Procurement managers (sometimes known as purchasing managers) are responsible for buying equipment, services, and tools to help a business succeed. They can work in a range of industries, but their goal is always the same: to source the best-quality products for the best possible prices. So, how can you create a CV that does your skills justice?

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    Procurement manager CV templates

    Write a persuasive personal statement for your procurement manager CV

    Your personal statement, or personal summary, is a short paragraph that sits at the top of your procurement manager CV. In just a couple of sentences, your personal statement needs to persuade your recruiter that you’re a competitive applicant for the role.

    To impress your recruiter, make sure to include your most impressive selling points in this section – whether it’s a qualification, key skill, or area of expertise. Highlight the abilities you’d bring to a new position and focus on what you can do for them, as opposed to explaining why you want the job.

    Procurement manager CV tips

    As a procurement manager, you know how to negotiate the best deals. Make sure you’re getting the most from your CV by following our top tips from UK recruiters below.

    • Calculate your achievements

      When it comes to profits and loss, procurement managers need to have their finger on the pulse. Show your recruiter you can take care of the numbers by including key metrics from your previous positions – for example, perhaps you decreased expenses by 5% or consistently procured goods at a 10% discount.

    • Follow a procurement manager CV template

      A professional template will help your CV stand out from the crowd and make it much easier to read. Whether you need a procurement manager CV PDF, Word document, or TXT file, our templates are downloadable in a range of formats to help you create a recruiter-ready CV today.

    • Highlight your leadership

      There are two aspects to a procurement manager role. As well as the procurement side of your job, you’ll also need to have impressive leadership abilities to head a team and encourage them to perform at their best. That means it’s crucial to demonstrate your leadership skill in the work experience section of your CV.

    • Proofread your procurement manager CV

      As a procurement manager, your role will include negotiating terms for a contract and finalising deals. This means attention to detail is a must, so always proofread your application for typos, grammar errors, or inaccuracies before you press ‘submit’.

    • Show some character

      Much like a salesperson, procurement managers need to have excellent interpersonal skills to secure competitive deals. In your personal statement, highlight the personal qualities that make you great at your job – whether that’s your confidence, your communication, or your networking skill.

    Procurement manager skills to include in your CV

    From market research to negotiation, procurement managers need an impressive combination of skills. Tick every box by including these must-have skills on your CV and cover letter.

    Essential skills for your procurement manager CV

    • Communication (written & verbal)
    • Market research
    • Negotiation
    • Budgeting
    • Leadership
    • Risk management

    Bonus skills

    • Computer skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Contract drafting
    • Time management
    • Business strategy

    Top FAQs about your procurement manager CV

    What is the role of a procurement manager?

    Procurement managers are responsible for sourcing and buying the goods a business needs to succeed – whether that’s a new software package, a piece of machinery, or even office supplies. The procurement manager role description will vary from industry to industry; for example, some procurement managers may work on behalf of retail stores. These professionals may be tasked with procuring new products for the company to sell to customers.

    What is a procurement manager duties?

    The duties you’re likely to find on a procurement manager job description include carrying out market research to identify new products, meeting with suppliers to negotiate contracts, testing products or services, drawing up procurement budgets, managing junior employees, delivering updates to management and key stakeholders, and calculating profits and loss. If you work for a manufacturing company, you may also be responsible for sourcing the individual components needed to make your products. Ultimately, the procurement manager role and responsibility is to help companies maximise profitability through careful purchasing decisions.

    What skills should a procurement manager have?

    A procurement manager needs to have a strong combination of administrative, interpersonal, and business skills. These include inventory management, organisation, and maintaining supplier databases. They must also be confident when meeting with suppliers and negotiating contracts. Because some business relationships might be long-term, a procurement manager should have skills such as relationship building to maintain strong connections with the companies in its supply chain.

    How do you become a procurement manager?

    To become a procurement manager, you will probably need a relevant undergraduate degree or diploma. Depending on your industry, this could be in a subject such as business studies, logistics, sales and marketing, or fashion buying. Once you’ve got an academic achievement, you will need to work your way up into a managerial position from a more junior role (for example, procurement officer).

    What is the average procurement manager salary in the UK?

    Because procurement manager is a senior position, you could earn anything from around £45,000 to £145,000 a year. Your exact salary will depend on factors such as the size of your company, your location, and your experience level.

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