They say the best way to make money is through bricks and mortar – and the UK real estate industry is a perfect example of this. With our property market CV examples, you’ll learn how to present your selling and negotiation skills, as well as arrange your experience in the best way.


Unlock your next role with
these CV pointers

From selling and negotiation to the knowledge of property law, the property industry calls for friendly and knowledgeable applicants. Learn how to showcase these skills with our real estate CV tips:

  • Start with a unique personal statement

    Working in property means you have to be a people person, so show this off with a unique personal statement. Talk about your personal qualities and your proven success in previous roles, keeping to no more than four lines.
  • Keep it succinct

    Just like your opening statement, your real estate CV should be concise – ideally no more than two A4 pages. You can achieve this by sticking to relevant roles and revising your language.
  • Use numbers to quantify your achievements

    Many real estate roles may be focused on numbers. For example, an estate agent might want to draw attention to the number of houses sold over a specific amount of time.
  • Don’t go back more than ten years

    As the UK housing market changes so often, recruiters will be most interested in what you’ve achieved in the last ten years. Trim any roles that may not enhance your application, for example, temporary jobs not relevant to the industry.
  • Download your real estate CV

    Our CV examples, like this housing officer example, will help you organise your experience appropriately. Then simply download in Word or PDF to send to recruiters.

Bring it home with the myPerfectCV builder

For tips on presentation, language, and tricks of the trade, try the myPerfectCV builder. You’ll find a number of features to perfect your property market application, from spell-checking to ATS-compliant templates. Sell your skills and negotiate your way to your next role, like a true estate agent with our CV builder! Get started today.


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