Medical receptionists are the faces of surgeries, clinics, and hospitals. Whether they’re arranging appointments or checking in patients, these professionals play a crucial administrative role in the medical sector. They also need impressive interpersonal skills to provide a positive customer experience, often in times of distress.

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    Medical receptionist CV templates

    Catch your recruiter’s eye with a personal statement for your medical receptionist CV

    A personal statement is a short paragraph that sits at the top of your medical receptionist CV, just underneath your contact details. This section should outline your professional background and position you as the perfect person for the role.

    Because your recruiter will probably read your personal statement first, make sure to include your most impressive information here. Relevant skills, qualifications, or achievements will catch their attention and make them want to read on.

    Medical receptionist CV tips

    Make sure your CV is in full health by following our top tips from UK recruiters.

    • Show off your organizational skills

      Whether you’re keeping track of appointments or maintaining your office inventory, you’ll need impressive organizational skills to succeed as a medical receptionist. Show your recruiter you have what it takes by using a clear medical receptionist CV template to organize your information.

    • Use keywords from the medical receptionist job description

      To help your CV stand out from the crowd, always include a range of keywords and phrases from the job description. This will make sure your application is picked up by your recruiter’s ATS (applicant tracking software).

    • Include the numbers

      Including facts and figures from your previous roles is a great way to help your recruiter quantify your success. If you maintained a database of 1,000 patients or improved customer satisfaction ratings by 15%, make sure to mention this achievement on your CV.

    • Be sector-specific

      Receptionists can work in almost any industry, so make sure to highlight your specific medical expertise. This could be confirming patients’ medical records, complying with healthcare regulations, or scheduling relevant follow-up appointments.

    • Show some personality

      Medical receptionists interact with the public every day. Including adjectives such as ‘confidential’, ‘approachable’, or ‘compassionate’ on your CV, you can show you have the right character for the role.

    Medical receptionist skills to include in your CV

    If you’re writing a medical receptionist CV, no experience might seem like a dealbreaker. However, these key skills are the most important criteria for novices and veterans alike.

    Crucial skills for your medical receptionist CV

    • Customer service
    • Database management
    • Compliance with healthcare regulations
    • Scheduling appointments
    • Communication (written & verbal)
    • Time management

    Bonus skills

    • Relationship building
    • Attention to detail
    • Administration
    • Computer skills
    • Good telephone manner

    Top FAQs about your medical receptionist CV

    What are the 3 to 5 most important qualities a medical receptionist should have?

    The top three qualities a medical receptionist should have are confidentiality, excellent organization, and impeccable communication skills. Medical receptionists need to provide great customer service, whether they’re scheduling appointments or offering advice over the phone. They also need to maintain the office reception area, keeping it clean, welcoming, and well-organized.

    How do I write a medical receptionist CV?

    To write a medical receptionist CV, you should include the following sections:

    • A personal statement that outlines your professional background, areas of expertise, and short-term career objectives.
    • A work experience section that outlines your medical receptionist duties list and key achievements. These should always be in reverse-chronological order.
    • A skills section that lists your top eight hard and soft skills in bullet point form.
    • An education section that includes your academic and professional qualifications.

    What qualifications do you need to be a medical receptionist?

    There are no particular qualifications required to be a medical receptionist, besides a reasonable level of literacy, maths, and computer skills. Customer service experience can help your application stand out, but this isn’t necessary. Lots of medical receptionists begin their career straight out of school and receive training on the job, while others take on the role after gaining a relevant NVQ or other vocational qualification.

    What does a medical receptionist need to know?

    To succeed at the medical receptionist description duties, you’ll need to have basic computer skills, excellent customer service, and strong organisational abilities. You should know how to interact with customers on the phone and in-person, and be comfortable keeping track of appointments and daily schedules. You’ll also need to know how to use your surgery’s online database, but this is something you’ll probably learn on the job.

    What is the average salary for a medical receptionist?

    According to the NHS, medical receptionists usually fall under band two or three of the NHS pay scale. This means you could earn around £18,000 to £22,000 a year. You could potentially earn more if you work in a private clinic as opposed to an NHS hospital, headquarters, or surgery.

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