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Graphic design is a rewarding creative career, with many unique and varied opportunities. The perfect graphic designer CV outlines your relevant qualifications like a BA in graphic design, as well as your extensive experience of working with clients. It highlights your ability to design brands, deliver projects, and drive revenue through hands-on work experience.


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    What do recruiters look for in a graphic designer CV?

    Our graphic designer CV example shows you exactly what a high impact CV should look like. From design and layout to content, here are 3 key tips from recruiters to help you get it right:

    • Choose the right template

      The CV template you choose should reflect your design sensibilities, but mostly should detail your experience and list your skills. Recruiters want to see your career history in your CV and will refer to your design portfolio with samples of your work to see your creative abilities.

    • Use bullet points

      Rather than writing long paragraphs or sentences, use punchy bullet points which keep things concise and easy for a recruiter to skim. Recruiters love brevity!

    • Show a diverse skillset

      By including a diverse range of hard skills like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, logo and brand creation, alongside soft skills such as leadership, attention to detail, and great customer service - you can show your versatility.

    Essential skills for your graphic design CV

    The skills listed on your graphic designer CV must show that you know how to respond to client demands, design and deliver projects, and work to specific briefs.

    Must-have skills for graphic designers

    • Expertise in software including Adobe® Illustrator, Photoshop, and Inkscape
    • Website design
    • Corporate branding
    • Logo creation
    • Production standards
    • Illustration
    • Research skills
    • Project Management

    Additional skills to help your CV beat the competition

    • Originality
    • Teamwork
    • Ability to effectively plan
    • Budgeting
    • Understanding of licensed products
    • Marketing know-how
    • Time management skills
    • Written and verbal communication
    • Leadership

    Frequently asked questions about graphic designer CVs

    What should a graphic designer put on a CV?

    A graphic designer should put their formal qualifications and work experience on their CV:

    • The jobs you’ve held, in reverse chronological order.
    • Achievements and responsibilities from each post.
    • Specific facts and figures to show how effectively you handled your responsibilities.
    • A list of skills, like website design and infographics, that showcase your versatility.
    • If you have one, a link to your design portfolio.

    How do I get my CV noticed?

    Get your CV noticed by using a CV template that’s visually impressive:

    • Clear headings and short sections.
    • Lists and bullet points to convey maximum information.
    • A CV template with a simple layout and plenty of white space around the text.
    • Keeping it brief and to the point.
    • Including a link to your design portfolio.

    How do I make a graphic designer CV?

    You make a graphic designer CV by including key details that demonstrate your experience, versatility, and creative approach as a graphic designer:

    • Create a personal statement that briefly summarises your ambitions and experience.
    • Highlight the formal qualifications and professional accreditations you hold.
    • Include skills like product development, corporate branding, and client liaison.
    • Check carefully for spelling and grammar mistakes.
    • Use our CV builder to make a perfect graphic design CV quickly and easily.

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