching out to you for further steps in the hiring process. To avoid this common mistake, be sure to display your contact details near the header, preferably using a slightly larger or bold font to ensure top readability. Here’s what you should include:

    • Full name: Include both your first name and surname.
    • Location: Specify your location, including your county and postcode.
    • Phone number: Provide your mobile number, as it is typically the most accessible.
    • Email address: Ensure your email address is work-appropriate.

    Example of contact section for head bartender CV

    Brett Hawkins

    53 Church Way, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S19TH



    How to write a personal statement for your head bartender CV

    Looking to make the perfect first impression? You should write a tailored personal statement. It should summarise your most important achievements, skills, and qualifications based on the job at hand. A hiring manager will favour a candidate who gets to business right away. Unfortunately, you don’t have unlimited space to place with. Instead, you’ll need to convey all your strengths in three to four sentences.

    When crafting your head bartender CV’s introductory section, it’s important to follow this structure for maximum impact. Begin by introducing yourself, highlighting your years of experience and your career focus, which might include prestigious establishments like top cocktail bars.

    In sentence two, give them an idea of your capabilities with concrete evidence. Provide examples of your accomplishments, such as managing a sizable team, earning multiple awards, or achieving a remarkable five-star rating. Include these achievements to impress potential employers.

    Your third and fourth sentences are all about displaying your unique skills and areas of expertise, which could encompass specialties like cocktail making and creation. Showcase your proficiency in these areas to set yourself apart.

    To make your personal statement compelling, ensure to remember these key tips:

    • Write in the third person to maintain a professional tone.
    • Keep your introduction concise, typically between 50 to 100 words, to maintain reader engagement.
    • Maintain a friendly, formal, and polite tone throughout the section.
    • Incorporate keywords and phrases from the job advertisement to demonstrate your suitability for the role.
    • Avoid discussing your career ambitions in this section. You can keep them for your cover letter.

    Example of personal statement for head bartender CV

    Skilled bartender with four years of experience in a variety of high-level cocktail bars. Created several new mixtures and won “cocktail of the year” at the Annual Cocktail Making Competition 2022. Particular skills in fast service, teamwork, and mentoring.


    Experienced bartender with over eight years of comprehensive experience in diverse, upscale cocktail bars. Nominated for the 2021 International Bartender’s Award in 2021. Strengths include precise service, team management, and cocktail creation.

    Adding work experience to your head bartender CV

    The work experience section of your head bartender CV is arguably the most important. It’s the way a hiring manager will be able to assess your experience against the job requirements. This section is all about unravelling your core strengths and notable achievements.

    Begin with your current or most recent role, and meticulously outline up to six key responsibilities for each position, placing a particular emphasis on those that closely align with the job description.

    Make sure that you include:

    • Job title
    • Employment start and end dates
    • Company name
    • Company location
    • A comprehensive list of key tasks
    • Any noteworthy achievements, awards, or promotions that underscore your contributions.

    Example of work experience for head bartender CV

    Head Bartender at The Cocktail Lounge, Birmingham

    March 2022 – Present

    • Created new drinks, curating a dynamic cocktail menu that blends creativity with customer preferences, resulting in a 15% increase in cocktail sales.
    • Lead a team of five bartenders, fostering a collaborative environment and conducting regular training sessions that improved overall skills and customer service.
    • Created staff rotas for effective service at peak hours.

    Bartender at The Cocktail House, Birmingham

    April 2019 – March 2022

    • Increased the bar’s reputation for craft cocktails by designing and introducing a signature cocktail menu, resulting in a 10% boost in overall beverage sales.
    • Became a mentor to junior bartenders, providing guidance in mixology techniques and customer service, leading to two promotions within the team.
    • Worked on shift making drinks, assisting customers, and carrying out tasks required by the bar manager.

    Head bartender CV skills

    As a head bartender you’ll be responsible for the successful running of a bar. Your employer will therefore need to know that you are capable of managing a team whilst serving drinks accurately. This is why you’ll want to create a CV skills section that gives an overview of your main strengths and specialisms. Although short and to the point, this section may be the difference between a call and an employer ignoring your CV.

    You’ll want to break down your CV skills into hard and soft skills. Try to add 8-12 in total. Hard skills are anything you’ve learned on the job, or qualifications you’ve picked up across your career. Soft skills, in contrast, are skills that help paint a picture of you as a candidate. For example, you might be “reliable” or “efficient” whilst working on the bar.

    Adding a balance between these two skill groups is important to show yourself as a well-rounded candidate. A hiring manager won’t want somebody who doesn’t have the practical skills to work the bar, but at the same time they also need somebody with a strong sense of character. As long as you can strike a balance, you will paint a picture of a person who is perfect for the job role.

    Essential skills for a head bartender CV

    • Thrives under pressure
    • Mathematical aptitude
    • Exceptional customer service
    • Inventory management
    • Bar terminology
    • Service of alcohol certification

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Good problem solver
    • Exemplary customer service
    • Mixology expert
    • Effective multi-tasker
    • Wine pairing knowledge
    • Great interpersonal skills

    Outlining education on a head bartender CV

    The education section of your head bartender CV is the foundation that helps to support the rest of your application. This is your chance to show any important qualifications and professional training you’ve undertaken. All of this will help to elevate you above other candidates.

    When detailing your education, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Firstly, ensure that you don’t mention poor grades or incomplete courses, as they won’t impress the hiring manager. Focus on your noteworthy achievements instead that will jump off of the page. Secondly, you’re going to need to be concise, especially when discussing older qualifications like GCSEs, particularly if you’ve completed higher education. Maximise the value of limited space in every section of your CV.

    While it’s not a strict requirement for becoming a head bartender, having relevant qualifications can enhance your prospects. For instance, if you’ve pursued formal training in bar management or mixology, consider highlighting qualifications such as “cocktail making” and “team building.”

    When listing your education, use the below format:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Qualification level – e.g. Level 3 Diploma or NVQ
    • Qualification result

    Example of education for a head bartender CV

    Birmingham Training Centre

    June 2022 – September 2022

    Mixology Course

    BarQual Online College

    June 2021

    Health and Safety Course

    Guildford High School

    September 2015 – July 2020

    5 GCSEs at Grade B – C, including English and Maths

    Dos and don’ts for your head bartender CV

    It can be tricky to know where to start when writing a new CV and to know what to include to stand out. For advice how to write a CV take a look at our example head bartender CV and get to grips with what recruiters will be looking for:


    • For example, if you show that you started as a ‘glass collector’ and progressed to a position as ‘head bartender’ so the recruiter sees how quickly you have progressed. This demonstrates to employers that you’re constantly improving and developing, but also that you understand all the different roles involved in the running of a bar.

    • Within the skills section of your CV, you should include a concise summary of your key capabilities. For any role requiring ‘mixology’ or ‘staff training’, an employer will be able to quickly scan and decide that you are potentially a good fit for the role.


    • Your CV should open with a strong personal summary. Giving the recruiter an indication of your personality, establish rapport and showcase your key skills and experiences such as staff recruitment and high-end service.

    • A cover letter is an extension of your CV that you should not miss. It is a document you can include that will go into more depth about your experience and career focus. It would be your opportunity to justify some of your work experience and help the hiring manager to understand a little more about you as a candidate.


    Your head bartender CV questions answered

    What does a head bartender do?

    A head bartender oversees the overall operation of the bar. Reporting to the general or area manager, they supervise stock while ensuring customers enjoy a positive experience. A key part of the role also includes training, ensuring that employees know how to make drinks and operate the bar.

    What is the difference between a bartender and a head bartender?

    While a head bartender will be overseeing the bar, a bartender will be performing most of the daily duties. A bartender serves customers, cleans the bar, and sets up at the start of the day. They’ll also have to change barrels. Meanwhile, head bartenders will be managing the workload of the staff and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

    What should I include on my head bartender CV?

    Aside from standard information like your email, phone number, and address, make sure you include a powerful personal statement to open your head bartender CV with a bang! Have you won any industry awards for cocktail making, or for excellent service within your bar or hotel? Include them. Include experience that is quantifiable, such as, “trained 5 bartenders in the art of upselling, increasing per-person spend to £50”.

    Is there room for creativity in the role of a head bartender?

    Creativity is a vital part of the job of a head bartender position. This can be important when creating menus, new drinks, tailored cocktails, and much more. It’s also a chance to showcase your talent to a potential employer, so make sure you add this to your CV or cover letter.

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