If you’re hunting for a job as an immigration consultant, it’s essential to create a CV that highlights your key skills and stresses your relevant strengths. Please use this immigration consultant CV sample as an outline to help you recognise the elements you must incorporate when building your CV.

We’ve cherry-picked the best tips and tricks to streamline the writing process. Simply implement the below advice to wow the hiring manager and secure a coveted interview spot. Writing a CV doesn’t have to be complicated when you break the process down step by step!

Additionally, browse our expert CV examples for more content and design inspiration. Each easy-to-follow document explains what information to include and how to present it for maximum impact. We’ve covered thousands of jobs, from immigration consultants to sales advisors.

Interested in learning more? Keep reading as we explore:


    Sample immigration consultant CV


    Angela Lombardo 11 Guild Street London N19 0NB 07912 345 678 aiden.leonard@example-example.co.uk Professional summary Rule Immigration Consultant with proven skills in conflict management and investigation facilitates understanding to help improve regulatory compliance. Follows strict procedures and communicates with people from various backgrounds. Mature and responsible individual contributes to secure document management. Work history March 2022 – Current H&W Legal Services – London Immigration Consultant

    • Pursued successful appeals and judicial review challenges.
    • Fast-tracked business visas for high-profile clients.
    • Supported Immigration Rules compliance with robust analysis.
    • Grew industry and sector knowledge to progress sponsor applications.

    January 2018 – February 2022 McCombe Legal Services – London Immigration Consultant

    • Offered same-day services for clients seeking urgent advice and applications.
    • Handled difficult deportation, bail and detention matters.
    • Supported Immigration Rules compliance with robust analysis.
    • Processed high application volumes to generate stable firm revenue.


    • Legal terminology
    • Records management
    • Creative problem-solving
    • Global immigration filings
    • Immigration inquiries
    • Immigration case file strategies
    • Visa applications
    • Compliance
    • Continuous Process Improvement
    • Investigation skills

    Education 2018 London University London Master of Science Political Science Affiliations Member of the UK Association of Professional Immigration Consultants since June 2023

    Immigration consultant CV template

    Struggling to get started? Don’t throw the towel in – make your life easier with our accessible online resources. We have plenty of handy tools, such as pre-made CV templates that format your information in the best possible light. Building an attention-grabbing CV is a doddle when you enlist a little professional help!

    What is the best format for your immigration consultant CV?

    While content is king, the first step to an interview-winning application is choosing between popular CV formats .These recruiter-approved structures organise your most valuable experience, skills, and qualifications, making them easy to read and scan. Busy employers always fast-track candidates who show extra attention to detail.

    There are two widely accepted formats to choose from – the reverse-chronological CV and the skills-based CV. The former is self-explanatory, outlining your employment background starting from your current or most recent role. The latter focuses on transferable skills, such as “problem-solving”, “analytical reasoning”, and “critical thinking”.

    So, which is best for an immigration consultant? We suggest using a reverse-chronological format because hiring managers prefer candidates with tangible experience. Even with the right qualifications, you must demonstrate practical sufficiency, whether through an apprenticeship or full-time position. Skills-based CVs are usually only suitable for school leavers, recent graduates, or those without relevant expertise.

    What else do you need to know? Here are a few extra tips for success:

    • Your CV should only be one to two pages long at most
    • Organise text with headings, sections, and bullet point lists
    • Improve legibility with a clear font, such as Arial or Calibri
    • Tailor all information to the job advertisement
    • Send your CV as a Word or PDF file unless asked otherwise

    How to write a CV for an immigration consultant

    Standing out from other applicants can be tricky, especially in a highly competitive job market. However, there’s no need to worry. The following sections explain how to write a CV  from start to finish.

    Below, we break that down step-by-step:

    How to add education to your food and beverage manager CV

    Qualifications are the building blocks for experience, giving you the upper hand when the competition is fierce. You can discuss school, college, and university courses, professional training, and memberships to governing bodies. Basically, anything that proves you have the brains to meet expectations.

    There’s not much to say about this section because it’s relatively straightforward. Most importantly, remember space is limited. You don’t have to dive into bucket loads of detail about older qualifications if you’ve completed higher education. Understandably, you should also leave out poor grades or incomplete courses – they won’t impress the hiring manager!

    How do you become a food and beverage manager? There are multiple routes into this career to suit every learning style. Some candidates study a relevant course at university or college, such as Hotel Management, Hospitality, or Business Studies. Others work their way up the ladder from entry-level positions or search for apprenticeships. Qualifications aren’t as crucial as a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

    When outlining your education, run through:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Qualification level – e.g. GCSE or undergraduate degree
    • Qualification result

    Example of education for a food and beverage manager CV

    City & Guilds | September 2022 – November 2022

    Level 2 Food and Safety Hygiene for Catering

    King’s College London | September 2020 – July 2022

    Business and Management Studies MSc: Distinction

    Lancaster University | September 2017 – July 2020

    Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons): First-class honours

    Bristol College | September 2013 – July 2017

    3 A levels: Business (A), Food Technology (A), English (C)

    How to add contact details to your immigration consultant CV

    Adding your most up-to-date contact details is the only way to receive a call back. Despite this, many candidates accidentally forget them in a rush to complete the meatier CV sections. We recommend placing your information at the top of the page for enhanced visibility, preferably in a slightly larger or bolder font. Remember to add:

    • Full name – first name and surname
    • Location – including county and postcode
    • Phone number – the best one to reach you on
    • Email address – keep it professional

    Example of contact section for an immigration consultant CV

    Dean Mayor,

    242 Some Road,

    Some Town,

    Some County, SM29 4CH,

    01235 525525,


    Start your immigration consultant CV with a personal statement

    Your personal statement is the first thing the hiring manager sees when opening your CV, so it must spotlight your most desirable achievements, skills, and qualifications. Otherwise, there’s no incentive to keep reading. You only have three to four sentences to get the most important points across. Stuck? Use our handy formula below to get started.

    Sentence one introduces who you are, including years of experience and career focus. Sentence two is your hook – drop in a dazzling statistic that shows what you can achieve. Finally, sentences three and four underline your unique skills and areas of expertise. For instance, you might speak multiple languages or have experience with specialist software.

    To give you a little more context on the statistic, consider anything that proves you can walk your talk. You might have “helped over 250 people relocate” or “introduced a new admin system, boosting productivity by 60%”. Whatever the accomplishment, try to include a number or percentage to cement your credentials.

    Here are a few other things to keep in mind when putting together your personal statement:

    • Write in the third person to sound more professional
    • Stick to the word count – between 50 to 100 words is ideal
    • Keep the tone friendly and formal – avoid jokes and jargon
    • Sprinkle in a few keywords – you can find these hard and soft skills in the job advertisement
    • Don’t tell the employer what you want – you’re trying to sell yourself, so save this information for the cover letter

    Example of personal statement for an immigration consultant CV

    Results-driven immigration consultant with more than six years of experience assisting individuals in applying to immigrate, become legal citizens, and acquire resident visas. Successfully helped over 250 at-risk individuals find refuge in European countries. Able to help clients avoid any potential legal issues related to their relocation by advising them on the correct visas and other associated immigration documentation.


    Empathetic immigration consultant with over eight years of experience in a fast-paced law firm. Represented over 150 clients in court, defending their right to safe passage and relocation to neighbouring countries. Able to work within very strict deadlines and successfully liaise with various authorities. Knowledge of specialist CLIO case management software.

    How to present your work history on a immigration consultant CV

    The employment history section is usually the longest on any CV, and for good reason. It’s a goldmine of valuable information, such as your core strengths and workplace achievements. Plus, hiring managers can see how long you typically stay with a company and whether you’ve received any promotions or awards. Our top advice? Don’t skimp on the details – now’s not the time to be shy!

    Start from your current or most recent role and note up to six responsibilities for each. We suggest adding more detail for relevant positions that reflect the job specification. Here’s what to include:

    • Job title
    • Employment start and end dates
    • Company name
    • Company location
    • List of duties
    • Workplace achievements

    Like the personal statement, back up your talents with tangible results to wow key decision-makers. Concrete evidence is the only way to reassure the reader you’re the right person for the job. Let’s say you “prepared and checked legal documents” – can you expand on this? Perhaps you “checked over 500 legal documents” or “introduced a brand-new reviewing system that increased efficiency by 52%”. Specificity is often the secret to success!

    In contrast, repetition is the surest way to blow your chances. There’s nothing worse than a boring CV that covers the same old ground, so try to discuss as many different duties as possible. For example, if you’ve mentioned “interviewing clients” underneath one role, talk about “obtaining visas” in another. On top of this, don’t waste space on obvious tasks like “answering emails” – every candidate should be able to do this as default.

    Lastly, use plenty of positive adjectives and action verbs to elevate the tone and encourage the employer to learn more. You might be “dedicated”, “socially conscious”, and “empathetic”. Action verbs are powerful alternatives to “responsible for”. Some of our favourites for immigration consultants include “guided”, “navigated”, and “consulted”.

    Example of work experience for an immigration consultant CV

    Immigration Consultant | McCombe Legal Services, London | May 2022 – Present Day

    • Oversee all aspects of the company’s immigration and visa service to ensure the process runs smoothly.
    • Interview clients and handle applications to determine eligibility.
    • Supervise the completion of immigration and visa documents.
    • Present clients to the Immigration and Refugee Board.
    • Review and ensure that all information provided by clients is accurate and correct.
    • Prepare and check legal documents.

    Immigration Consultant | McCombe Legal Services, London | June 2018 – March 2022

    • Prepared fee quotes and information required by clients and colleagues.
    • Represented clients applying for entry into the UK.
    • Assisted clients in obtaining visas, work permits, and other documentation.

    Skills worth having on your immigration consultant

    The most successful immigration consultant applications boast a glittering collection of  CV skills. Alongside making it easier for hiring managers to assess your suitability for the role, ATS software relies on scannable keywords that match the job advertisement. Basically, you need this section to blast past the algorithm and land on the right desks. Note up to 12 skills in total, split equally between hard skills and soft skills.

    You must include both to impress the reader. All the practical skills in the world won’t make up for a bad attitude. Similarly, friendliness doesn’t compensate for a lack of job-specific knowledge. Organisations always prioritise well-rounded individuals who offer the best of both worlds!

    Not sure where to begin? Check out the following lists for some inspiration:

    Essential skills for an immigration consultant

    • Knowledgeable about immigration and refugee law
    • Can communicate with people from all over the world
    • Understand work permit requirements
    • Excellent workload and time management skills
    • Able to work well under pressure

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Bilingual in French or another language
    • Culturally sensitive and socially aware
    • Flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances
    • Driver’s licence (you’ll probably need to travel to multiple locations)
    • Excellent customer service skills

    Outlining education on an immigration consultant CV

    Education provides the building blocks for your CV. Although it’s not as essential as work experience, it gives you a competitive edge when you’re up against equally talented candidates. You can discuss school, college, and university courses, extracurricular training, and memberships to governing bodies. Basically, anything that helps you stand out!

    There are a few golden rules to keep in mind when completing this section. Firstly, you don’t have to go into too much detail. Remember, your CV should only be one to two pages long. For example, there’s no need to mention GCSEs if you’ve completed an undergraduate degree. Next, don’t emphasise bad grades or incomplete courses. While you should never lie, you’re not obligated to give this information unless specifically asked.

    So, what does it take to become an immigration consultant? Most applicants attend university to study Law or a related course. However, this isn’t essential. You could complete training with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) instead. Here, much like an apprenticeship, you’ll combine theory tests with practical experience.

    When listing your education, run through:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Qualification level – e.g. A level or undergraduate degree
    • Qualification result

    Example of education for an immigration consultant CV

    Member of the UK Association of Professional Immigration Consultants since June 2023

    London University | September 2020 – July 2022

    Master of Science, Political Science: Distinction

    London University | September 2017 – July 2020

    Bachelor of Science, Public Administration: First-class honours

    Collard College, London | September 2015 – July 2017

    4 A Levels: English (A), Maths (A), Law (A), and Science (B)

    Immigration consultant CV dos and don’ts


    • DO highlight your areas of expertise

      Personality-based soft skills are just as crucial as experience, especially because humanitarian work is so sensitive. Don’t be afraid to express your compassion and empathy for others. Plus, reiterate your outstanding verbal and written communication skills. Struggling to describe yourself? Ask a friend, family, or trusted colleague for their input.

    • DO include plenty of keywords

      Keywords and phrases are scannable buzzwords that help recruiters and ATS software guide your CV to the right people. You can find these hard and soft skills in the job advertisement. While you shouldn’t copy the entire post word for word, we recommend using some of the most crucial traits in your CV to blast past the algorithm.


    • DON’T forget your cover letter

      cover letter short one-page document that introduces who you are, explains why you’re the best person for the job, and runs through additional information like your notice period and interview availability. Ultimately, it’s an icebreaker that warms the reader up for your CV. We have plenty of helpful tips to help you format your document on our website.

    • DON’T send your CV without double-checking

      Never send your CV across without reviewing it first. Spelling and grammar mistakes only look lazy, especially as there are so many free spell-checkers online. We also suggest asking a friend or family member for some feedback – the more guidance you get, the better!


    Your immigration consultant CV questions answered

    What are the roles and responsibilities of an immigration consultant?

    Immigration consultants help people relocate to other countries, offering expert advice on asylum claims, nationality, and citizenship. While every day looks different, some of the key responsibilities include:

    • Keeping up to date with the latest immigration law
    • Assessing eligibility of immigration claims
    • Reviewing and submitting documentation
    • Advising clients on transportation and medical regulations
    • Liaising with clients about application changes

    What skills are required for an immigration consultant?

    Immigration consultancy is a customer-facing position. Consequently, candidates must possess excellent communication, negotiation, and conflict-resolution skills. Moreover, they need a keen eye for detail – there’s no room for error when processing immigration claims. Some of the key abilities hiring managers prioritise are:

    • Customer service skills
    • Excellent written and verbal communication
    • Patience in stressful situations
    • Positive approach
    • Culturally sensitivity

    What are the core values of immigration consultants?

    Above all else, immigration consultants put fairness and safety at the heart of everything they do. While the process isn’t always easy, and families often have to spend time apart, they must complete a thorough check to assess eligibility. This is why communication is key – the most successful consultants manage expectations and keep their clients in the loop every step of the way.

    What is the salary of immigration consultants?

    It’s impossible to say how much immigration consultants earn because it depends on several factors, including location and hours. However, the average salary in the UK is around £34,000, rising to £55,000 with experience. The more training and qualifications you invest in, the more returns you’ll see.

    Create a standout immigration consultant CV today

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