Our professional team leader CV examples are an invaluable resource when writing your CV too. Using them as a starting point can be a great way to kickstart the writing process and understand what a successful CV looks like.

Ready to begin your team leader CV? In the following sections we will cover:


    Sample team leader CV

    Team leader CV Sample

    Bella Harris

    19A Johnson Road
    Glasgow G1 4DH

    Professional summary

    Talented Team Leader experienced and dedicated to enhancing employee satisfaction and business success. Diplomatic and friendly with a proven commitment to employee training. Hardworking team player bringing the necessary experience and knowledge to tackle any operational demand.

    Work history

    March 2023 – Current
    Fashion Junction – Glasgow
    Team Leader

    • Provided leadership and direction for employees, supervising activities to drive productivity and efficiency.
    • Fostered positive employee relationships through communication, training and coaching.
    • Followed opening, closing and shift changeover procedures for seamless operations.
    • Professionally handled difficult customer complaints and objections to maintain first-class customer service standards.

    January 2018 – February 2023
    Glamour Boutique – Glasgow
    Senior Sales Associate

    • Updated product labelling and pricing to reflect discounts and offers.
    • Operated cash registers with accuracy and processed cash and card transactions.
    • Incentivised team by creating a reward scheme.
    • Replenished floor stock and processed deliveries promptly, maximising product availability for customers.


    Cost-effective budget control
    Key Performance Indicator (KPI) management
    Employee performance reviews
    Customer relationship management
    Team development strategies
    Sales transaction management
    Superior communication skills
    Concise time management


    Glasgow High School Glasgow
    High School Diploma

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    Team leader CV template

    Want to learn how you can create a CV that leads the way to new opportunities? With the right formulas and resources, as well as some hand-picked CV templates, you’ll be able to create a CV that recruiters love. Using a premade template is a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything in your CV and get the design right in the process.

    Which format is right on a CV for team leader applicants?

    As a team leader, the first step in crafting your CV is picking the right format. Think of this as the skeleton of your document – on which you can add all your details and selling points in a clear and appealing manner.

    You’ll notice that most team leader CV examples (UK) have a similar structure. That’s because the reverse-chronological format is the most suitable and widely accepted for UK candidates who have experience. Given that the role itself requires experience, your team leader CV format should follow the same structure with your name and contact details, a personal statement, work history (starting with your most recent role, skills, and finally your education. If you’re struggling to get it right, a CV template for team leader roles can make things easier.

    This format focuses on your professional journey, starting with your current or most recent job and working its way back. It gives a thorough overview of your experience, which makes up the main body of the document.

    Choosing the reverse-chronological layout is a good idea because leadership roles often require a solid track record. However, if you’re stepping into leadership for the first time, you can always tweak this format to emphasise skills and leadership training instead of direct experience.

    Here are some simple tips when considering your team leader format:

    • Submit your CV in a Word or PDF format.
    • Aim for a CV that’s one to two pages long.
    • Use font size and line spacing to adjust the overall length.
    • Stick to a professional font such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri.

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    How to write a CV for a team leader

    In the following sections, we’re going to explain how to write a CV for a team leader. We’ll focus on content, teaching you the most important sections of information for you to include and what exactly to talk about.

    Here’s what we’ll cover:

    How to add contact details to your team leader CV

    An often-forgotten section of a CV is the contact details. These should be somewhere near the top of your document and should clearly state important information. Why is this section so important? Imagine you are an employer, searching through CVs and trying to find the best candidate for the position of a team leader. You come across a CV that looks promising, but when you try to contact the candidate, you can’t find any contact details!

    Don’t miss out on this important section. When writing your contact details, always include the following:

    • Your name, excluding your middle name.
    • Your address, so the employer knows where you’re based.
    • A mobile number, so you can be easily reached.
    • A work-appropriate email address.

    Example of contact section for team leader CV

    Leanne Tegg
    24 Old Kings Road,
    Leeds LS18JP

    Team leader CV personal statement

    Your personal statement or professional summary is essentially a team leader CV description, which introduces recruiters to your key skills, qualifications, and experience. To make it recruiter-friendly, keep your team leader CV summary down to 3-4 sentences.

    To achieve this, simply use the following formula. Begin with an opening statement that introduces you to the reader. Make sure that this line is short and snappy. It should indicate who you are, as well as your experience level.

    Moving onto your second sentence, focus on an impressive feat you have achieved within a similar position. You’ll need to use a specific example, preferably with a stat or figure to back it up. What do we mean by a stat or figure? Any real-life number that appears impressive. For example, if you’ve previously worked in a busy retail environment, you could say that you “led a team of 20 customer assistants during a busy holiday period”.

    Your third and fourth sentences should be reserved for highlighting any unique skills you may possess. This is where you can explain what makes you stand out.

    Mention your years of experience and focus on your leadership qualities like “excellent time management” and “staff supervision”. It’s also a good time to underline any specialism you have, whether it’s public sector call centres, fashion warehousing, or food manufacturing.

    Example of personal statement for team leader CV

    Organised Team Leader with 14 years of experience. Builds positive rapport, inspires trust and guides teams to achieve organisational goals. Strong facilitator, trainer and mentor.


    Compassionate team leader with 5 years of experience working in busy retail environments. Led a team of 20 customer assistants during a busy holiday period, increasing sales by 25%. Particular skills in teambuilding, training, customer relations and task management.

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    Team leader CV work experience

    Being a team leader in a retail environment is an especially practical job. Because of this, many hiring managers will be searching for candidates who have hands-on experience in the role. This is why the work experience section of your CV is one of the most important in your document. In fact, it could be the first section they read if they are skimming through multiple CVs.

    With this in mind, you’re going to need to create a clear work history, especially if you have chosen a reverse-chronological CV. Begin with your current or most recent role, then work backwards through time, highlighting each of your most important and relevant roles, and exploring some of the responsibilities you had while you worked in them.

    You need to make sure that each responsibility you include is unique. Don’t repeat responsibilities as this won’t add to a positive picture of you as a candidate. Instead, make sure that each responsibility adds an arrow to your quiver – you want to show the reader that you have a dynamic range of skills and experiences to draw from.

    You should keep the tone of this section formal but upbeat throughout. Use positive adjectives to describe yourself. For example, you might be “experienced”, or “responsive”. Similarly, you should use action verbs to replace “responsible for”. You can write about how you “supervised” a team, or “assisted” customers.

    Example of work experience for a team leader CV

    Counters Ltd.
    Team Leader | Leads | January 2022 – Current

    • Provided leadership and direction for employees, supervising activities to drive productivity and efficiency.
    • Fostered positive employee relationships through effective communication, training, and career development coaching.
    • Monitored multiple databases to keep track of all company inventory.
    • Improved company review rating by 5.8%

    Leeds Innovation Campus
    Customer Service Team Leader | Leeds | February 2019 – January 2022

    • Communicated and coordinated with multiple departments, including Customer Service and Public Relations, to improve online customer ratings.
    • Managed a team of 21 employees, overseeing the hiring, training, and professional growth of employees.
    • Implemented a new team onboarding program, reducing training time from eight weeks to five.
    • Obtained documents, clearances, certificates, and approvals from local agencies.

    Great skills to add to your team leader CV

    The skills section is a pivotal part of any CV. Ideally, you want to include a mixture of job-specific team leader skills and transferable personal qualities. Another way of looking at these is hard and soft skills. Hard skills are anything you’ve learned on the job or through education. For example, staff management or recruitment skills. Soft skills, in contrast, are more like positive character traits. You should aim to add a mix of these, up to 12 if you can, as they will show to the hiring manager that you are an experienced and colourful person who is the right candidate for the position.

    Team leader skills – CV must-haves

    • Staff management
    • Recruitment
    • Performance monitoring
    • Strategy creation
    • Familiar with team management software

    Personal qualities of a good team leader

    • Leadership skills
    • Clear communication
    • Calm under pressure
    • Well organised
    • Good delegator
    • Motivated

    Team leader CV education

    The final section of your CV should be dedicated to your educational history. This is where you can prove you have the brains to go along with your skills and experience. To begin, there aren’t likely to be many academic requirements for the role of a team leader in retail – this is because practical experience working with team members and customers is far more important.

    However, you should endeavour to add all of your most impressive academic achievements to your CV. If you have any relevant courses or training programs, this would be the perfect place to include them.

    When adding in your educational history, always include the following:

    • Name of the educational institution.
    • Start and end dates of your course.
    • Official title of your field of study.
    • Qualification level achieved.

    Example of education for a team leader CV

    Leeds University
    2020 – 2023
    Bachelor of Science – Customer Relationship Management
    Graduated with Merit

    Leeds College
    A Levels in Maths, Science, English
    A, A, B

    Dos and don’ts for your team leader CV

    Want to build a CV that’s just as good as our team leader CV sample? Here’s how to showcase all the right team leader qualities…


    • DO always check the team leader job description

      Not sure where to begin with your team leader CV? UK job descriptions are a great place to start. Any team leader’s job description will outline plenty of universal requirements like skills and personal qualities. Or, even better, use the job description for a specific team leader role to really target your CV.

    • DO tailor to the job

      Team leader responsibilities can vary quite a bit depending on the environment you’re working in. You’ll find a lot of differences between a call centre team leader CV example and one for a warehouse, for instance. With that in mind, it’s important that your CV for team leader roles is tailored to the job you’re applying for. Make sure all of your experience is relevant to the sector or environment you’ll be working in.


    • DON’T forget to show your team leader qualities

      Going beyond team leader duties, CV applications should have some qualities and values in the mix. Be sure to emphasise your leadership qualities, mentioning the size of teams you’ve led with any specific achievements. You should also highlight the key values of a team leader, using terms like target-driven and determined in your team leader CV profile.

    • DON’T overdo it

      As a team leader, you’ll know the importance of KPIs and getting things done on time. Recruiters have the same time constraints, which is why it’s important that your CV for team leader roles is concise and easy to read. Try to keep the total length down to one page (or two pages maximum), using bullet points for your skills section and work history. You can then expand on them, if required, when answering the team leader interview questions.


    Your team leader CV questions answered

    What is a team leader?

    A team leader is someone who runs a specific team of staff within an organisation. They’re typically hired in larger organisations, including call centres, warehouses, and production centres.

    What is the role of a team leader?

    While a manager takes responsibility for the performance of an entire company or department, the team leader’s role is specifically about the management and performance of their team. They may also need to feed back to their own manager on a regular basis.

    What does a team leader do?

    Team leader duties combine a range of administrative and management tasks, including:

    • Monitoring performance
    • Preparing reports
    • Holding team briefings and one-to-ones
    • Recruiting new members of their team
    • Scheduling shifts

    What are the responsibilities of a team leader at work?

    Team leader responsibilities typically relate to the performance of their team in line with key performance indicators. It’s their job to identify if their team or specific members of staff are not performing at the right level and take steps to improve things.

    What makes a good team leader?

    Qualities of a good team leader include self-motivation, great organisation, clear communication, and strong leadership. You should also possess the key values of a team leader, including a good work-ethic and target-driven approach.

    How much does a team leader earn?

    The average team leader salary in the UK starts at around £28,000 for those who are new to the position. It can soon rise to upwards of £35,000 for experienced candidates or those working in high-accountability roles.

    How to become a great team leader?

    To become a great team leader, you’ll need to put your work ethic and leadership qualities into everything you do. A degree or diploma in business management or a related subject can help you excel in your role too.

    How do you show leadership on a CV?

    As you can see in our team leader’s CV example, leadership can be shown on a CV in the skills section and work history. Use clear examples of occasions where you led or managed a team, with figures to support this. Short, concise points such as ‘managed team of 21 employees’ or ‘lead operations of 21-seat call centre’ are ideal leadership examples.

    What qualifications do you need to become a team leader?

    While a relevant qualification like a degree in Customer Relationship Management is beneficial, skills like leadership and fostering positive employee relationships are more valued in team leader roles. Strong work experience is also important, and an ideal team leader’s CV will provide evidence to support job duties, such as ‘reducing training time from 8 weeks to 5’.

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