General assistant jobs come in all shapes and sizes – from a full time role in an office to a casual general assistant at a school. Whatever the case, they provide important administrative support to keep everything running smoothly.

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    General assistant CV templates

    Top tips for your general assistant CV

    If you want to showcase your general assistant skills and experience in the best pay possible, take a look at our expert tips and tricks…

    • Make your experience transferable

      Not all general assistants will come directly from general assistant jobs. You might be an administrative officer or sales assistant, for example. That doesn’t mean your experience isn’t valuable. Make sure you include transferable skills that are relevant to the responsibilities of general assistant, such as handling calls, performing research, or focusing on customer needs.

    • Tailor to the job at hand

      It can be hard to predict a general assistant job description. Supermarket roles will differ quite a bit from hospitals, for example. What’s important is that your general assistant CV is tailored to the job and industry in question. If there is a particular working environment mentioned in the job description, try to make your CV’s work history and key skills section relevant to it.

    • Pass the ATS test with keywords

      Whether it’s full-time or casual, general assistant roles attract a high volume of applications. To filter out unsuitable candidates, recruiters often use applicant tracking systems (ATS), which scan CVs for keywords. You can increase your chances of passing by picking key phrases out of the job description and including them in your CV.

    • Don’t overcomplicate things

      The responsibilities of general assistant roles don’t require the most flamboyant vocabulary. Quite the opposite, in fact – it’s good to show that you can communicate clearly and efficiently. Your general assistant CV should reflect this with plain English used wherever possible, especially in your personal statement.

    • Make sure it’s relevant

      With the word “general” in the job title, it’s tempting to throw everything you’ve got into your experience and education sections. Remember that your CV should be one page long or two pages at most. To keep it clear and concise, it’s a good rule of thumb to include your past 3-4 job roles (with reverse-chronology) and leave out educational achievements unless they’re relevant to the job or less than 10 years old.

    General assistant skills to include in your CV

    The skills section of your general assistant CV should combine hard (technical) skills with personal qualities that are transferable across job roles.

    Essential general assistant skills

    • Computer literate
    • Filing systems
    • Process implementation
    • Note- or minute-taking
    • Good telephone manner
    • Data entry

    Added extras to set you apart

    • Well organised
    • Clear communication
    • Team player
    • Self-motivated
    • Attention to detail
    • Specific industry knowledge

    Let your personal statement assist you!

    Sitting at the top of your general assistant CV, your personal statement plays a vital role in grabbing recruiters’ attention. It should be brief and to the point, highlighting key qualities like adaptability, teamwork, and a strong work ethic.

    If you specialise in a certain sector, such as education, hospitality, or legal administration (and it matches the general assistant job description), you should mention this too.

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    Top FAQs about your general assistant CV

    What are the duties of a general assistant?

    The responsibilities of general assistant roles include a variety of administrative tasks, from monitoring emails, answering phone calls, and photocopying documents to data entry, proofreading, and taking minutes during meetings. You may also be asked to take on ad-hoc duties like collecting packages, purchasing office supplies, or booking rooms for meetings.

    What skills does a general assistant need?

    General assistants need to be versatile and adaptable in their approach to work. They should be hardworking and great as part of a team. In terms of technical skills, computer literacy is a must, with note-taking, data entry, and filing knowledge all good to have as well.

    Where do general assistants work?

    General assistants can work in a wide range of sectors. You can find general assistant jobs at offices, schools and hospitals, as well as supermarkets, warehouses, and hospitality settings like hotels.

    What are the duties of a general assistant at a school?

    When working at a school, the responsibilities of a general assistant focus on providing clerical and administrative support to teachers, department heads, and other staff. This can include printing learning materials, monitoring attendance, and even supervising children during breaks.

    How much does a general assistant earn?

    General assistants usually earn around £20,000 in a full-time role. This will be calculated pro-rata for a casual general assistant depending on how many hours they work each week. A part-time role of 20 hours per week will typically pay around £10,000 a year, for example.

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