Administration is a demanding and exciting field where you can expect no day to be the same. People in admin assistant jobs keep businesses throughout the UK thriving, and nowhere is this better illustrated than our UK administrative assistant CV examples.

The perfect administrative assistant CV is clear, concise, and organised, reflecting your highly efficient nature. A great administration assistant CV will illustrate your experience, from day-to-day admin tasks such as filing, meeting planning, and data entry, and specific real-world examples – on top of education and training.


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    Administrative assistant CV templates

    Administer the ultimate personal statement

    Also known as a professional summary, your personal statement is a short paragraph that introduces you as a candidate. It should concisely sum up your administrative assistant skills and mention any administration qualification you have.

    Stick to 3-4 sentences that make recruiters want to read on. You can list more specific administrative assistant competencies, examples of your duties, and achievements in your work history.

    Top tips for your admin assistant CV

    Do you want to know exactly what recruiters look for in admin assistant CVs? Our perfect CV example shows you how to use the right structure and design to highlight key information and showcase your best administration abilities:

    • Be easy to get hold of

      It may sound obvious, but ensure you don’t miss any of your details, such as your full legal name, email and physical address, and telephone numbers so that recruiters can easily get hold of you. With myPerfectCV your administrative assistant CV won’t miss a beat, as we give you pointers along the way.

    • Give them the keyword memo

      Key skills like ‘highly organised and meticulous’ are highlighted immediately get employers interested. Back up your administrative assistant skills with a concise summary of experience – ‘coordinated management meetings, high-level conference calls, special events, and travel arrangements’.

    • Don’t (photo)copy the same skills and experience

      Tell recruiters something different about each job. Repetition of your skills and experience is monotonous, and you need to keep recruiters interested. Try to highlight distinct admin assistant duties and skills developed in each role, such as coordinating calendars, event planning, or corporate liaison. Above all else, this will help to display your adaptability and versatility.

    • Tailor your CV to the admin assistant job description

      Specific admin assistant duties can vary from business to business, and it’s important that your CV matches what recruiters are looking for. With that in mind, read through the administrative assistant job description and make sure any key responsibilities are reflected by the skills and duties listed in your CV.

    • Stand out with a stylish template

      With so many people applying for administrative assistant jobs, you’ll want to differentiate yourself however you can. An impressive design is one way to do exactly that. To make things easy, use a pre-made administrative assistant CV template, striking the perfect balance between appealing and professional.

    Administrative assistant skills to include in your CV

    Administration is the beating heart of any business. Needless to say, employers want competent staff to keep everything in order. Here’s how to show you’re ready for admin assistant duties:

    Must-have skills for admin assistant positions

    • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
    • Data management
    • Event coordination
    • File organisation
    • Invoicing and billing
    • Clear written and verbal communication

    Complementary skills to help your CV stand out

    • Attention to detail
    • Good grammar and spelling
    • Familiar with industry terminology
    • Fast typing – test your words-per-minute and accuracy online for the added wow factor!
    • Good phone manner
    • Basic accounting knowledge

    Top FAQs about your admin assistant CV

    What is administrative work, and what is an admin job?

    Put simply, administration refers to the work involved in running something. In business terms, it’s the processes necessary to keep a business ticking. Phone calls, record keeping, reception duties, and meeting coordination are all covered by administrative work (or admin for short).

    What is an administrative assistant?

    An administrative assistant is a junior role within the administrative process. As the name suggests, they assist with the administration side of a business, taking on their own responsibilities day-to-day as well as helping with the ad-hoc requirements of managers or administrative officers.

    What are the duties of an administrative assistant?

    If you’re wondering “what does an admin assistant do”, they can be responsible for a wide range of tasks including:

    • Record keeping and filing.
    • Call answering and forwarding.
    • Meeting organisation and minute taking.
    • Event and travel planning.
    • Typing up documents from notes.

    Is experience a must for an admin assistant?

    Experience can be a huge selling point on your admin assistant CV. But it’s not an absolute must. If you lack relevant work experience draw on other roles and life experience that can be linked to the role and responsibilities of an admin assistant.

    How long should my admin assistant CV be?

    A CV for the role of administrative assistant should be around one to two pages long. If you’re a graduate or school leaver looking for an entry-level admin role, one page is great! If you’ve got several administration qualifications and have held numerous admin assistant jobs, you may require two and up to three pages. Try to be concise wherever possible, as potential employers will have a lot of CVs to get through.

    Get started on your administrative assistant CV

    Ready to take the next step in your administration career? With over a decade of experience helping ambitious admin assistants showcase their skills to potential new employers, myPerfectCV can help.

    Our CV builder makes it quick and easy to create the perfect admin assistant CV. Choose from a range of professionally built CV templates and personalise with your own personal statement, experience, qualifications and skills. Get started on your ultimate administrative assistant CV today!


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