You’ll find buyers in every facet of consumer retail and trade around the world. As a buyer, it is your responsibility to make crucial decisions for a company, whether it’s buying raw materials, clothing, or stationery. Learn how to highlight your negotiation, decision-making, and analytical skills with our buyer CV examples, helping you stand out from the candidate pool.


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    • Always tailor your CV

      It’s no good sending the same CV out for every buyer role. Make sure to include keywords from the job description to tailor your CV to each application. Whether they’re looking for someone with experience purchasing a particular raw material, or a candidate who’s confident negotiating rates, include relevant key phrases to help your CV stand out.

    • Show attention to detail

      Buyers need to be able to pick up on the smallest details when reading a contract. Show recruiters you’re up to the task by making sure your CV is impeccable. Always proofread for typos and grammar mistakes before sending your CV into the world.

    • Stand out from the competition

      Competition for buyer roles can be fierce, so give yourself the edge by letting your personality stand out. Use powerful words to describe your work ethic, whether you’re ‘enthusiastic’, ‘conscientious’, or ‘collaborative’.


    Top FAQs about writing your buyer CV

    What makes an excellent buyer CV?

    People hiring for buyer roles can see hundreds of CVs per position. Using a clear structure is the best way to make sure your CV stands out and doesn’t get discounted without a second look. Include 4-5 bullet points per experience to keep your application clear, concise, and easy to read.

    What are the main responsibilities of a buyer?

    The primary responsibility of a buyer is to source products or materials, either for a business to use directly or to sell on. This involves monitoring the market to find the best items and prices, negotiating with sellers, and maintaining an inventory database.

    What are the essential qualities of a buyer?

    A buyer needs to have in-depth market knowledge, with strong communication skills to negotiate the price of bulk orders if necessary. They should be well-organised to keep track of purchases and know when stock needs replacing.

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