A perfect receptionist CV demonstrates your experience providing first-class administrative support in a busy and varied environment. It will clearly show that you can juggle complex tasks while remaining professional and client-focused. That includes your receptionist job qualifications and any special training that makes you an unbeatable candidate.

If you’re looking for a bit of guidance, check out our receptionist CV sample doc with advice on CV receptionist skills, work experience, and the all-important personal statement.


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    Greet recruiters with a great receptionist personal statement

    Also known as a professional summary, your personal statement is a 3-4 line introduction to your CV that summarises you as a candidate. It’s a pivotal point in your CV, which can make recruiters want to read on or put your CV down.

    When it comes to the personal statement, receptionist examples usually focus on personal qualities like friendly, hard-working, or dynamic. However, you may also want to describe yourself as “experienced” or “professional” to show that you’re ready to hit the ground running. Mentioning a specific number of years’ experience or familiarity with a certain industry can also set you apart from the get-go.

    Top tips for your receptionist CV

    Find out how to impress recruiters, from including the right receptionist qualifications and skills to focusing on relevant receptionist job responsibilities.

    • Include keywords from the receptionist job description

      Whether the job spec calls for knowledge of MS Excel, three years’ experience, or a confident telephone manner, make sure to include the relevant keywords on your CV. This will help your CV pass an ATS and make it more likely to end up in the hands of an actual recruiter, as well as showing that recruiter that you have the skills needed for receptionist job responsibilities.

    • Mention your extra qualifications

      From a second language to a first-aid certificate, always mention your additional qualifications on your CV. These will help your application stand out from the crowd and show that you’ve proactively gained extra receptionist skills and abilities.

    • Don’t forget your receptionist soft skills

      As a receptionist, your personality is as important as your experience. You’ll act as the face of a business, so use your summary to show off the soft skills and traits that make you great at your job – whether it’s your punctuality, reliability, or dedication.

    • Keep it concise

      Whether it’s your work experience, achievement examples, or receptionist skills description, it’s important to keep your CV concise and to the point. Use bullet points to eliminate off-putting blocks of text and only include information that’s relevant to receptionist tasks.

    • Always double-check your CV

      It’s no use listing attention to detail amongst your receptionist personal skills if your CV is full of errors. Proofread your own CV to make sure it’s just as polished and perfect as our sample CV for the receptionist position.

    Receptionist skills to include in your CV

    It’s not always as simple as receptionist hard skills and soft skills, with the two overlapping quite a bit. Take a look at the best skills for receptionists below.

    Essential skills for any receptionist

    • Communication skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Multitasking
    • Time management
    • Basic technology skills
    • Problem solving

    Good receptionist skills to help you stand out

    • Budgeting
    • Negotiation
    • First-aid training
    • Languages
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Knowledge of software such as MS Office

    Top FAQs about your receptionist CV

    What should be included in a receptionist CV?

    As you can see from our receptionist CV sample, a good CV should include several key sections:

    • Personal statement – introducing your application in 3-4 sentences

    • Work history – outlining your previous job roles, starting with the most recent

    • Key skills – listing 6-10 skills for your receptionist CV

    • Education – including anything that’s relevant to receptionist job responsibilities

    What are the key responsibilities of a receptionist?

    A receptionist is responsible for providing front-of-house service for a business or school. Typically, they welcome visitors, deal with enquiries, coordinate bookings and meetings, and act as a point of contact for both internal and external people.

    What are the top qualities of a receptionist?

    A good receptionist needs to be helpful and polite with the ability to provide excellent customer service. They must also be well organised and able to solve problems quickly and independently, helping to coordinate the smooth running of the business on a day-to-day basis.

    What skills does a receptionist need?

    Receptionist jobs require a diverse range of capabilities, ranging from receptionist customer service skills like greeting visitors and great communication to multitasking, time management, and attention to detail. You’ll need to be well organised and happy to work under pressure when needed.

    What computer skills should a receptionist have?

    Receptionist hard skills are often concerned with computers. That includes managing and composing emails, working with MS Office programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and being a quick learner on any new software as and when required.

    Do you need qualifications to be a receptionist?

    There are no specific qualifications needed to be a receptionist. However, you can improve your chances of success with a diploma in business or administration and any qualifications related to English and Mathematics, including GCSEs and A levels.

    Give recruiters the ultimate reception with your CV

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