Your very first step towards developing and growing your career in the banking industry as a compliance officer is to design a CV that stands out. It should highlight your banking strengths while reflecting your financial compliance skills and competencies.

Our bank compliance officer CV sample is a priceless tool designed to assist you. It reveals plenty of valuable insights and what you need to include in your CV. The sample will also guide you on the most suitable format for your CV so that it instantly grabs the HR manager’s attention.

That’s not all – we also have a comprehensive library of other helpful resources, such as our expert CV examples. Here, you’ll find a wealth of priceless content and design inspiration to inform the writing process. With our help, landing your dream job is closer than you think.

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    Sample bank compliance officer CV


    Kiara Connell 444 Kingsway Manchester M60 3TT 07912345678 Professional summary Focused individual with excellent organisation and investigation skills seeks opportunity in compliance management position. Knowledgeable in current standards and best practices for reliable, up-to-date guidance. Well-organised and self-motivated for punctual task planning and delivery. Work history September 2021 – Current Modern Banking – Manchester Bank Compliance Officer

    • Coordinated compliance inspections and conducted internal audits to review potential issues.
    • Assisted with compilation and review of risk assessments across scope of organisational objectives.
    • Met stringent deadlines with precise prioritisation and strong knowledge of compliance requirements.
    • Drafted monthly and quarterly compliance reports to inform upper management.

    March 2018 – August 2021 Credit Union – Manchester Bank Compliance Officer

    • Developed policies and systems to ensure business successfully achieved objectives.
    • Maintained accurate and detailed compliance records.
    • Reviewed and resolved complaints to uphold positive company reputation.
    • Ensured company policies were implemented and adhered to.


    • Ability to assess compliance vulnerabilities and risk
    • Medical inventory management
    • Implementing policy and procedure
    • Critical thinking
    • Record-keeping
    • Evidence collection and review
    • Controls tests
    • Investigations skills
    • Equitas EEOStat

    Education 2016 University of Birmingham Birmingham Bachelor of Science Finance and Business BSc (Hons): First-class honours

    Bank compliance officer CV template

    CV writing leaves many job hunters scratching their heads, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply streamline the process using our pre-made CV templates , drag-and-drop CV builder, and other online tools. The most successful applications aren’t shy – they take advantage of all the help available!

    What is the best format for your bank compliance officer CV?

    A successful bank compliance officer CV needs a combination of fascinating content and picture-perfect presentation. Unfortunately, many candidates forget about the latter. This is a huge mistake – hiring managers won’t waste their time untangling messy, muddled applications. The solution? Choose between popular CV formats that organise your information into bite-sized chunks.

    There are two widely accepted structures in the UK – the reverse-chronological CV and the skills-based CV. The former is pretty self-explanatory. It outlines your employment background, starting from your current or most recent role. The latter focuses on transferable skills, such as “critical thinking”, “problem-solving”, and “leadership”.

    So, which is best for a bank compliance officer? Without a doubt, the reverse-chronological CV. The position demands prior expertise and tangible results, which can only be attained through a comprehensive career history. Understandably, employers won’t consider candidates who don’t meet their rigorous requirements. Skills-based CVs are only suitable for people with minimal experience.

    What else can scupper or cement your chances of success? Here are some extra tips to keep in mind:

    • Your CV should be one to two pages long maximum
    • Use a professional CV font like Calibri or Times New Roman
    • Separate chunks of information with headings, sections, and lists
    • Keep the overall tone friendly and formal
    • Send your CV as a Word of PDF file unless asked otherwise

    How to write a CV for a bank compliance officer

    Many candidates get flustered when figuring out how to write a CV. The following sections explain what information to include, tips and tricks to make your application stand out, and answers to some of the most common CV writing questions. Above all else, take your time – you don’t need to complete everything in one day. Let’s run through:

    Outlining education on a Indian chef CV

    Education is the cement that holds everything else together, proving you have the fundamental knowledge to meet expectations. You can discuss school, college, and university courses, professional training, and memberships to governing bodies. Basically, anything that might give you an upper hand over competing candidates.

    There are a few things to remember when filling out this section. You don’t need to mention bad grades or incomplete courses – they won’t impress the hiring manager. Plus, avoid using too much detail on older qualifications like GCSEs if you’ve completed higher education. You only have limited space, so choose your words carefully (that goes for every CV section).

    You don’t necessarily need qualifications to become an Indian chef – some of the best are self-trained. However, it can boost your prospects if you’ve studied a relevant subject at college, such as a “Level 3 Diploma in Professional Cookery”, “T Level in Catering”, or “Level 4 Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts”.

    When outlining your education, use the below format:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Qualification level – e.g. Level 3 Diploma or NVQ
    • Qualification result

    Example of education for an Indian chef CV

    Online College | August 2022 – September 2022

    Food Health and Safety Certificate

    Guilford College, London | September 2020 – July 2022

    Level 3 (NVQ) Diploma in Professional Cookery

    Guilford High School | September 2015 – July 2020

    5 GCSEs at grades B – C, including English and Mathematics

    Adding contact details to your bank compliance officer CV

    You might have the most compelling bank compliance officer CV in the world, but it doesn’t matter if you forget to add your most up-to-date contact details. How else will the hiring manager reach you about the next steps? We suggest noting your information at the top of the page, preferably in a slightly larger or bolder font for maximum visibility. Remember to include:

    • Full name – first name and surname
    • Location – including county and postcode
    • Phone number – the best one to reach you on
    • Email address – keep it professional

    Example of contact section for a bank compliance officer CV

    David Seton

    15 Anyroad,

    Anytown,br> Anycounty, AN29 2LS,

    01234 55553444,

    How to write a personal statement for your bank compliance officer CV

    You only have a few seconds to hook the hiring manager’s attention and reel them in, which is where a persuasive personal statement can help. This three-to-four-sentence paragraph summarises your proudest achievements, skills, and qualifications. Only highlight the most convincing information that demonstrates why you’re the best person for the job. Need a little help? Use the below formula to neatly package your top talents.

    Sentence one explains who you are, including years of experience and career focus. Sentence two is your chance to shine – drop in a dazzling fact or figure that lends weight to your claims. Finally, sentences three and four outline your unique skills and areas of expertise. For instance, you might speak multiple languages or have extensive knowledge of prime brokerage and institutional equities.

    What do we mean by fact or figure? Basically, give hard evidence that proves you can walk your talk. For instance, you might have “trained over 250 employees” or “implemented programme efficiencies and enhancements, boosting productivity by 74%”. The more numerical you can be, the better your chances of securing an interview invite!

    What else do you need to know?

    • Write in the third person to sound more professional
    • Include ATS-friendly keywords – you can find these hard and soft skills in the job advertisement
    • Stick to the word count – between 50 to 100 words is ideal
    • Be authentic – think about what makes you special
    • Don’t mention your career ambitions – your CV is about what you can offer to an employer, not the other way around

    Example of personal statement for a bank compliance officer CV

    Accomplished analytical thinker and problem solver with the ability to read and interpret complex compliance regulations to make them operational. Trained over 2,500 employees with engaging, industry-leading workshops, classes, and seminars. Have the abilities and skills necessary to design and implement programmes, policies, and procedures that will ensure total compliance with best practices and current regulations.


    Diligent and meticulous bank compliance officer with over 15 years of experience in international banks. Developed brand-new risk reporting tools and measures, saving the company £500,000 per annum on third-party services. Has a long track record of successfully evaluating compliance issues and taking suitable action to enhance operational performance. Specialises in UK banking regulations.

    How to present your work history on a bank compliance officer CV

    The work history section is a treasure chest of valuable information for employers. Alongside gaining a fascinating insight into your strengths, they can see what you’ve achieved throughout your career and how long you typically stay with an organisation. Arguably, it’s the most crucial part of your bank compliance officer CV, so every word counts!

    Start from your current or most recent role and list up to six duties for each. We advise adding more detail for relevant positions that match the job advertisement. Outline the following:

    • Job title
    • Employment start and end dates
    • Company name
    • Company location
    • List of duties
    • Workplace achievements

    As the role is highly technical, you must demonstrate your competency through concrete results. Like the personal statement, this means sprinkling in plenty of showstopping statistics that’ll leave the hiring manager wanting more. Let’s say you “reviewed and approved bank control processes” – can you expand on this? Perhaps, this “boosted efficiency by 74%” or “saved the company £100,000”. Don’t be vague. Otherwise, the employer will move on to the next application.

    Next, cover as many different tasks as possible to show the reader the scope of your talents – the most successful candidates have many strings to their bows. For instance, if you’ve mentioned “managing databases” underneath one position, talk about “co-chairing meetings” in another. Plus, avoid obvious duties like “answering telephones” and “photocopying documents”. The employer will assume you can already do this.

    Lastly, elevate the tone with positive adjectives and action verbs. The former speak to your personality – you might be “trustworthy”, “focused”, and “detailed.” Action verbs are powerful alternatives to “responsible for”. Some of our favourites for bank compliance officers include “revised”, “proposed”, and “guided”.

    Example of work experience for a bank compliance officer CV

    Bank Compliance Officer | ABC Bank, London | October 2020 – Present

    • Designing and implementing bank compliance policies and procedures.
    • Reviewing and approving bank control processes and policies to ensure compliance across all departments.
    • Identifying, organising, and facilitating compliance training needs.
    • Managing all databases and providing reports as stipulated by regulatory and oversight bodies.
    • Regularly conducting committee meetings to discuss and update compliance issues.

    Bank Compliance Officer | Credit Union, London | March 2017 – August 2020

    • Oversaw compliance procedures, practices, and all subsidiary personnel about consumer laws and regulations.
    • Monitored institution compliance implications for all new systems and product services.
    • Provided oversight, guidance, and escalation on high-profile issues and initiatives.
    • Co-chaired the Deposit Compliance Committee.

    Skills worth having on your bank compliance officer CV

    Want to stand out in this highly competitive field? Underscore your most valuable CV skills. This section is a fantastic opportunity to reassure the hiring manager you have the fundamental tools to exceed expectations. Plus, ATS software relies on a collection of easy-to-find, scannable keywords. We suggest noting up to 12 skills in total, split equally between hard skills and soft skills.

    What’s the difference? Hard skills are technical and learnt on the job. Examples include “using risk management tools and systems”, “proposing regulatory changes”, and “reviewing legal documentation”. In contrast, soft skills are character-based and much harder to learn – think “decisive”, “analytical”, and “engaging”.

    Our top advice? Don’t focus on one at the expense of the other. While practical knowledge is essential, employers also want to know whether you’d be a good fit for the team and organisation. On the other hand, enthusiasm doesn’t mean anything without the technical tools to back it up.

    Stuck for ideas? Use the following lists as inspiration:

    Essential skills for a bank compliance officer

    • Well-defined and strong background in bank regulatory compliance
    • Exceptional grasp of procedures, regulations, guidelines, laws, and policies governing the banking industry
    • Outstanding presentation, execution, and organisational skills
    • Highly proficient in regulatory reporting software such as CRA/HMDA
    • Adept at collecting and reporting CRA data

    Desirable aptitudes to set you apart

    • Customer-centred approach to compliance issues
    • Proven communication skills
    • Strong organisational and reasoning skills
    • Able to meet tight deadlines and work schedules
    • Intellectually curious

    How to add education to your bank compliance officer CV

    Education underpins experience, and the right qualifications can set you apart from equally skilled candidates. You can talk about school, college, and university courses, extracurricular training, and memberships to governing bodies. Ultimately, shout about your most relevant credentials and highest academic accomplishments.

    So, what shouldn’t you include? You don’t need to go into bucket loads of detail for older qualifications like GCSEs – especially if you’ve completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Understandably, you also don’t want to draw attention to poor grades. You should never lie, but it might be wise to omit your E in Geography!

    To become a banking compliance officer, you’ll need an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject, such as “Law”, “Accountancy”, or “Business Studies”. From here, you can find apprenticeships in the banking and financial services sector to expand your knowledge.

    When summarising your education, cover the following:

    • Name of school, college, university, or other awarding body
    • Study start and end dates
    • Subject title
    • Qualification level – e.g. GCSE or Level 2 Diploma
    • Qualification result

    Example of education for a bank compliance officer CV

    Member of the Financial Regulatory and Oversight Association of Birmingham | August 2022

    The Chartered Governance Institute, Birmingham | June 2020 – July 2022

    Strategic Financial Planning and Compliance Course

    University of Birmingham | September 2018 – April 2020

    Finance and Business BSc (Hons): First-class honours

    Coventry College | September 2016 – June 2018

    4 A levels: Maths (A), Geography (B), Physics (A), and English (B)

    Birmingham High School | July 2011 – October 2016

    11 GCSEs at grades A* – B

    Get your bank compliance officer CV right with our proven tips


    • DO include plenty of soft skills

      Banking compliance officers have to train and negotiate with people every day. Consequently, they must have excellent communication and collaboration skills, superior leadership qualities, and plenty of enthusiasm. Resist the temptation to overstuff your CV with hard skills – you’ll need a shining personality to get your foot in the door.

    • DO mention your areas of expertise

      Banking compliance is a huge umbrella term encompassing many different specialisms. Some officers focus on international banking law, whereas others have specific industry qualifications. It’s helpful to outline your areas of expertise in your cover letter and personal statement so recruiters can send your application to the right people.


    • DON’T forget to attach a cover letter

      A cover letter s a concise one-page document that introduces who you are, expresses interest in the position, and explains why you’d be the best choice. It’s also a fantastic place to add extra information that doesn’t always fit in a CV, such as your career ambitions and interview availability.

    • DON’T send your CV without spell-checking

      Banking compliance officers need a keen eye for detail, so sending a CV littered with spelling mistakes wouldn’t look very good. There are hundreds of online spell checkers you can use to wheedle out any embarrassing errors. What’s more, ask trusted loved ones for feedback – the more input you get, the better!


    Your bank compliance officer CV questions answered

    What does a banking compliance officer do?

    Banking compliance officers ensure financial institutions follow the latest laws and regulations. Alongside enforcing rules, they train new employees, offer risk management assessments, and collaborate with legal departments. Some of the primary responsibilities include:

    • Performing compliance reviews across the business
    • Reporting on and resolving any identified breaches
    • Providing thorough compliance training
    • Conducting regular compliance audits
    • Liaising with other departments to create a culture of compliance

    What are the main skills of a compliance officer?

    Banking compliance officers must be creative and engaging while maintaining a clear, logical head. The latter helps them identify and solve complex legal challenges. The former guarantees they’ll deliver this information in an accessible and diplomatic way. Some of the key skills hiring managers search for include:

    • Strong knowledge of relevant laws
    • Ability to build effective working relationships
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Computer literacy
    • Positive approach

    How do I prepare for a banking compliance interview?

    So, you’ve made it to the interview stage – now what? The next step is to thoroughly prepare by researching the most common banking compliance officer interview questions. While it’s impossible to predict exactly what will come up, here are a few examples:

    • How do you keep up to date with the current banking regulations?
    • How do you enforce company-wide compliance?
    • How would you manage someone who is not following procedures?
    • Are you confident in delivering excellent compliance training?
    • How would you approach a discrepancy in bank records?

    What is the salary of a banking compliance officer?

    It’s difficult to say how much a banking compliance officer earns because it depends on multiple factors, including location, experience, and hours. However, the average salary in the UK is between £55,000 and £60,000. Experienced professionals can earn upwards of £90,000.

    Create a competition-beating bank compliance officer CV

    Today, there are many opportunities for landing that dream bank job, but they won’t be handed to you easily. This professionally designed bank compliance officer CV sample is one of the many resources that offer in-depth insights into the CV preparation process.

    Jobseekers ought to take advantage of our expert CV examples, pre-made CV templates, and online CV builder to get more personalised guidance.


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